The Three Little Guardian Angels by Ginger Bud Chapter 45

Chapter 45

What did Willow hear? She suddenly called out to them. “Hold on.”

The two employees turned around. “Can we help you?

Willow walked up to them with a serious face and asked, “Who is this jewelry designer that you were talking about?”

She suddenly had a bad feeling.

“Oh, she’s the international jewelry designer, Zora.”

Willow’s face fell. She held her fists. It was that woman!

She suddenly remembered what Maisie had said when she left. No! This had been why that woman was willing to leave Vaenna. She had come to cling onto Nolan!

That rascal!

Willow rushed to the 16th floor with full-on rage and saw Quincy come out of the office.

Quincy was stunned when he saw her and walked to her. “Ms. Vanderbilt,  (This novel will be daily updtaed at www.n****** why are you,”

“Get out of the way!” Willow pushed him aside and headed straight for Maisie’s office.

Quincy panicked. Should he inform Mr. Goldmann?

Maisie was at her desk drafting a design, but Willow suddenly rushed in and tore her design into shreds.

“You evil woman, didn’t I ask you to stay away from Nolan? What is the meaning of this?”

Willow was hysterical.

Maisie laughed, crossed her arms, and said, “Mr. Goldmann agreed to give me a jewelry company if I let go of the shares of Vaenna. Why? Shouldn’t you be happy now that I’m not trying to fight you for the shares?”

Didn’t she like to use Nolan as leverage? She could finally know how it felt to be threatened. Willow taught her this.

Willow was stunned. Nolan had given her a company just because she was willing to give up on Vaenna’s shares?

No way! How could she let a woman like this get close to Nolan?

“Maisie, I can give the shares of Vaenna to you. Didn’t you want them? You can get out of Blackgold immediately!”

“Haha.” Maisie laughed. “I don’t want them now.”

“You!” Willow angrily pushed everything on the desk to the floor and pointed at her. “You better know your place, Maisie. You know that Nolan is mine. How dare you seduce him!? What are your intentions?

“I’m warning you. The entire Bassburgh knows that I’m Nolan’s girlfriend. Don’t you even dare think of stepping in between us!”

Maisie scoffed. “Willow, aren’t you very confident with yourself? (This novel will be daily updtaed at www.n****** If you think that Nolan will always protect you, why are you talking to me about this?

Are you worried that there’s no future with Nolan, that he won’t want you anymore? That’s true. You always want things that you can’t get. You always show off things that aren’t yours.”

“Maisie, you evil woman!” Willow angrily raised her hand to slap her.

Maisie saw through her and stopped her hand. She smiled.

“Willow, do you think that all women are desperate for men like you? All you know is to rely o n men. You should use the time you use to complain like a crazwoman to gain some knowledge. You don’t have a lot of time left at Vaenna.”

After saying that, Maisie threw her hand to the side.

Willow’s face turned pale after being mocked.

“You wait!” She gnashed her teeth, gave Maisie a hysterical stare, turned, and left.

She wasn’t happy that Maisie bullied her, so she went to see Nolan.

Quincy told Nolan about Willow meeting Maisie. Seeing that she was back, Quincy knew that she was here to complain without even having to guess.

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