The Three Little Guardian Angels by Ginger Bud Chapter 31

Chapter 31

Helios!Ryleigh waved at him.

Maisie wasn’t surprised. She knew that Ryleigh’s aunt was the wife of Mr. Boucher, who was also Heliosmother

It’s been a while, Ryleigh. Is this your friend?Ryleigh held her arm and said, My best friend!” 

“Why are you here?” Nolan stared at Helios impatiently.

Helios smiled and said, “I’m here to meet this lady.” He was referring to Maisie.

Maisie was surprised. Did the best actor just say that he wanted to meet her?

Nolan didnt reply, but his eyes turned darker.  Next chapter upload

Helios ignored Nolan, walked toward Maisie, and extended an invitation like a gentleman.Would you do me the honor of a dance?”

Ryleighs eyes shone with pride. Helios had great taste!

Maisie was stunned. She looked toward the killing stares of the other socialites. If she accepted this dance, she would probably be eliminatedby the socialites and their fans

Ryleigh gave her a nudge from the back, and Maisie was mercilesslyshoved in front of Helios.

Helios caught Ryleigh’s gaze and smiled.

Good job, girl! 

Maisie turned her head around and gave her a hard glare. This girl was best at selling out her 

teammates!  Next chapter upload

Helios held Maisie’s hand, and right when he was leading her away, someone tugged on her other hand. She turned around, surprised. It was Nolan!?

Ryleigh’s expression was absolutely interesting. She almost took out a chair and started having popcorn then and there. The onlookers also started whispering among themselves when they saw this.

Maisie, who was planning to lay low, immediately became the “show stopperof the party. What was she supposed to do when the two big players of Bassburgh were holding onto her a t the same time?

Helios scoffed and said, “Mr. Goldmann, you’re not trying to steal her away, are you?

Nolan kept calm and said, “I don’t think it’s a good idea for you to dance with her.”  

Helios squinted, lifted the corners of his lips, and said, I think its a good idea.” 

Who do you pick?They spoke at the same time while shooting daggers at each other

The helpless Maisie was stuck between the best actor and a man who had given her $ 150,000,000. She couldnt offend either of them!  Next chapter upload

Upon recalling that something was going on between Nolan and Willow, and since the host of the night was Helios’ father, it was their party, she had to show them some respect.

Thus, she shook off Nolans hand and said, Im sorry, Mr. Goldmann.” 

Nolans gaze turned cold while he watched Maisie walk out with Helios

Hemust have lost his mind to hold onto her

The music started playing. Helios and Maisie started waltzing under the lights

A handsome man and a beautiful woman shone brightly among the crowd.

Helios looked around. He couldnt help but curl his lips and get close to her. Do you know Mr. Goldmann?”

Maisie said disapprovingly, “I guess so. He offered $150,000,000 to get me to work at Vaenna Jewelry.”

“But why do I think he looks at you differently?Helios smiled politely

Maisie lifted her head and looked at him. “Your eyes must have played tricks on you.” 

Helios scoffed. “Ms. Zora is so humorous.”

Maisie just smiled and said, “Thanks.

Nolan’s eyes followed them around, watching them enjoying their conversation. His face turned dark, and the atmosphere around him dropped a few degrees.

“Did you see that beauty who’s dancing with Mr. Boucher? She has such a great body. I would do anything to spend a night with a woman like her!” 

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