The Substitute Wife My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 701

Chapter 701 The true colors of Charis

Brandon didn’t understand how much Charis hated Janet? And why did he hate her? Charis hated so much Janet who was ready to commit suicide in the process of getting rid of the latter.

Frowning deeply, he tried to think about how the two had treated each other.

That he remember, they rarely spoke to each other.

What happened Why would Charis hate Janet so much? Why was this happening? Could I have forgotten something important because of your memory loss?

“Before they had no grudge against each other.By why do you want to kill Janet all of a sudden?”I ask carefully.

With a grimace, Charis looked at Janet with ferocity.

“We’ve always hated each other, Brandon, but you have completely forgotten.Okay, So let me refresh your memory.”

Charis then he told her everything.

Previously, Brandon had been obsessed with Janet, which made Charis extremely jealous.

all, she had known him first and it deserved him,

everything to separate them, but kept

kill Janet, but her plans they

the greater the

trying to remember the things Charis had said, but a throbbing pain in

hands against his throbbing temples, looked at Janet and

Why did not you tell me

the floor, Janet closed her eyes and

it.Charis managed to cover her tracks, even the arson.You didn’t remember our past and you even

not telling

still chose you.You should be very proud, right? While talking, Charis tugged on Janet’s hair, forcing her to raise

into her eyes

colors.I know stripped off his soft

of me, lunatic!” Janet screamed

do to make you

the eyes

How could he have trusted such a person? vicious? He glanced at his phone, which was hidden behind the document.I could see that Garrett had answered the phone, but no had made no sound.

Perhaps Garrett had realized what was going on and he was racking his brains on search for a solution.

The only thing Brandon could do right now was keep winning The most time possible.

“Wake up, Brandon! Do you see what you have in front of you? I ain’t letting this ***** live to see another day! She’s the reason I ended up like this.

I’m going to kill!”

Charis roared at the top of her lungs, her face disfigured, he contorted with rage.

Brandon gritted his teeth, holding on to a thin sliver of hope Charis kept saying that he would kill Janet, but he hadn’t taken action yet.

She could have been bragging.

After all, the Charis he knew was not he would give up his life so easily.

Respite deep and tried to reason with her.

“Charis, first You have to calm down.We can talk about this.You have your parents, and they love you very much.You already have luckier than most people, don’t you realize bill?”

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