The Substitute Wife My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 614 Shocking News

The Substitute Wife My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 614 Shocking News

Tasha, Janet, and Ethan met up at a cafe.

“I think Seth is hiding something in his laptop.” Tasha went straight to telling Ethan her theory. “Do you know how to hack a computer? I’ve been a housewife for so long and don’t know anything about tech. One time, I saw Seth type in two passwords to unlock his laptop. I wouldn’t dare to try unlocking his laptop without professional help!” Tasha said with a crooked smile.

She had been married to Seth for several years now. It took a lot of courage for her to admit to outsiders that she knew nothing about her husband.

““Piece of cake.” After pondering for a while, Ethan said, “I‘ll have someone send you a flash drive in a few days. As long as you‘re able to plug it into his laptop, virus in the flash drive will automatically crack the firewalls and copy all the data in the laptop. But, depending on how much data is in his laptop, it might take a long time, so you have to find the right opportunity to do this.” “Oh, my God! Thank you.” Tasha bobbed her head up and down enthusiastically.

Then, she lowered her head and looked at the delicate peach–shaped cake in front of her quietly. “How have you been lately? I heard that Julia moved into the Lester family‘s house. Didn‘t anyone in the Lester family object?” Seeing that Tasha looked depressed, Janet was reminded of the gossip on the news this morning. The paparazzi in Seacisco had to thank Seth for all the material he was feeding them. They even had a column about his affair with Julia now.

Tasha let out a long sigh and scooped up a forkful of cake. With a lump in her throat, she explained, “There‘s no one living in the Lester family‘s house now except us. Nora‘s in a private hospital and Patrick practically lives in the office because of everything that has happened. Seth‘s the actual master of the house now.” Janet fell silent.

She had no idea how to console Tasha. Perhaps it was because Tasha was a mother now that Janet felt that Tasha was a lot stronger than she was at school. 

When they were still in school, Janet had held a good impression of Tasha. The latter was a quiet, soft woman. She didn‘t put on any airs as a rich lady at all. “Be careful. If Seth finds out that you‘re betraying him, he won‘t let you go unpunished.” Worry was written all over Janet‘s face. She reached out to pat Tasha‘s hand gently.

She sympathized with Tasha, and she couldn‘t help but want to look out for her. Tasha smiled faintly. She would stay cautious and try her best, and then leave the rest to fate. 

Two days later, Tasha received a flash drive from Ethan. She kept it hidden and paid close attention to Seth whenever he was at home, waiting for an opportunity to strike. 


It was a cloudy day and dewy raindrops still littered the window pane after the torrential rain. in a hotel room somewhere in Europe, Laney was pacing back and forth inside the bathroom anxiously. She kept looking at the pregnancy test stick on the washstand. Her throat seemed to be blocked by cotton and she could not breathe.

She couldn‘t have been pregnant. After she had s*x with Garrett that one time, she took emergency contraception the following day.

But her period hadn’t come yet. Laney‘s menstruation was always punctual, so she immediately knew that something was wrong. At first, she had simply chalked it up to stress. However, when she ordered a medium rare steak one day, she felt like vomiting at the sight of blood oozing out of the steak. Suspecting that she was pregnant, she immediately bought a pregnancy test stick and rushed back to the hotel.

The alarm clock on her phone interrupted her train of thoughts. Five minutes had passed. Laney hurried to pick up the pregnancy test stick. Two lines gradually appeared in the originally colorless grid. Staring at this terrible mark, Laney felt as though her soul was leaving her body. 

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