The Substitute Wife My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 612 Using Julia

The Substitute Wife My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 612 Using Julia

Tasha was stunned when she saw Julia coming down the stairs. She turned around and sneered at Seth in disgust. “You b*****d. How dare you bring your mistress into the house of the Lester family? If word gets out, you will humiliate your family name!”

Before Seth could say anything, Julia spoke up for him. She looked at Tasha and smiled. “Don’t be angry, Miss Javis. I was the one who asked Seth if I could move in. Because his villa is so empty at night, and I was scared to live alone there…”

Julia had fallen head over heels in love with Seth.

She had thought that Seth was just toying with her. After all, he was a married man. However, she soon found out that she was his only girlfriend, and he didn‘t get along with his wife. Julia was overjoyed. Now, she felt more confident than ever that she would soon replace Tasha and become the new Mrs. Lester.

She had heard that Tasha had come to Seacisco and was living in the Lester family‘s house. Julia had never seen Tasha before, not even in photos. Seth had never brought her to important occasions, so there were no photos of her on the Internet or in magazines. Julia was then desperate to see what Seth‘s wife looked like.

She figured that Tasha was getting old and would go crazy with jealousy after seeing that Seth‘s new girlfriend was so young and beautiful. So she proposed to move into the Lester family‘s house with Seth. Seth really couldn‘t care less. There were many vacant rooms in the Lester family‘s house anyway. Besides, if he didn‘t agree, Julia would keep begging him like a spoiled child. So it didn‘t take long for him to cave.

Tasha knew that Julia was deliberately trying to provoke her. She averted her gaze and didn‘t say anything more. Now that Seth was the head of the family, she couldn‘t object to his decision. Julia looked at Tasha and continued to pester her. “Miss Javis, you don‘t mind, do you?” Tasha smiled calmly. “You‘re the daughter of the famous Walker family, but you disgrace yourself by becoming the mistress of a married man. Since you don‘t mind it, why should 


Her voice was as gentle as usual. Julia didn‘t feel ashamed of her behavior at all. Seeing that Tasha was unfazed, she sneered in disdain. “Why should I mind living here? I‘ll be the new hostess of this house soon anyway. Miss Javis, please pack your things and leave as soon as possible. You‘ll only delay my wedding with Seth.” 

Tasha knew that Julia was a shameless woman, but she didn’t think that she‘d be this 

shameless. She raised her head and studied Julia‘s proud expression. Suddenly, Tasha‘s anger dissipated. She only felt disgusted and even a bit sorry for this woman. Undoubtedly, Julia‘s behavior was appalling. How could the daughter of a decent family settle for being a mistress? But at the same time, Tasha felt pity for her. Julia had fallen in love with a cold–blooded, heartless man.

She was destined to be unhappy. The second she was no longer of use to Seth, she would be ruthlessly abandoned. Tasha‘s experience was living proof Such a bright and charming woman would soon wither and decay. Tasha couldn‘t help but be reminded of herself from a few years ago.

She was so crazy about love at that time that she was willing to sacrifice everything she had for Seth. The quarrel between the two women gave Seth a headache. Annoyed, he warned Tasha unhappily, “You‘ve been talking a lot today.” Tasha fell silent immediately. If she wanted to dig up evidence of Seth‘s crimes, she had to get as close as possible to him. However, while she was in Seacisco, Seth didn‘t stay in the Lester family‘s house, so she didn‘t get a chance to glean anything from him. Now, since Julia had brought him here, perhaps Tasha had a chance now.

So Tasha decided to seize this opportunity and pretended to be angry. Snorting loudly, she ran upstairs in a huff. Julia laughed loudly and said to Seth, “Your wife is really something.” Seth replied emotionlessly, “Why do you bother to argue with her?” “I just like seeing her face when she‘s being bullied. It‘s so funny!” Suddenly, Julia batted her eyelashes at the man coquettishly. “I‘m going to live here from now on. How exciting!” Unamused, Seth nodded absentmindedly. 

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