The Substitute Wife My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 611 Collect Evidence

The Substitute Wife My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 611 Collect Evidence

Ethan’s eyes were immediately drawn to Tasha’s slightly bulging belly.

While he believed Tasha, he also knew that Seth was a cunning man. There was no way he could be sure if this was a trap or not. Frowning slightly, he figured he should tread lightly.

“If you really want to help me defeat Seth, then good. But what exactly can you do for me?” Ethan leaned back and spoke in a businesslike manner.

“Seth has made a lot of money in Sugden over the past few years, but his hands are not so clean. His business is booming because of nasty, under-the-table deals. Unlike Elissa and Ritchie, Seth is good at hiding his true self—which only makes him more dangerous. When he encounters tricky problems, he pretends that he doesn‘t care about them on the surface, but then he‘ll secretly deal with them by illegal means.” The more Tasha revealed, the more worked up she became. “Do you have any proof?” Ethan looked at her sharply.

Tasha paused hesitantly. Most of what she said was just speculation. She didn‘t have any substantial evidence now. 

Ethan read her mind. As a cautious man, Seth was likely to cover his trail. If Tasha really had evidence, she could‘ve negotiated with him by herself. Why would she come to the Larson Group for help? “You want my help, but you can offer nothing useful to me. I don‘t like to engage in risky business.

While I do feel sorry for your miserable marriage, there‘s nothing I can do about it. I think what you need is a good lawyer, not me.” Ethan was a businessman after all. If he was the kind of person who helped anyone in need, he‘d be running a charity instead of a business. 

Tasha bit her lip anxiously. “I don‘t have dirt on Seth now, but I can dig around. Now that Seth has dropped his guard against me, I‘m sure I can get my hands on some of his dirty secrets. Besides, I‘m still a Mrs. Lester; if anything happens, I‘ll be the first to know.” Janet quietly listened to their exchange. It wasn‘t appropriate for her to side with Tasha.

Ethan wanted to take the Lester family down for good, and this was something he had been preparing for years. He just couldn‘t afford to make mistakes. Ethan thought that this cooperation was a huge risk, but perhaps it was a risk was worth taking. What Tasha said made sense. She could be a spy in the Lester family and keep an eye on Seth for him at all times. Of course, he still had to be careful.

Ethan took out a business card from his suit pocket, wrote down his number on the back, and handed it to Tasha. “This is my other phone number. If you find anything, just call this number. Remember to delete all traces of communication between us. Seth is very smart. 

If he catches on, it won‘t affect my plan, but he won‘t let you off that easily.” Tasba took the business card from Ethan and held it tightly, as if she was grasping at a life –saving straw. Seeing that the negotiation had come to an end, Ethan stood up and took Janet‘s hand to leave Before stepping out of the private room, Janet looked over her shoulder and waved at Tasha. “Bye, Tasha.” Tasha forced a smile and waved back. 

After leaving the private room, Ethan asked softly, “Do you feel bad for her?” Janet hesitated for a while. “Tasha not only did well in school, but she‘s also from a rich family. She should‘ve had the perfect life, right? If I hadn‘t seen it with my own eyes today, I would never have imagined that she was living such a hard life.

While her husband bullies her, her family can‘t help her. Now, she barely has anyone to turn to.” Looking at the sad look on Janet‘s face, Ethan pinched her cheek and kissed her hard. “I thought you were going to say that I‘m ruthless. Tasha just didn‘t choose the right path in the beginning. Now that she wants to start over again, better times may be ahead.” 


Exhausted, Tasha returned to the Lester family home with her shopping bags. Her heart skipped a beat at the sight of Seth in the living room. Clenching the bags she was holding, she asked tentatively, “What‘re you doing here?” If Seth found out that she had gone to meet Ethan, she was screwed! Seth sat cross–legged, leaned against the sofa. After taking a sip of the tea, he explained indifferently, “Grandma‘s condition is getting worse, so I sent her to a private hospital.

Dad practically lives in the office, Mom‘s in prison, and my brother is still in a sanatorium. I can‘t allow this house to stay empty, so I moved back.” Tasha felt a little relieved. Just as she opened her mouth to say something, she heard a woman‘s voice coming from the stairs. Julia, who was dressed to a tee, came downstairs and cried, “Seth, this house is huge! Which room should I take? Yours?” 1

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