The Substitute Wife My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 609 The Old Tasha Javis

The Substitute Wife My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 609 The Old Tasha Javis

One day, Tasha woke up to an especially quiet villa. It turned out that the all bodyguards had left.

It seemed that Seth had finally let down his guard against her.

Tasha got out of bed and found a servant. “Tell Seth that I’m going back to Seacisco to visit Grandma. I heard that she had gotten sick some time ago, but I wasn’t able to go back to visit her.”

When the servant informed Seth about this, the latter didn’t think too much about it. It was true that Nora was seriously ill. Maybe the news of Tasha’s pregnancy would cheer her up.

With Seth’s permission, Tasha arrived at Seacisco by plane that very evening.

Just a few years ago, she used to study in a famous design school in Seacisco. However, in a rush to marry Seth, she left Seacisco as soon as she graduated and hadn’t been back since.

Ever since Nora fell ill, she had been bedridden at home. When Tasha arrived and announced that she was pregnant, Nora was so ecstatic that even her cheeks turned a little ruddy. She held Tasha‘s hand and smiled happily. “That‘s wonderful news. You’ve been married to Seth for so many years.

Finally, I‘m going to have a great grandchild!” Tasha smiled faintly. “Seth and I have talked about it, and we‘ve decided to let you name the child when it‘s born. Grandma, you must do your best to recover so that you can be there for your first great grandchild!” Not wanting to spoil Nora‘s good mood, Tasha decided not to mention anything about the divorce.

Nora was so happy that she squeezed Tasha’s hand tightly. Tasha kept chatting with Nora until the latter fell asleep from exhaustion. After Nora‘s breath steadied, Tasha pulled out her phone and made a call. 


As soon as Ethan got home from work, he received a call from a stranger. The woman on the other end of the line said that she was Tasha Javis, Seth‘s wife. She wanted to cooperate with Larson Group to defeat the Lester family. Ethan didn‘t believe that Tasha would side with him. After all, this woman was Seth‘s wife.

The Lester family and the Larson Group were in the middle of a fierce fight. Why would Seth‘s own wife want to help him at this critical moment? Tasha seemed to realize that Ethan didn‘t believe her, so she added anxiously, “If you don‘t believe me, we can talk face to face. I‘m currently staying with the Lester family, but I don‘t have much time. Seth may send me back to Sugden any day now. How about we 

meet tomorrow afternoon at the Seacisco Resort?” Ethan didn‘t answer right away. Recently, news that Seth was having an affair with the daughter of the Walker family had been spread all over the Internet. It made sense that his wife hated him. Still, it might be a trap. Therefore, Ethan didn‘t make any promises. “If I have time, I‘ll meet you there.” Then, without waiting for a response, he hung up abruptly. “Who was that? It sounded like a woman.” When Ethan answered the phone just now, Janet was right next to him.

She reached up and pinched his cheek playfully. “Tell me. Who was she? How do you know this woman?” Ethan scooped Janet in his arms and explained, “It was Seth‘s wife, Tasha Javis.” “Oh,” Janet responded perfunctorily, fiddling with Ethan‘s collar. Then, something clicked and her eyes widened in shock. “Tasha?” she gasped. Seeing her strange reaction, Ethan chuckled. “What‘s the matter? Do you know her?” “I‘m not sure, but I knew a Tasha Javis back in college.

She was two years older than me and she also majored in fashion design. Actually she‘s also from Sugden. In my freshman year, we teamed up in a design competition held by the school. She was awesome. I thought she‘d work as a fashion designer after graduating, but later I heard that she got married right after graduation. What a pity.” Janet had a good impression of Tasha, her quiet and reserved friend.

Tasha was very talented when it came to fashion design and was very meticulous with details. “That should be her. Seth‘s wife is from Sugden. He was eager to expand the family business to Sugden at the time, so he married the daughter of the powerful Javis family,” Ethan recalled. Janet couldn‘t help but ask, “So why‘d she call? How‘s she doing? She‘s from a rich family and she married into another rich family.

I doubt the Lester family would treat her badly.” Ethan wasn‘t as optimistic as Janet. “Seth doesn‘t give a d**n about her. You never heard that Tasha was Seth‘s wife, right? That‘s because Seth has never shown up with her in public, nor does he ever mention her. Clearly, she isn‘t important to Seth.” Hearing this, Janet frowned and fell silent. It turned out that living in a wealthy family didn‘t automatically translate to happiness. 


Tasha wasn‘t sure whether Ethan would come or not. His answer on the phone the previous day was vague and inconclusive. But this was her only chance at teaming up with him. So the following day, Tasha told Nora that she wanted to go shopping and then left the house without a hitch. So as to not arouse suspicion, she did go shopping. Toting several shopping bags, she went to the Seacisco Resort and walked into the private room she had 

booked in their restaurant. Inside, at the table sat a very beautiful woman. A tall, handsome man with a noble air sat next to her. 

Tasha had seen Brandon Larson‘s photos on TV and in magazines before. While he looked good in photos, Tasha had to admit that he looked even better in reality. His pronounced facial features gave him an unapproachable, god–like aura. “I‘m sorry I‘m late. Seth has a bodyguard watching me, so I had to make up an excuse: shopping.” Tasha put down the shopping bags and smiled at the couple apologetically.

After taking her seat, she took a deep breath and said firmly, “Mr. Larson, I promise that this won‘t be a waste of your time. I can definitely help you deal with Seth once and for all.” 

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