The Protector Chapter: 1944 by NovelsYou

“You can give it a try!”

A smile appeared on Ye Junlin’s face.


But then the half-immortal and half-ghost voice sounded: “But you also pay the price, are you willing?”


Hearing this, the gambling king was furious.

Half ghost and half immortal obviously know all this.

As long as he makes a move, it must be accompanied by punishment.

But he hadn’t said anything before.

Play with the rich and powerful of Golden Harbor Island.

If it was said that he had to pay such a price at that time, the gambling king would never find him.

Now it’s calm.

Tell me directly that there is a price!

Ye Junlin looked calmly: “There is no problem! As long as there is no trouble, any price can be accepted!”

Ye Junlin is not like being regarded as an enemy by Li Ziran all his life!

He can accept any price!

“it is good!”

After finishing speaking, a terrible vigor suddenly erupted from Half Immortal and Half Ghost, and the chain that was locked on his body was broken every inch.

The gambling king looked dumbfounded.

This can’t shut him down?

“you you you……”

The gambler was shocked and speechless.

He and his subordinates realized that it turned out that the half fairy and half ghost could not be kept here.

He is not only a Feng Shui master, but also a master.

“You were arrested by me on purpose? Why are you willing to be kept underground for so many years?”

The Gambler asked tentatively.

They really couldn’t figure out why the half immortal and half ghost didn’t resist and let them stay here for so many years.

What is it for?

Is he stupid?

Do not!

There must be a reason!

Half fairy and half ghost did not answer his question.

Instead, he left here with Ye Junlin.

Before leaving, Ye Junlin said to the gambling king: “I will send him back after I let him help. You decide whether it is closed or not!”

The gamblers looked bitter.

If they want to shut it down, they have to be able to shut it down.

Now it seems that the strength of the half-immortal and half-ghost is terrifying, and it is afraid that it will be higher than the Kyushu Xuanzun.

A veritable master of magic on Golden Harbor Island!

What are they going to do?

Ye Junlin was very pleasantly surprised.

The more magical and strange the half fairy and half ghost, the greater the probability of curing plum dye.

As for the price, he had never thought about it.

Just come on!

“Mr. Ye, let me leave first, and then we meet!”

Afterwards, the half fairy and half ghost left temporarily, not knowing where they went.

Ye Junlin waited for him and went to Tiance Mansion to find Li Ziran.

The other side.

Richard has already been in a video call with the East Island forces.

“My people have sent a message that Ye Junlin has appeared on Golden Harbor Island! There are no people with the seven evil gods around him, and there are also people with Tiance Mansion on Golden Harbor Island! This is a good opportunity for us to kill him!”

Richard said.

“Really? That’s a great opportunity! Mr. Richard, this is our best opportunity! Both of us must send enough cards! He must be killed!”

“Don’t worry, I understand! It’s hard to miss this opportunity!”

“Then let’s act right away! Ye Junlin will be leaving later!”

Ye Junlin has been waiting for half fairy and half ghost.

It’s just that this weird guy doesn’t know why he went.

I didn’t come back after a few hours.

The seemingly calm Golden Harbor Island is actually murderous.

On the eve of the last battle with the Common Killer ***, Richard and the East Island forces sent their hole cards for the purpose of consumption.

But this time it was different, because he wanted to kill Ye Junlin directly.

So what they sent is the trump card.

The strong man who can directly threaten Ye Junlin’s life!

Richard is a cautious man, never revealing his cards until the critical moment.

But in order to kill Ye Junlin, he sent it out.

Ye Junlin, who was waiting, suddenly his right eyelid jumped nonstop.

“How do you feel like something is going to happen!”

Ye Junlin’s face changed.

He realized that something was wrong.

The atmosphere is weird and people are very uncomfortable.

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