The Protector Chapter: 1924 by NovelsYou

The three of He Qingxue left first.

They didn’t even care about Ye Junlin.

It’s like an ant on the ground.

Guo Yifei was young and vigorous, and was ignored by Ye Junlin. He was naturally unhappy.

He was waiting for Ye Junlin with a group of guards.

“The family often tells me not to cause trouble in other places in Daxia! It’s easy to trouble! But here is Golden Harbor Island, this is Lao Tzu’s site! See how I killed you!”

Guo Yifei sneered.

After a while, he had already figured out many ways to deal with Ye Junlin.

He even laughed out loud himself.

“Master, why isn’t this kid coming out yet?”

Only a few minutes passed, and the guard couldn’t help asking without seeing Ye Junlin’s figure.

“Wait! I guess this kid is in the too!”

Guo Yifei couldn’t help saying.

five minutes.

ten minutes.

Time passed by every minute.

A full twenty minutes.

Guo Yifei’s group of people never saw Ye Junlin’s figure.

“What’s going on? Did this kid get off the boat early?”

Even Guo Yifei himself was puzzled.

“Master is absolutely impossible! We have been guarding here since we were close to the port! No one disembarked at all! That kid is just an ordinary person, let alone disembark early under our noses!”

The voice of the guards resolutely said.

They are all super strong, how could someone run away under their noses?


Guo Yifei has no doubt about this.

“Is this kid hiding on the boat deliberately for fear that I will trouble him?”

Guo Yifei thought of a possibility.

“It’s possible!”

Everyone’s eyes lit up.

“Then look for me quickly! You guys stay here!”

All dozens of guards from Guo Yifei boarded the ship and began to look for Ye Junlin.

It’s just that they turned the ship upside down, and there was no trace of Ye Junlin at all.

“Young Master Guo, what are you looking for?”

The person in charge of the ship greeted him.

“Where is that kid?”

Guo Yifei asked.

“Oh, he, got off the boat early!”

Since there were not many people on board, they were still very concerned about Ye Junlin.

He saw Ye Jun’s boat coming down with his own eyes!

“What? Disembarked early? When did it happen?”

Guo Yifei and the guards were extremely shocked.

“Just twenty minutes ago!”

“Impossible! All of us guarded below twenty minutes ago! He can’t leave!”

Guo Yifei vetoed it.

The person in charge of the ship smiled bitterly: “Guo Shao, I really looked at my watch at the time, the time is wrong!”

“Guo Shaojie is wrong, he is the ship that got off 20 minutes ago!”

The others also all affirmed.

Guo Yifei everyone looked at the person in charge of the ship and they didn’t look like a lie, and they were all dumbfounded.

“Huh? **** it?”

How can people disappear for no reason?

They were guarding the exit, how could they slip under their noses?

This is impossible!

Could it be that Ye Junlin is…

They thought of a possibility that Ye Junlin was not an ordinary person, but a super strong, better than everyone present.

But this is impossible!

“Guo Shao, do you think this kid knew that we blocked him and jumped into the sea and escaped?”

Someone suggested a possibility.

“Yes, yes! It’s very possible!”

Others also felt that this possibility is very high.

Guo Yifei asked everyone to find another circle, and then left after not finding it.

But Guo Yifei always felt something was wrong.

If he jumped into the sea and escaped, his people would find it too.

This is no ordinary guard.

Either the martial artist is strong, or the superpower.

Someone flees from such a short distance, how can they not be found.

“It’s not normal! Find him for me!”

Guo Yifei sent people to look for Ye Junlin on Golden Harbor Island.

At this moment, Ye Junlin has arrived in the downtown area of ​​Golden Harbor Island.

In order to avoid unnecessary trouble, Ye Junlin deliberately avoided Guo Yifei.

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