The Protector Chapter: 1908 by NovelsYou

They just attracted passively.

They didn’t hear the conversation between Ye Junlin and the five dark angels.

They didn’t even know Ye Junlin’s identity.

But the battle scene can be seen.

The Peerless Heavenly Doctor who has been famous recently in Daxia is actually a super strong?

Isn’t Ye Junlin, who is the number one in the battle powerful, inferior?

I believe that this message will spread throughout Daxia soon.

The five dark angels looked at Ye Junlin incredulously, unable to imagine that he was so strong!

It seems that they cannot escape today.

But Ye Junlin sneered and said, “I’ll spare you this time, go back and tell you master, don’t bother Lao Tzu, I won’t have such good luck next time, come and I will kill one! Come and I will kill one! !”

Ye Junlin was in a good mood.

A master just tried this trick he created: King Over the World.

If he practiced and improved repeatedly, he might not have the power of taboo.

“Okay, you wait!”

The five dark angels left dingy.

This is the greatest shame in the history of the Bible Organization!

Although they have not been established for a long time, each mission has never failed.

This is the first failure!

Five people will face severe punishment when they go back!

There is even a danger of death!

“Okay, go away!”

Ye Junlin left with the evil *** of poison.

Seeing the two leaving behind, everyone sighed that Da Xia was saved!

Ye Junlin is no longer the only one to dominate!

Now there are dead people coming out of the mountain!

After the two of Ye Junlin went back, they told the rest of the matter.

“What? My ***! The Bible organization is so terrible? I thought the Evil *** was the boss!”

Everyone was very surprised.

“According to what they said! The Evil *** is the top eighteen dark angels, but it is by no means a figure in the forefront of the Bible organization! This Bible organization is a bit scary, I hope not to target Daxia! Otherwise, I will fight with it to the end!”

Ye Junlin said coldly.

At this time, the message that the Peerless Heavenly Doctor was a powerful martial artist had spread throughout Daxia.

“Let me just say it! There are too many strange people and strangers in Daxia! Ye Junlin and the others can’t get arrogant!”

“Wrong! Don’t think Ye Junlin is the number one in the summer list, someone will take care of them!”

For a while, those who wanted to kill Ye Junlin clamored again.

Thousands of people even petitioned for this peerless expert to compete with Ye Jun.

Tiance Mansion and Baolong clan have been silent for a long, long time.

After Suolong Chain was smashed by Ye Junlin, they didn’t make any noise again.

However, they were not very worried about Ye Junlin.

After all, Ye Junlin’s children are now nurturing.

And Li Ziran, who regarded him as an enemy, was also in Tiance Mansion.

With these factors, they believed that Ye Junlin would never mess around.

Sure enough, Ye Junlin’s disappearance during this period proved their idea.

But how do they know that it has nothing to do with people.

No matter what, Ye Junlin would not do anything to harm Daxia.

In the most mysterious place in Tiance Mansion.

The three characters “Tianji Pavilion” hung high above it!

Pen Feng swept Wanjun!

There was a voice coming from inside.

“Bible Organization?”

“They came to Daxia?”

“What is the Dark *** doing?”

“It is said that they have found a peerless heavenly doctor who has recently become famous in Daxia!”

“Isn’t that person Ye Junlin? The Bible organization wants to put Ye Junlin in the bag?”

“Probably so? Do we need to tell the others in Tiance Mansion?”

“No! We won’t participate in this matter, and don’t disclose the identity of Tianyi Ye Junlin!”

“Naturally know this! The major organizations of the Tiance Mansion can discover that it is their ability, we will not say!”

“The people who sent us are staring at a little bible organization!”

No one thought that Tianji Pavilion had already known the identity of Ye Junlin.

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