The Protector Chapter: 1897 by NovelsYou

At the moment when Hao Yuxuan’s voice just fell, he heard only a crisp sound that spread throughout the audience.

Everyone was stunned.

Hao Yuxuan’s expression was frozen, as if he had been frozen by ice.

Because the sound of cracking came from the sky of the *** sword!

Just now, Ye Junlin held the divine sword in the sky with both hands!

The power on his arms was surging, and he abruptly pinched the sky of the divine sword…

The sound seemed to come from the depths of ****, breaking everyone’s hearts.


At the moment when the sky of Divine Sword broke, blood spurted from the corner of Common Killing ***’s mouth, and the whole figure flew out like a kite with a broken thread.

After falling to the ground, he vomited blood fiercely, but he didn’t feel any pain at all.

Because he was immersed in shock.

Divine sword sky broke?

All the divine swords refined in this way are broken?

What a terrifying power is this?

Is he the devil?


He lost!

A complete defeat!

He was about to cry when he looked at the sky of the broken divine sword in his hand.

Everyone else was stunned.

Each one is still, and the expression is frozen, like a sculpture.

Everyone’s heart is too shocked!


The heavens of the sword of the gods to kill the gods are broken!

It was still broken by the palm of the flesh!

Unimaginable horror!

Dozens of students of Common Killing *** seemed as if the world had collapsed. They all sat down on the ground, their bodies twitching violently, their bodies trembling, and they couldn’t say a word.

Richard and the East Island forces continued to solidify, and they have never moved since.

They seem to be scared and stupid!

This scene gave them too much shock!

All the people watching the battle in Tiance Mansion were silent collectively.

The problem they have been puzzled by seems to be solved at this moment.

How was the lock dragon chain opened…

The sky of the divine sword can be broken, and it seems that the chain of the dragon is also possible!

Is this person too strong?

“Isn’t it? This, this…”

Normal people can’t accept all this in their hearts.

Obviously we are going to win!

How could this be?

Only a small group of people smiled.

“Well, not bad! He finally survived, and invite him to join us in the future!”

Someone smiled and said.


In another place, one person smiled and said: “It’s interesting!”

Nandi is number one in the sky list.

“Won? We won?”

The seven evil gods cried with joy!

They all cried!

Sure enough, it was a mistake to follow the little master!

He is the descendant of Cthulhu!

Definitely can create an era of evil gods!


Ye Junlin threw the broken other half on the ground, making a sound.

Pull everyone back from the shock.

“Are you coming?”

Ye Junlin looked at Commoner Killing Shinto.

The Common Killer wanted to struggle, but found that his strength was weak.

What about he coming?

All his strongest moves are used!

The sky of the Excalibur is broken!

Still can’t help Ye Junlin!

What can he do?

“I… I lost!”

Commoner Killing *** is very difficult to admit this result.

“We won! The little master is mighty!”

The seven evil gods shouted.

Hundreds of thousands of people were silent…

Richard and the East Island forces were the most speechless.

They planned for so long and paid such a big price, and finally Ye Junlin won?

Still want to kill him?

Look at Ye Junlin now!

It’s like a mess!

It looks stronger than before!

At the thought of spending such a high price, everyone’s heart was bleeding.

Such a big price made Ye Junlin feel painless or itchy!

It’s terrible!

“I abide by the promise I made! If you want to kill, you have to kill you! And Tiance Mansion will not embarrass you!”

The Common Killer said.

He is ready to die.

The descendants of Cthulhu will never let him live!

But Ye Junlin smiled and said, “You are the Taishan Beidou of the Daxia martial arts world, why should I kill you?”


This let Commoner kill *** for a moment.

Ye Junlin won’t kill him?


Ye Junlin just wanted to explain, but the sudden change occurred.

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