The Protector Chapter: 1889 by NovelsYou


The audience was in an uproar, and everyone looked over.

Where is Ye Junlin?

End of sight.

Ye Jun was in front, and the seven evil gods followed behind.

A group of eight people came slowly!

Seeing Ye Junlin’s appearance, the field was completely boiling.

The crowd stared at Ye Junlin in anger.

In the eyes of everyone, they are demons!

They have done a lot of rebellious things!

Their biggest mistake is to live!

They can’t even breathe!

Although no one has ever been harmed by Ye Junlin or the seven evil gods at all, they just want to hate them.

Follow other people’s hatred together, can’t wait to peel the skin cramps!

In fact, if you want to ask them why, they can’t tell them.

Soon the seven evil gods stopped, and Ye Junlin walked straight forward.

The seven evil gods were worried.

Ye Junlin was hurt like this…

How to fight?

All seven are anxious to death!

The spies in the crowd felt more relieved when they saw the look of the seven.

Ye Junlin came with a serious injury!


Seeing Ye Junlin, Common Killer asked.


The two are more like old acquaintances.

“Let’s start, a quick fight! I have other things!”

Ye Junlin urged.

A word made the students behind Commoner Kill *** furious.

Ye Junlin’s attitude is that he doesn’t treat this duel as the same thing…

This is not putting their teacher in the eyes!

**** it!

“Ye Junlin, why are you arrogant? Wait, the teacher will let you know what a strong one is!”

“Yes, Ye Junlin will undoubtedly die for you!”

Hao Yuxuan stared at Ye Junlin.


Suddenly, the whole earth trembled.

Like a major earthquake, everyone was shaken.

The commoner kills the gods from the ground!

The ground beneath my feet began to collapse and shatter…

This is the second highest ranking! ! !


Commoner Killing *** blasted out with a punch!

It turned out to be a punch beyond the speed of sound!

It was as powerful as a fighter jet taking off, and a long wave of air was drawn behind him!

A huge vortex formed in midair!

The terrifying power spreads around…

The earth trembled more and more, cracking huge gaps, spreading around like spider webs…

The power of a punch, so terrible!

Everyone watching the game was stunned!

Didn’t think that Ye Junlin and Commoner Killing *** would start fighting as soon as they met?

And Commoner Killing *** is too strong, right?

The power of this punch is simply devastating!

Speed ​​breaking through the sound barrier is supersonic!

The power can be imagined!

“This… The Commoner Killing *** wants to kill Ye Junlin in a flash!”

Everyone looked silly.

It turns out that it is not only Ye Junlin who wants to make a quick fight, but the Common Killer wants to make a quick fight!


Ye Junlin was unwilling to show weakness and threw a punch.

The two fists hit each other fiercely.

Like Mars hitting the earth!


After Ye Junlin landed, his feet burst and the ground shook and the mountains shook.


Blood spurted out of his mouth!

His badly wounded body can’t stop the power of Commoner to kill the gods!

The seven evil gods closed their eyes one after another.

They dare not go to see it.

This battle Ye Junlin will undoubtedly lose!

Commoner Killing *** is so strong, how can Ye Junlin fight a seriously injured person?

“Hahaha, it seems that the teacher can defeat Ye Junlin without using Divine Sword Sky!”

“Ye Junlin is vulnerable to the absolute strong!”

Everyone laughed.


The Common Killer appeared briefly in a daze.

Can’t stop with a punch?

But he didn’t think a lot, and continued to attack!


It was another punch that broke the speed of sound.


This time, Ye Junlin had no power to parry and was directly beaten out.

But after falling to the ground, Ye Junlin got up quickly, wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, and smiled: “Come again!”



After a few punches, Ye Junlin was beaten out again and again…

The injury continues to worsen…

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