The Protector Chapter: 1888 by NovelsYou

The seven evil gods looked over, and Ye Junlin’s eyes were firm.

“Little master can’t do it! You are a dead end when you encounter Commoner Killing *** in this situation!”

“Yes, I can’t beat it at all! If you don’t have a good reputation, you will die!”

The seven evil gods refused to let Ye Jun go.

The Sword Evil *** sighed: “Yes! Since these villains in Dongdao are spending such a high price to consume you, they plan to keep you alive! Maybe they still have a trick!”

“Yes, Dong Dao’s gang of villains definitely have something to do!”

The demon *** even said: “Should we discuss with Common Killer? Will this decisive battle be postponed?”

“No! We must not compromise with these people! Once we speak, they will think we are scared!”

A touch of determination flashed in the eyes of Sword Evil ***: “If it doesn’t work, let me go, right?”

Although the Sword Evil *** knew that he was invincible, if he used some extreme techniques, he might not be able to fight the Common Killer ***.

“Seven evil gods?”

Ye Junlin’s voice sounded.


Seven people stood in front of Ye Junlin one after another.

“Listen to my orders! Everything is business as usual! Tomorrow to the eastern battlefield site!”


The seven evil gods can only obey orders.

The third day.

Worthy of summer and even the world’s boiling days!

The pinnacle of battle is here!

Almost all Daxia’s characters with heads and faces are present!

Except for the Kyushu Xuanzun who is still in retreat!

All the others who can be called are present.

According to the request made by Common Killing ***, the strong men of Tiance Mansion and Baolong clan were not present.

They can only understand the real-time situation, but cannot have any participation.

This is fair and just!

Three hours before the duel, an explosive piece of news came out–

Nandi, who is number one in the sky list, came out.

He actually came to watch the battle!

And he had already come to the site of the battlefield in the East!

However, no one has seen the true face of Nandi, and there is no idea which one is Nandi!

Especially hundreds of thousands of people came to watch the game…

Who knows which one is!

The message came out and the audience was in an uproar!

That’s the number one on the top list!

Above the Common Killing *** and Kyushu Xuanzun!

According to the strong ones that have emerged so far, the Southern Emperor is the ceiling, the strongest!

What’s more, this man, Shenlong, sees the head and misses the end, and his trace of information can’t even be captured by Tiance Mansion or even Tianji Pavilion.

It has disappeared for a super long time!

I didn’t expect to appear in this decisive battle!

Add excitement to this duel!

Everyone must exclaim: “Excitement!”

Not only that.

And the super powers from East Island, Star Country and other countries also came to watch.

Even some magic masters who existed in the legends and on the murals in the home came one after another.

This duel exploded all the ancient characters.

This battle is unprecedented!

In the center of the Eastern Battlefield Site, the Common Killer *** and his students arrived early.

The commoner kills the *** sitting cross-legged, closing his eyes and resting.

The students behind him are holding the magic sword in the sky!

In the crowd, Richard and the spies from the East Island forces watched and waited.

The corners of their mouths rose up, revealing an expression of completeness in their chests.

They have won!

Ye Junlin was injured like that, let alone fight with Commoner Killing ***, it was a question of whether he could come.

Their task today is to watch the jokes!

Or to make up the knife!

Ye Junlin will undoubtedly lose today!

But it is possible that Commoner Killing *** will not kill him…

Once this happens, the masters scattered on the field will spare no effort to kill Ye Junlin.

Don’t give him any chance of being alive!

Time is lost every second.

Soon it’s time for the decisive battle…

It’s just that Ye Junlin’s figure does not appear…

“Will Ye Junlin stop coming, right?”

Someone asked.

At this time, Commoner Killing *** opened his eyes: “No, he is coming!”

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