The Protector Chapter: 1884 by NovelsYou


The seven evil gods looked at Ye Junlin together.

“Is it possible that people who imitate me are organized by the Bible? Because apart from you and Master, probably only they will have exactly the same technique, right?”

Ye Junlin asked.

He had already told the seven evil gods that he was being imitated and counterfeited.

But to his master, the “Fire Cloud Evil ***” that the Seven Evil Gods thought of, he had mentioned it in one stroke, and he didn’t mention much.

As soon as this question came out, the seven evil gods were taken aback.

They haven’t thought about this problem before.

Now Ye Junlin’s question made them think.

There is no other reason.

The leader of the Bible organization, that is, the strongest among the thirteen evil gods, the next evil *** closest to the Huoyun evil ***!

The Cthulhu *** and the Cthulhu Huoyun practice exactly the same techniques.

Ye Junlin reminded them that they woke up in shock.

A cold sweat came out one after another.

Is it really him?

Because when Ye Junlin was framed some time ago, it wasn’t just the practice of imitating it in place.

The key is to kill a lot of super strong, including the strong on the top list.

This is not an imitation.

This is absolutely true!

Except for Huoyun Cthulhu and Ye Junlin, the only ones who will be there are Ming Cthulhu.

“It seems that this is really possible!”

“If it really is the Underworld ***, then it will be in trouble! I don’t know what he is going to do?”

The seven evil gods showed heavy expressions.

Ye Junlin nodded: “I see!”

If the Bible organization, the forces of the East Island, and Richard are all cooperating.

That would be terrible!

However, he would dig out the forces of the East Island like a cocoon.

When Ye Junlin was studying other things, he was going crazy outside.

More and more people are guessing who will win the battle between Ye Junlin and Commoner Killing ***!

According to incomplete statistics, the betting prize pool for the two winners is as high as hundreds of billions!

This is unprecedented!

It is no exaggeration to say that many ordinary people will use this battle to become billionaires.

The atmosphere is getting hotter!

Many wealthy celebrities went to the site of the Eastern Battlefield early, and were late for fear that they would not be able to take up space.

Many people from overseas are also rushing to Daxia.

The Common Killer made another suggestion: This duel was between him and Ye Junlin.

Regardless of whether Ye Junlin loses or loses, Tiance Mansion cannot take any action.

Tiance Mansion agreed to Commoner’s proposal to kill the gods.

The atmosphere before the war was extremely depressing.

The seven evil gods paced left and right outside Ye Junlin’s room.

In any case, they want Ye Junlin to win.

After all, Commoner Killing *** is too powerful.

And there are rumors outside that Commonwealth Killing *** has found an artifact.

It can increase his combat effectiveness to another level.

They wanted to give Ye Junlin a weapon, such as dedicating their own stunts, and they could help a little bit.

But Ye Junlin was not in a hurry.

Hiding in the room, has been flipping through ancient books.

He was looking for a cure for Li Ziran.

How can this matter be important in a decisive battle with Common Killer ***.

Richard and the East Island forces far overseas are starting video conferences.

“Ye Junlin is a threat to be alive! Even the temporary threat is greater than the entire Daxia martial arts world! This time he must die in the decisive battle!”

Richard said.

“We think so too! Does Mr. Richard have a plan?”

Asked the leaders of the East Island forces.

“Of course! I hope you can cooperate! The plan is…”


After listening to Richard’s words, everyone’s expressions changed drastically.

“Calm down, everyone, if you want to get rid of the number one enemy, you must pay this price! What’s more, it’s not just you, but I will also pay the price! This is our enemy together!”

Richard said.

“Well, then do it! We promise!”

After listening, the leaders of the East Island forces all agreed.

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