The Protector Chapter: 1883 by NovelsYou

Ye Junlin’s expression was calm, and he didn’t worry about it at all.

He is concerned about the condition of Li Ziran.

Li Ziran has woken up.

But he could only look at it from a distance, not daring to show up.

The wife was right in front of him, but Ye Junlin could not meet.

Meeting each other is the enemy of Fang Xiu until his death!

This feeling is uncomfortable! !

“Richard, you must die!”

Ye Junlin said in a low voice with sharp sharp edges in his eyes.

He learned from Wen Lei that it was Richard who stimulated Li Ziran and forcibly merged Xu Zhengjie’s consciousness.

Otherwise, Li Ziran can still be saved.

Just pull Xu Zhengjie’s consciousness away.

But now there is no way.

This is already Li Ziran’s consciousness.

At this moment, the Xitianwang team has been rescued by Ye Junlin.

They are already doing Ye Junlin’s mission.

“****, Richard and his entourage Daxia have quietly visited a few places! I don’t see any clues for the time being! I’m still investigating!”

“But everyone took things with them when they left! I don’t know what it is?”

“Richard is behind the most mysterious and powerful laboratory in Warhawk Nation. I think they should take away the things related to the experiment when they come to Daxia this time! Maybe it is a rare substance!”

“We will check as soon as possible!”

Xitianwanghui reports.

Ye Junlin touched his nose: “Richard really played a good hand of cards! He must have come for something from Daxia!”

“Actually, this is not a sudden action by Richard and the others! It can even be said to have been planned for a long time!”

“Earlier, Richard and the laboratory behind him formed an army of the Dominator Alliance, aggressively attacking and wanting to occupy Daxia!”

The Western Heavenly King said: “Of course! He and the laboratory behind them want to swallow a country?”

Ye Junlin smiled and said, “No matter how powerful a laboratory is, but wanting to swallow a country is wishful thinking!”

“Why is that?”

The others looked at Ye Junlindao.

“Let’s put it this way, the laboratory behind Richard may be the most advanced technology in the world! The things they design and produce may be unheard of!

Correspondingly, the resources they need must be rare in the world!

I guess the reason they formed the ********** Alliance to attack Daxia madly is probably because they want to get some kind of resource material from Daxia! “

Ye Junlin explained.

The Western Heavenly King immediately exclaimed: “This is right! They have never given up! This time he found a good opportunity, and Richard formed an international force and took the opportunity to enter Daxia in order to take away the resources they wanted!”

Others nodded.

That being said, the Richards had premeditated to take things from Daxia this time.

What I took away was what I wanted to capture Daxia before.

But after all, it was carried out in a sneaky way, and I was afraid that a small part of it was taken away.

After all, if resources and materials are taken away on a large scale, it will attract the attention of Tiance Mansion!

“Xi, find out what Richard and the others took as quickly as possible?”

Ye Junlin ordered.


Troubles are one after another.

There are no worry-free ones.

Ye Junlin happened to meet a group of pig teammates!

Too many opportunities for the enemy!

“You said, is it possible for Richard to cooperate with the East Island forces?”

With a keen sense of smell, Ye Junlin was already aware of this.

“Probably! Maybe they are already planning the next step!”

Everyone said one after another.

“One Richard is enough to cause headaches, and now there is another East Island power! The two are united together, it is simply too scary!”

Ye Junlin shook his head helplessly.

so horrible!

One can turn the world upside down, and the two add up to be terrible.

Suddenly, Ye Junlin seemed to think of something.

Can’t help asking questions to the seven evil gods.

“You said, is there such a possibility?”

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