The Protector Chapter: 1663 by NovelsYou

Everywhere in Daxia, there were panic, calm, and excited.

Some are clamoring to go abroad for asylum, and some give up Daxia nationality and join another country.

Especially after receiving the message, many celebrities and wealthy people left Daxia for the first time and sought refuge abroad.

There are negatives, and there are negatives.

Naturally there are positives too.

And it is the overwhelming majority!

There are enthusiastic youths clamoring to go to the battlefield, and there are also veterans who have picked up their sabers again.

There are angels in white rushing to the battlefield, and there are also vehicle teams that spontaneously transport supplies.

All of Daxia became active in an instant.

Everyone is working hard for Daxia.

Even if everyone’s contribution is trivial.

But these forces gather together, it is the vast ocean.

An immortal nation and a powerful country are never powerful because of a single person.

It is the strength that unites all people and is the most powerful.

The moment the disaster came, Daxia soldiers did not fall, and the people of Daxia did not fall even more.

Daxia’s tenacious will and hard-working spirit are vividly manifested at this moment.

Daxia can’t be defeated!

Even if the enemy and ourselves are very different!

But the victory is Daxia after all!

No matter how strong you are, you cannot defeat this tenacious nation!

Because this nation is too tenacious!

The broken bones and the stubble are all directed at the sky!

This is not available elsewhere!

This is Daxia!

A heroic country!

Now all Daxia has exploded.

The same goes for Jiangbei.

Zhao’s house.

“Now that the national disaster is at stake, we can’t ignore it! We must also do our best!”

Although Wu Mulan and Zhao Jianguo made things difficult for Ye Jun before.

But at the moment of the Great Xia crisis, it still showed the righteous side.

“I voluntarily joined the battlefield! I will do my best for Daxia!”

Zhao Yuan was the first to stand up.

“Okay, then my Zhao family will pay for supplies and provide full support!”

Compared to Zhao’s enthusiasm.

There was dead silence on the Li family’s side.

When danger comes, they think about how to protect themselves.

All thinking about the way out in the future.

Even Li Songkui, Zhang Wentao and others are already ***-level powerhouses.

Have a lot of resources for combat skills and cultivation magic medicine.

But they hide like ordinary people.

“The ability I’ve acquired can’t be wasted in vain! I also want to go to war!”

“Sister-in-law count me! I’ll go too!”

Li Ziran and Zhou Nanyan will also go to the war.

“Parents don’t agree with you to go! What should the children do if you leave? Junjun is still so young!”

“Yes, if you want something good or bad, what shall we do?”

Li Wenyuan and Zhao Yalan firmly disagree.

“Parents, the national disaster is at the fore! If the country is dead, can there still be a family? If everyone thinks like this, can Daxia still be able to keep it?”

“If Jun Jun is not too young, I would like to take Jun Jun to the battlefield together!”

Li Ziran argued.


Many people sighed.

This is a cruel war!

Sometimes the elderly and children are also forced into the battlefield…

There is no way!

“Ye Junlin, what are you doing???”

“Your wife is going to the battlefield. How old are your children! Are you a big man so calm?”

“Yes, fortunately, you used to be the *** of war in Kunlun, so you are afraid of fighting against a hundred countries, you are unparalleled in the world! You are born in a good age!”

“When the real crisis comes, you are nothing!”

“Yes, what can you do in the age of warriors? What can you do to protect your wife and children? What do you use to protect your country?”

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