The One and Only Chapter: 1815 Part 2 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1815 Part 2

“Our Shanyan Pirates are also willing to rely on Mr. Chen, please take him in.”

“Our blue-striped pirate group is also willing to rely on Mr. Chen and serve for Mr. Chen.”

“Our one-eyed pirate group is also willing to rely on Mr. Chen, and we will die.”


The small and medium-sized pirate groups at the scene saw the five major pirates, all of whom were under the command of Chen Ning.

They didn’t have the slightest hesitation, and they rushed to express that they wanted to rely on Chen Ning and work for Chen Ning.

Chen Ning was on the verge of employing people, so how could he refuse and said with a smile: “Okay, good, if you join our army of destroying gods, then our chances of entering the realm of the gods and defeating the king of gods have increased a bit.”

“I promise here that after Medill is defeated, everyone can survive in ***’s Domain, and no one needs to be a wandering pirate in the universe.”

Countless pirates at the scene cheered.

Facts have proved that no one likes wandering if they can choose a stable life.

And all prodigal sons will eventually want to return to the peaceful harbor.

not far away.

Many Protoss are also full of excitement.

They are either the blood race of the earth who have been excluded on the earth, or the native blood race living on the earth. Are they not like these cosmic pirates, they want to make a world and a home.

As for those human subordinates led by Dido, the expressions were a little different.

Many of them saw Chen Ning’s fighting form for the first time, and they were still in shock.

But at this time of war, they didn’t have too much fear. Instead, they felt that the more powerful Chen Ning was, the better, so that they would have a chance to succeed in conquering ***’s Domain.

These people that Dido brought were either soldiers of Welse or mercenaries.

These people are all unhappy on Earth, and they are the kind of adventurers who like to venture into the new world and dig the first pot of gold.

At this time, they saw that Chen Ning had recruited a large number of foreigners, and they were more confident in attacking ***’s Domain.

Chen Ning said to Broken Tooth, Shanyan, Lanwen, One Eye, and Eight Claws: “You five, collect the small and medium pirate groups here, and name them the Sea King Fleet.”

“One-eyed is the commander-in-chief, and the four of you are the deputy commanders.”

“It’s under my direct jurisdiction.”

Broken Teeth said in unison, “Yes!”

Chen Ning also instructed: “Act immediately, complete the reorganization work as quickly as possible, and at the same time race against time to repair the damaged spacecraft.”

Broken Tooth said five times: “Follow your orders!”

Chen Ning also instructed Dian Chu, Hepburn, Dido, Chen Mo and other subordinates: “You order the Earth Fleet to enter a defensive state to prevent the appearance of enemy reinforcements.”

Everyone said in unison, “Yes!”

Chen Ning turned his head and finally instructed Eve: “You, take someone to board the flagship ship of Crimson Moon and Steel Wings, and use the enemy’s communicator to send a message to ***’s Domain.”

“Let’s just say that the Blood Moon Fleet and Steel Wings have defeated the pirates and won a big victory.”

“Let the Protoss not need to come to support!”

“Tell the Protoss that Blood Moon and Iron Wings are returning in triumph.”

Eve heard the words and knew that Chen Ning was going to use the enemy’s spaceship to send a false battle report to ***’s Domain, in an attempt to deceive the Protoss and let the Protoss withdraw the troops that came to support.

She said a little worriedly: “Master, the Protoss side may not be fooled, and even if they are fooled, they may not withdraw the troops that are coming.”

Chen Ning said with a smile, “A try is better than nothing.”

“We did what we could, and the enemy didn’t fall for it, that’s out of our control.”

“It’s called obeying destiny.”

Eve nodded: “Okay, I’ll do it.”

In fact!

Crimson Moon and Wings of Steel, although they reported the situation to Divine Realm ten hours ago.

But on the other side of ***’s Domain, the leader on duty is an upright general, Moya.

This guy never cared about space pirates.

He heard that ****** Moon was fighting with Iron Wings and the Protoss, and he also frowned and muttered: “Two ace fleets, you need to apply for support to fight a pirate. What are you doing, Bach and Dodge?”


He slowly mobilized the fleet and prepared to send the fleet to support.

this time.

The support fleet of the Protoss has just set off.

He received the latest message from Blood Moon and Steel Wing. After reading it, he scolded: “Have you defeated the pirates?”

“I said that fighting pirates still needs support. Bach and Dodge are too cautious.”

An adjutant next to him smiled and said, “It is estimated that the last time Wings of Steel had an accident in Ketiles, and after the gutter capsized, everyone became cautious.”

Mo Ya said dissatisfiedly: “Be careful not to encounter a little resistance, just apply for support.”

“Isn’t this a waste of military resources?”

He ordered angrily: “Hurry up, notify the troops that went to support to withdraw. During this time, the King of *** is actively preparing for the battle, preparing to take revenge on the earth, we don’t have enough manpower!”

The adjutant smiled and said, “Yes!”

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