The One and Only Chapter: 1815 Part 1 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1815 Part 1

Bach was shocked and fought back desperately.


He roared and struck hard.

The lightsaber in his hand was brilliant, and the sword glow exploded, like a giant sword, slashing towards Chen Ning ruthlessly.

Chen Ning raised his left hand and it was a palm!


The huge lightsaber was directly smashed by Chen Ning’s palm.

In the audience’s exclamation, after Chen Ning smashed Bach’s lightsaber, his left hand was printed on Bach’s chest.


Bach was struck by lightning.

He spit out a mouthful of blue-blooded blood and fell heavily on the ground, losing his ability to resist.

Chen Ning said coldly, “Tie them both!”

“I want them to witness our Earth Fleet, the ***-destroying journey.”

The men behind him said in unison, “Yes!”

At the same time, the left-handed and Max, several meters of blood clan powerhouses appeared, with special shackles, directly locked up Bach and Dodge.

Hepburn came to Chen Ning at this time and whispered, “Mr. Chen, why didn’t you kill them both?”

Chen Ning said indifferently: “These warriors are not easy among the Protoss. Although killing them can create a certain deterrent, it will also arouse the hostility and hatred of the Protoss towards us, making them more determined to fight us to the end. ”

“It’s better to capture them!”

“Besides, if the war doesn’t go well, they won’t be able to keep the captured Protoss generals, and they will still come in handy.”

Hepburn felt that what Chen Ning said was reasonable, so he stopped talking.

this time.

Eve came too.

She said to Chen Ning, “Report to the master.”

“We have just interrogated some captured Protoss warriors, and learned that Crimson Moon and Iron Wings have already reported the information about fighting the pirates here to ***’s Domain.”

“Maybe the reinforcements of the Protoss are on their way here, what should I do?”

Chen Ning frowned!

Hepburn said: “It’s not safe here, why don’t we hurry to evacuate the planet Octan?”

Chen Ning subconsciously turned his head to look at Broken Tooth and other pirates.

Broken Tooth said quickly: “Master, if we want to evacuate, of course we can leave now.”

“But Shanyan, One-Eyed, Blue Stripe, Octopus and other pirate groups, their fleets suffered heavy losses because they just finished the battle with the Protoss fleet.”

“Most of the ships were destroyed or stranded.”

“Currently they are unable to escape Octan, you see, should we go first or something?”

Shan Yan and other pirates who had just escaped from the dead, a heart that had just been put down was suspended again in an instant.

Their only remaining spaceships have basically broken down and are undergoing emergency repairs.

If Chen Ning leaves at this time, they will be left here.

Then the Protoss reinforcements arrive, and they will surely die.

At this moment.

Their lives and deaths are in Chen Ning’s thoughts.

a time.

They all looked at Chen Ning eagerly, like someone who is seriously ill and dying, looking at the doctor.

Chen Ning looked around at the cosmic pirates in front of him and said with a smile, “Don’t worry!”

“You all came to the appointment of Broken Teeth, and you are trapped here.”

“Now the danger has not been lifted, Broken Tooth and I naturally cannot abandon you.”

This word is out.

The pirates in front of them were full of gratitude.

Bazuo’s eyes rolled twice. He was usually the smartest one. At this time, it was clear that since Chen Ning had promised to save them, they had to show something.


He was the first to stand up and said loudly, “We’ve heard Broken Tooth mention Mr. Chen from Earth before.”

“At first we had doubts about Mr. Chen.”

“But when I saw it today, Mr. Chen’s character and strength are really nothing to say.”

“My Octopus Pirates and I, starting today, are willing to rely on Mr. Chen and work for Mr. Chen!”

Shanyan, Lanwen, and One-Eyed are not as smart as Octopus, but they are not stupid.

Seeing that Bazuo offered to take refuge in Chen Ning, he flattered Chen Ning.

A few of them were not far behind and expressed their opinions one after another.

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