The One and Only Chapter: 1814 Part 2 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1814 Part 2

They have their own minds.

Many of the pirates were curious about the master’s strength, Broken Tooth.

There are also some pirates who have made up their minds. The Earth fleet led by Chen Ning, with blood and Protoss, as well as the army of Earthlings, is not weak.

If Chen Ning’s personal combat power is really that powerful, he can really compete with the *** King Medier as Broken Tooth said.

Then it is not impossible for them to take refuge in Chen Ning and make a big gamble.

Bach is the strength of the four-winged protoss powerhouse. He moves extremely fast, and every time he moves, it is almost instantaneous.

Chen Ning was dissatisfied with the speed when he saw the move.

For a time, in everyone’s field of vision, several figures of Chen Ning and Bach appeared, fighting at the same time.

Shan Yan muttered to himself: “Strong, this Mr. Chen from Earth is really strong.”

Octopus, Blue Stripe, One-Eyed and other pirates didn’t say anything, but judging from their shocked expressions, their views were probably similar to those of Shanyan.

Broken Tooth is full of pride, proud of his master’s fighting power.


An earth-shattering bang.

It turned out that it was Bach’s full blow, but Chen Ning raised his hand and blocked it.

Bach’s sword with all his strength, he thought that even if he couldn’t kill Chen Ning, it would still cause heavy damage to Chen Ning.

But never thought.

Chen Ning raised his left hand, slapped it on his lightsaber, and forcibly sent him flying with the sword.


Chen Ning also took a few steps back.

Chen Ning said lightly: “You can knock me back a few steps, which has already amazed me.”

“For the sake of you being a real warrior, I don’t want to kill you, just capture it!”

Bach snorted coldly: “It’s not enough to amaze you, I want to shock you, I want to cut off your head under the terrified eyes.”


He broke out again, killing Chen Ning, trying to kill Chen Ning with a desperate fight.

Broken Teeth couldn’t help reminding him at this time: “Master, this guy is biting in a hurry, be careful.”

Chen Ning looked at Bach, who was full of firepower. Out of the corner of his eyes, he swept the worried eyes of Shanyan and other pirates. He realized that if he didn’t show his real strength, he would not be able to convince these pirates, and he would not be able to incorporate these guys. .


He suddenly released a powerful breath.


As soon as Bach approached Chen Ning, he was enveloped by the breath of Chen Ning’s body, as if hitting a steel plate, he was shocked and flew out again.

With four wings behind him, he danced a few times before stabilizing his body in mid-air.

When he looked at Chen Ning again.

His face changed drastically, and he took a deep breath.


What kind of monster is this?

This piece on the ground.

Chen Ning has switched to the blood race fighting form.

His body became more burly and domineering, with four pairs of red bone wings growing behind him.

A red and black aura lingered all over his body.

It looks like a demon who has come out of ****, which makes people feel terrified, and has the urge to lie down and wait for death.

Bach looked at Chen Ning’s fighting form, and said in a hoarse voice, “You… turned out to be an eight-winged blood race powerhouse!”

“Impossible, even the original blood race, only six wings have appeared. You, a guy from Earth, can only be regarded as a hybrid of blood race. How can you reach the strength of eight wings?”

Chen Ning looked at Bach indifferently, and said coldly: “Although the science of your Protoss is very advanced, genetics seems to be inferior to our earth!”

“Pure blood is not necessarily the best.”

On Earth, human beings have long discovered that the so-called pure-blood marriages often produce mentally retarded children.

Marriage of different bloodlines can produce high-quality offspring.

This is also the reason why close relatives cannot marry.

this time.

Shanyan and other pirates were as shocked as Bach when they saw Chen Ning’s eight-winged form.

They were extremely excited, and they were all thinking, no wonder Broken Tooth kept claiming that his master had the strength to compete with Medill. It turns out that Mr. Chen is an eight-winged powerhouse!

Chen Ning looked at Bach whose face became extremely ugly, and said coldly: “I won’t play with you, I’ve been here long enough.”


He strikes with lightning…

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