The One and Only Chapter: 1814 Part 1 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1814 Part 1

Bach said coldly: “Have you seen the surrendered Protoss?”

The voice just fell!

He saw Eve behind Chen Ning, and several Protoss subordinates standing behind Eve.

His face instantly turned ugly, as if he had been slapped hard in the face.

Eve said calmly: “General Bach, Medill has no way, and the fire of war has started everywhere in the universe. It is not only foreigners who suffer from the pain of war, but our Protoss is also deeply affected by it.”

“Why don’t you abandon the darkness and cast the light, and join us to overthrow Medill and restore peace to the universe?”

Bach laughed angrily: “You traitor, you still have the face to speak in front of me.”

“I don’t care about the casualties of foreigners!”

“I want to ask you, why did our Protoss suffer so much, and who was persecuted by the Divine King?”

“Say it!”

Eve said coldly, “My father!”

Bach asked this angrily. He thought that Eve couldn’t speak at the meeting, but he never thought that Eve would suddenly say “my father”.

This made him dumbfounded.

Eve said coldly: “And Uncle Olaf, as well as many of my father’s subordinates, and their soldiers.”

“They were all killed by Medill alone, as well as by public revenge!”

General Gula, indeed, died because of the *** King Medier.

Even after the failure of the Protoss to attack the earth last time, Medill returned to the Protoss and felt guilty for Gula’s death. In front of the people of the Divine Realm, he ordered himself to be punished.

on the death of Gula.

Medill has admitted mistakes.

at this time.

Even if Bach had the heart to defend Medill, he could not find a good defense.

He couldn’t help but weaken a bit, and said to Eve: “Actually, the *** King also regrets your father’s death. He also admitted his mistakes in public and punished himself…”

Eve said coldly, “How was it punished?”

“Pay your life?”

“Or to punish yourself symbolically and block your mouths?”

Bach said angrily: “You grew up in the realm of the gods, how can you slander the king of gods like this?”

Eve said indifferently: “I won’t forgive him for killing my father, and I won’t forgive him for bringing the pain of war to countless Protoss.”

“I’m coming back this time to work with Mr. Chen to end all this.”

“General Bach, you must surrender now or die!”

Bach said angrily: “Hoho, if you want to kill me, I want to see, I will join forces with Dodge, how many casualties you have to pay to take the two of us!”


He looked towards Dodge.

He is ready to fight Dodge to the end, killing one is enough, killing two is profitable, if he can kill a hundred or dozens of enemies, then the news of his death will be transmitted back to the realm of the gods, and it will be enough for the teachers in the academy to sing.


He is arrogant, but Dodge has no fighting spirit at all.

At this moment, Dodge was still kneeling on the ground, looking at Chen Ning with fear, like a child who was frightened.

Bach didn’t think that Dodge was so useless, and he was furious: “Dodge, you—”

He wanted to scold Dodge angrily, but thought about it.

Dodge was dominated by fear, and scolding was useless.

Dodge doesn’t want to fight, so he’ll fight to the end alone.


He shook the lightsaber in his hand and let out a sword cry.

He looked around the audience and said arrogantly: “Whoever wants to kill me, come to fight, I want to see how much you have to pay to kill me.”

The voice fell.

The left hand behind He Yi and other blood race powerhouses are eager to try.

The five pirates at the scene were also full of dissatisfaction.

But at this time.

Chen Ning said lightly: “Little floating, dare to cross the river.”

“I’ll take you personally!”

Bach snorted coldly: “Okay, I’ll kill you first.”


He waved the four wings behind him, and swept towards Chen Ning like lightning.

Chen Ning stepped forward, saw the tricks, and fought with Bach.

The pirates at the scene stared at the battle without blinking.

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