The One and Only Chapter: 1813 Part 2 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1813 Part 2

Protoss warriors are brave though.

But in the end the number is too small.

After the pirates paid huge casualties, they finally killed all Bach and Dodge’s personal soldiers.

on site.

Only Bach and Dodge are still fighting against the five pirates.

Ordinary pirate warriors want to join the battle, but they are often cut into pieces by the lightsabers of Bach and Dodge as soon as they get close, and they die tragically on the spot.

They are too weak to intervene in the battle between several top cosmos powerhouses.

The five pirates of Broken Tooth couldn’t even beat the two Protoss powerhouses Bach and Dodge.


As the fight went on, their situation became more and more dangerous, and several times they nearly died under the lightsabers of Bach and Dodge.

at this time!

Bach’s powerful sword pushed Shanyan and One Eye back, followed by another sword, slashing towards Broken Tooth.

Broken Tooth hurriedly raised his weapon to resist.


His alloy sword was directly chopped off by Bach’s lightsaber.

The speed of Bach’s lightsaber continued unabated, and he was about to land on Broken Tooth, splitting Broken Tooth in half.

Broken Tooth was full of fear, and his heart skipped a beat: I’m going to die!

Just this moment.

A powerful murderous aura suddenly locked on Bach.

Bach froze all over, as if he was being stared at by a terrifying ancient beast.

The action stopped for a while.

He let Broken Tooth dodge and escape, avoiding his sure-kill sword.

Bach’s face sank instantly.

Turn back slowly!

I saw a huge spaceship in the sky not far away, like a castle in the sky, suspended in the air.

Under the spaceship, a circle of light circles appeared.

A slender figure appeared under the legendary gate.

It was Chen Ning who had just come down from ***’s Punishment.

It was Chen Ning who got off the spaceship and gave Bach a cold look. This murderous look shocked Bach and caused Broken Tooth to escape from Bach’s sword.

this time.

Bach looked at Chen Ning angrily, and said with a livid face: “Who are you, how can the ***’s Punishment that our *** Race lost, how can it be in your hands?”

Chen Ning didn’t say anything, but walked out of the aperture without any hassle.

Figures kept appearing behind him.

Dian Chu, Hepburn, Eve, Chen Mo, Dido, etc. appeared one after another.

Dodge saw Chen Ning’s appearance clearly.

Suddenly sweating on his forehead, his face full of terror, he was like a bird with a frightened bow, he was so frightened that he fell to his knees on the ground, his mouth trembling and said: “It’s him, it’s actually him…”

Bach looked at Dodge in disbelief and said, “Dodge, what are you doing?”

“Who is he?”

“Why are you so afraid of him that you are so scared that you kneel down.”

Dodge said in a trembling voice: “He… he is the guy who killed General Torre.”

“I suspect…he is the strongest *** of war on earth, Chen Ning.”

Chen Ning? !

Bach’s pupils shrank suddenly, and he looked at Chen Ning in disbelief, and then looked at the ***’s Punishment in the sky behind Chen Ning.

He seemed to understand everything.

His face became extremely ugly: “I just said how dare the pirates steal the spaceship of our Protoss, it turns out that the earthlings did it.”

The earthlings not only stole the ***’s Punishment, but also united with the pirates to form a huge fleet and appear here.

Could it be that the earth has started to attack the realm of the gods!

Thinking of this, Bach’s face became even more ugly.

Broken Tooth saw Chen Ning, his face full of excitement, he went up to meet Chen Ning, and bowed to Chen Ning: “Master, you are here.”

Chen Ning said with a smile: “If you come to meet here, of course I will come.”

“Are you all right?”

Broken Tooth grinned and said, “It’s okay, it’s okay, the old life is still there.”

Shanyan, Octopus, Lanwen, One-Eyed and other pirate captains knelt down when they saw Chen Ning, who was so powerful just now.

I also heard that the person in front of me is Chen Ning, the most powerful *** of war on earth who is said to have killed many powerful gods.

When Chen Ning glanced at them, they hurriedly saluted.

at last!

Chen Ning’s eyes fell on Bach and Dodge, and said lightly: “Surrender is your only way out.”

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