The One and Only Chapter: 1813 Part 1 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1813 Part 1


“The owner of Broken Tooth is here, and we are saved.”


The space pirates on Planet Octan cheered excitedly.

Broken Tooth’s nervous mood at this time was finally relieved, and he let out a long sigh of relief: “It’s great that the master is here.”

boom boom-

In the sky, there was a faint sound of explosions, and the earth trembled.

turn out to be.

The Earth Fleet has already exchanged fire with Wings of Steel and Crimson Moon.

The Crimson Moon and the Wings of Steel were originally the ace fleets of the Protoss.


Their battle against hundreds of pirate groups this time is already at the end of the battle, so how can they resist the Earth Fleet with the ***’s Punishment?

The battle went on for hours.

The Earth Fleet, at a very small price, defeated the Iron Wings and the Scarlet Moon Fleet.

The spaceships of the two Protoss fleets were either destroyed or made emergency landings. Only a few spaceships escaped from the battlefield and fled in the direction of the Divine Realm mother star in embarrassment.

The flagship ship of the Blood Moon and the flagship ship of Steel Wing were both hit and landed on the planet of Octan.

As soon as the two spaceships landed, they were surrounded by pirate powerhouses such as Broken Tooth like a pack of wolves.



With two loud bangs.

The hatches of the two spaceships opened, and they followed.

Bach and Dodge, with their personal soldiers, got down from the spaceship.

Bach looked around the scene.

Discover the different races and pirates around you.

They seemed to be tourists who fell into the zoo, surrounded by these vicious and ugly pirates.

Broken Tooth stood among the pirates at this time, and said with a sneer, “Hoho, isn’t this the famous Protoss general, General Bach and General Dodge?”

“Aren’t you two very arrogant before?”

“How come there is today?”

Although Bach has no fleet, his domineering and arrogance are still there. As a Four-Winged Protoss, even if he is in a bad situation, he still does not take these pirates in his eyes.

He raised his hand and brushed the dust on the shirt, glanced at Broken Teeth with contempt, and said coldly, “*** fell from the altar, but he is still ***.”

“What kind of things are you, low-level cosmic creatures, the things that our Protoss will kill if they want to, and the thing that will be destroyed if they want to be destroyed.”

“Have you forgotten the fear of being dominated by our Protoss?”

“How dare you bark in front of me?”

Broken Tooth said angrily: “Your Protoss thinks they are superior, but my master will soon hit your Divine Realm and overthrow all of your Protoss. Only then will you know who is the king of the universe.”

Bach sneered: “The tone is not small!”

“Don’t think that my fleet is gone, you can kill me.”

“Believe it or not, I can kill all of your five pirates, and still escape the pursuit of those spaceships in the sky, until the Protoss reinforcements come to save me?”

This word is exported.

Broken Tooth and other pirates, their faces changed drastically.

Broken Tooth said solemnly, “Brothers, these two bastards have killed many of our comrades. We must not let them go.”

“Let’s go up and take them down!”

The pirate powerhouses such as Shanyan, One-eyed, Blue-pattern, and Octo-paw looked at each other and said in unison, “Okay!”

Broken Tooth shouted in a low voice, “Kill!”


He took the lead, turned into a gust of wind, and charged Bach first.

Shanyan and other pirate powerhouses, not to be outdone, rushed out with lightning.

Their subordinates followed closely behind.

Bach and Dodge switched out of the fighting form at the same time, both of which were powerful four-winged gods.

Holding lightsabers and their personal soldiers, they met Broken Tooth and other pirates without fear.

A ground battle unfolded in an instant.

Bach is one against three!

One person challenged the three strong pirates, Broken Tooth, Shanyan, and One-Eyed, and he did not lose at all.

Dodge’s strength is slightly weaker than Bach, but he is one to two, and he also fights back and forth with the two pirate powerhouses Blue Stripe and Octopus, and has a slight upper hand.

Even the Protoss warriors under them were exceptionally brave, one against ten.

There are many pirates.

But the casualties were ten times that of the Protoss warriors.

Often more than a dozen pirate powerhouses are killed or injured before they can be placed in a Protoss warrior.

The battle was extremely intense.

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