The One and Only Chapter: 1812 Part 1 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1812 Part 1

The pirate group took turns to charge, trying to escape from the planet of Octan, which was surrounded by the Protoss.

But every time they attacked, they were finally blocked by the two fleets of the Protoss.

to the end.

Various pirate regiments suffered heavy losses, and countless spaceships were damaged in the battle and forced to land on the ground.

With a large number of spaceships stranded, the pirates have completely lost their ability to break out.

The five pirates, Shanyan, Octopus, One-Eyed, Blue Pattern and Broken Tooth, gathered on the ground again.

Shan Yan’s face was ugly: “My spaceship is either destroyed or hit and forced to land on the ground.”

“My pirate group, in a short period of time, has no space combat capability.”

Octopus smiled bitterly: “My pirate group is similar.”

The situation with One Eye and Blue Stripe was slightly better. They still had some spaceships that could fight, but with the remaining spaceships, they would definitely not be able to break through the defense net of the two Protoss fleets.

Shan Yandao: “If you give me two days, my men can repair the damaged spaceship, but unfortunately the enemy will not give us this time.”

Bazuo said: “Yes, I am afraid that when our spaceship is repaired, the reinforcements of the Protoss will arrive and wipe us out.”

Speaking of which, everyone was silent.

An atmosphere of despair is spreading quietly, and everyone’s feeling is: this time is completely over.

One-eyed turned his head, stared at Broken Teeth, and said coldly: “It’s been so long, and the time your master agreed with you is about to arrive, why haven’t you seen your master?”

Broken Tooth is also uneasy at this time, worried that Chen Ning will deceive the main force of his pirate group and never return it?

He bit his head and said, “Don’t worry, my master is serious about what he says. He said he would come to join you, and he would definitely come.”

Shan Yan said solemnly: “Well, let’s hold on for a while. If your master still doesn’t arrive, then don’t blame me for being rude, take you down, give you to the Protoss, and beg the Protoss for mercy.”


Right now!

Bach and Dodge, they both just breathed a sigh of relief.

turn out to be!

The cosmic pirates suffered heavy losses.

The situation of the two Protoss fleets they commanded was not much better.

For each of their fleets, one-third of the ships crashed in battle or were forced to land on the planet Octan.

A third of the ships were badly damaged and had lost their combat effectiveness.

Now they only have one-third of their spaceships, and they can still fight.


The energy of this third of the spaceships is already somewhat insufficient, and if they fire and fight, they will not last long.

In fact.

If the pirates try to break through one or two more times, they can completely break through the two fleets of the Protoss.

It’s a pity that the pirates have not dared to try again.

Bach said: “Huh, fortunately, these pirate chops have not launched a charge again.”

“Otherwise we’ll be overwhelmed.”

Dodge said with a smile: “Although we have suffered heavy losses, the pirates are no longer afraid to break through.”

“We just need to wait for reinforcements to arrive, and then we can wipe out these pirates.”

“Go back to the King of ***, and have an account.”

Bach said with a smile: “That’s right, when our reinforcements arrive, everything will be over.”

The voice just fell!

Suddenly a Protoss general came to Bach in a hurry, and after a hasty salute, he said anxiously: “Report to General, we found that a large number of spaceships are coming here from the Milky Way.”

“It is estimated that they will be here soon.”

Bach, and Dodge, who was on a video call with Bach, were all taken aback.


Bach was ecstatic: “Is it the reinforcement of our Protoss, arrived?”

The general said hesitantly, “I don’t know.”

“It stands to reason that our reinforcements, if they came from the mother planet of ***’s Domain, would not have arrived here so quickly.”

“But we found that the approaching fleet, the first few spaceships, and the signal characteristics sent out are indeed the spaceships of our Protoss.”

“It’s just that we took the initiative to contact them and applied for a call, but they ignored it. I don’t know what happened?”

Bach frowned.

at this time.

During the video call, Dodge said, “Our reinforcements, starting from the Mother Star ***’s Domain, cannot arrive here so quickly.”

“But it may be a formation that is out on a mission. It received a message from the mother planet and learned that we are fighting here. If they come, then maybe it is.”

Bach’s eyes lit up: “Dodge, you mean, this approaching formation is most likely another fleet we are out on missions?”

Dodge laughed: “That’s the only explanation.”

“Otherwise, how could we find the special signal that our Protoss spacecraft has, and such a huge spacecraft formation, few pirate groups have such a scale.”

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