The One and Only Chapter: 1810 Part 2 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1810 Part 2

Those pirate heads who thought they were irrelevant were full of ecstasy.

“Respected two Protoss generals.”

“Since your goal isn’t us, why don’t you spare us once, let us open up and let us unrelated people leave?”

Eight Claws also hurriedly said: “Two Protoss generals!”

“I didn’t participate in stealing your ***’s Punishment, and we didn’t attack your fleet.”

“This has nothing to do with me!”

“Please be careful and let me go too?”

Lanwen, One Eye, and Shanyan also expressed their innocence.

Bach sneered and said: “Broken Teeth himself, never dared to attack our Protoss’s idea, he must have accomplices.”

“The four of you must be inseparable!”


He ignored the ugly-looking Bazu and others, and said to the rest of the pirate leaders, “As for you.”

“You want to prove that you are not accomplices with broken teeth, and it is very simple.”

“You only need to join forces to take down the five pirates of Broken Tooth, Blue Stripes, One-Eyed, Eight Claws, and Mountain Rock, and I promise to spare you from dying…”

When Duanya heard this, he couldn’t bear it any longer, and scolded fiercely: “You want to divide us, let us beat ourselves, we won’t be fooled by you, you have a heart to die, get ready to fight us to the death!”


He immediately cut off Bach’s video connection to Dodge.

“Broken teeth, you *******, you killed us all.”

“**** it is you, we are all implicated by you.”

“I suggest that we take off the broken teeth, and then plead guilty to the Protoss, begging the Protoss to let us go.”

“Yes, let’s do it together and kill Broken Tooth!”

After the pirates learned that Broken Tooth was the “initiator”, they were outraged and wanted to attack Broken Tooth.

Broken Tooth’s face was calm: “Everyone, if you think that if you kill me, the Protoss will let you go, then you can do it, I won’t resist.”

Octopus sneered: “But our pirates were chased and killed by the gods. Didn’t you cause it?”

“Do you really think we dare not kill you?”

Broken Tooth said: “I don’t think you dare, I just want to say that if you kill me, the Protoss will not let you go.”

“If their goal is only me, then they can completely let you go, just leave me.”

“They don’t let you go, they just want us to kill each other.”

Octopus and other pirates, their faces became ugly, they were not stupid, and naturally they knew what Broken Tooth said was true.

Shan Yan, who has a relatively calm personality, said slowly: “Broken Teeth, this matter started because of you. Now, you should give us an explanation, right?”

Broken Tooth: “I just got the message!”

“My master, who is leading the army of ***-defying ***, has come to join me.”

“If you believe me, we will fight side by side. As long as we persist for half a day, when my master leads the army, we can all be saved.”

“If you don’t believe me, if you want to kill or slash, please listen and respect.”

The owner of Broken Tooth really wants to attack ***’s Domain?

And he’s on his way with an army?

When the space pirates heard this, they were stunned.

They talked with each other, and discussed whether to believe in Broken Teeth once?


They feel they have no choice but to believe in broken teeth for now.

Shan Yan and other pirates said to Broken Tooth, “Okay!”

“We’ll believe you once and hold on for half a day.”

“If after half a day, your master leads the army to come, everything is easy to say.”

“If your master doesn’t appear after half a day, then we can only kill you and your subordinates.”

Broken Tooth: “Okay!”

He secretly prayed in his heart: “Master, master, you have to arrive in time, otherwise my little life will be explained here.”

at this time!

Bach and Dodge are also talking.

Dodge frowned: “They don’t seem to be fighting, and they are still in a defensive posture. Shouldn’t they really unite and fight to the end?”

Bach said coldly: “Give them a little more time. If they don’t fight again after two hours, then we will do it.”

Dodge said: “Okay!”

this time.

The Earth fleet led by Chen Ning has just left the Milky Way, heading deeper into the universe and moving fast…

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