The One and Only Chapter: 1810 Part 1 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1810 Part 1

When the pirates were surrounded, they were in a hurry.

Bach of Blood Moon is also talking to Dodge of Steel Wings.

Bach said: “Although I knew that there are many pirates gathered here, there are more pirates here than we thought!”

Dodge’s tone was also solemn: “Yeah, I just got the message, it is said that the five major pirates are here, and there are many large and small pirate groups in the rest.”

Bach said: “It seems that we need to ask for support.”

Dodge said: “Ask for support, the parent star will not be able to support us in a short time.”

“I’m afraid that our reinforcements will not arrive, they will break through desperately.”

Bach frowned slightly: “We underestimated the number of pirates here, let alone that the five major pirate groups are all here!”

“If they forcibly break through, I’m afraid we can’t stop it.”

“And there will be some casualties.”

Dodge laughed: “I have a solution.”

Bach’s eyes lit up: “Come and listen!”

Dodge said: “These pirates tried to break through just now, but we were attacked head-on. It is estimated that they will not dare to break through for the time being.”

“I suggest using the alienation meter against them to disintegrate them and break them down.”

Bach said: “Be specific.”

Dodge said: “We can tell the pirates that our mission is to retrieve the stolen ***’s Punishment.”

“Our target is the top five pirates.”

“If the rest of the pirates cooperate with us, we will take down the top five pirates.”

“We can spare them from dying.”

“If they don’t cooperate, don’t blame us for killing them.”

Bach heard the words and laughed: “Good idea.”

“The pirates have always fought their own way. Their selfish character, when they heard the conditions we offered, the five pirates and the rest of the pirates will definitely have conflicts, and they will fight in the end.”

Dodge sneered: “After they kill each other, we will take them all down.”


Broken Tooth and other pirates are arguing endlessly about whether to fight together or break through together.

at this time!

Suddenly, on the communication screen, two link applications pop up.

The source of the communication application turned out to be the spaceship of the Protoss.

Broken Tooth and other pirates looked at each other.

Bazu asked: “Gods want to talk to us?”

Shan Yan said: “What do they want?”

Lan Wendao: “Should we establish a communication link with them?”

Everyone subconsciously looked at Broken Tooth!

After all, Broken Tooth is the Pirate King, and it is considered the most prestige here.

Broken Tooth: “I think it’s good to hear what they have to say, what do you think?”

By everyone’s unanimous consent!

The pirates agreed to the request of the two Protoss signals.


In the communication screen, there are two more domineering figures.

One is Bach in the Blood Moon flagship ship.

One is the Dodge inside the Iron Wings flagship ship.

When Dodge saw Broken Tooth, it could be said that the enemy met with jealousy.

He said coldly: “Broken Tooth, you *******, dare to steal the spaceship of our Protoss, and dare to attack our Iron Wings and kill General Torre.”

“Today you are doomed!”

This word is exported.

The expressions of all the pirates changed.

Everyone looked at Broken Tooth in shock, and the expression seemed to say, it turned out that you stole the ***’s Punishment Number, and you stabbed the hornet’s nest of the Protoss!

Bach said slowly: “Everyone!”

“Our goal this time is to recover the stolen spaceship ***’s Punishment.”

“The main goal is broken teeth!”

“And the blue stripes, one-eyed, octopus, and Shanyan.”

“We have no intention of killing irrelevant people.”

This word is out.

The expressions of the five pirates changed.

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