The One and Only Chapter: 1809 Part 1 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1809 Part 1

Blood Moon Fleet!

The Ninth Fleet of the Protoss is also the mainstay of the Protoss fleet.

The commander is Bach, a well-known warrior among the Protoss!

Along with the Crimson Moon Fleet, there was the newly reorganized Protoss First Fleet, the Iron Wings.

The current commander of Iron Wings is Torre’s protégé, Dodge.

this time!

Dodge is talking to Bach.

“General Bach, the intelligence shows that there are a lot of pirates gathered on the planet Octan. These guys don’t know what they are conspiring together?”

Bach said coldly: “These bastards are getting more and more arrogant!”

“Not only did he dare to steal our ***’s Punishment, he also dared to attack our fleet and killed General Torre.”

“These they are gathered here, just so that we can get revenge.”

“You and my fleet are all ready to fight, let’s pay homage to the dead General Torre with a massacre!”

Dodge said eagerly: “Okay!”

Bach said again: “My fleet is attacking from the east, and your fleet is intercepting from the west. Be sure to catch all these pirates.”

“Is there a problem?”

Dodge said: “No problem!”

Bach said with a smile: “Well, we will split up and hunt in the middle area. Let’s see which of our two fleets kills more pirates.”

Dodge is also excited: “Okay!”

To the east of the Octan planet, thousands of miles are frozen.

There are many small aircraft of pirates in the sky, patrolling.


swish swish…

Several laser beams came from afar, and these patrolling pirate aircraft were shot by the laser at almost the same time and exploded one after another.


In the sky in the distance, an incomparably huge Protoss spaceship appeared, and it was coming towards this side unhurriedly.

follow closely.

In the sky, more Protoss spaceships appeared, like castles in the sky, overwhelming the sky and murderous intent.

on the ground glacier.

There’s a space pirate sentinel lurking, and something’s wrong.

They looked in horror at the Protoss spaceship that appeared in the sky in the distance, and were dumbfounded on the spot.

For a while!

A pirate leader came back to his senses and anxiously ordered his companions: “It’s the Protoss, the fleet of the Protoss is here, hurry up and send out a danger signal to inform everyone!”


The pirates quickly got busy and issued a warning to their companions in the temporary base.


They had just successfully sent out the signal, and the fluctuation of the signal was immediately detected by the Protoss spacecraft in the sky.

follow closely!

Swish two lasers came over.

A bang exploded.

The pirates at this sentinel were instantly destroyed.

boom boom-

The Wings of Steel fleet, in the process of advancing, constantly found the small aircraft of the pirates and the temporary outposts on the ground, and constantly launched attacks to destroy these aircraft and outposts.

Flagship ship, inside the bridge.

Dodge sat on the command chair and said coldly: “I didn’t think of so many guards. It seems that there are quite a lot of pirates gathered on the Octan planet!”

“The captains cheered me up and prepared to fight.”

“Don’t let the gutter capsize like you did last time in Ketiles.”

In the communicator, the voices of the captains continued to be heard.





Dodge said again: “Also, you all pay attention to me. If you find the traces of the Broken Tooth Pirates, we will kill them at all costs, and I will avenge General Torre!”

“As ordered!”

The Wings of Steel fleet, outflanking from the east.

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