The One and Only Chapter: 1808 Part 2 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1808 Part 2

Broken Tooth smiled and said, “Everyone, long time no see.”

One-eyed nodded slightly to Broken Tooth, and it could be seen that he still respects Broken Tooth.

Among the five major pirates, Lanwen ranked last and the weakest. He smiled and said flatteringly: “Long time no see, Your Excellency Broken Tooth, your style has not diminished!”

Eight-clawed like a giant spider on a human face, looked at Broken Tooth with a sneer: “Broken Tooth, I heard that you were taken in by someone and recognized someone else as the master.”

“You pirate king, aren’t you qualified to be too, it’s my turn to be?”

Broken Tooth snorted coldly, “Bazuo, did you forget about the last time you fought with me and lost to me?”

“Do you still want me to beat you up?”

Bazuo’s face was ugly: “Don’t be complacent, your broken tooth was cut off by me!”

Broken Tooth said coldly: “If it wasn’t for my mercy back then, your corpse would be weathered now.”

Bazuo was so angry that he was about to go into a frenzy.

Next to the mountain-like rock, he said slowly: “You all stop arguing.”

“We were recently hunted by the Protoss fleet, with countless casualties.”

“Now it’s a critical juncture of life and death, you still refuse to unite, do you still want to fight when you meet?”

This word is out!

Everyone quieted down.

Except for the Broken Tooth Pirates, the rest of the pirates have not had a good time recently.

The various fleets of the Protoss have been dispatched frequently recently to attack them.

They lost a lot.

There were even many cosmic pirate groups that were directly annihilated by the Protoss and disappeared into the universe.

It is precisely because of this situation that when Broken Tooth invited everyone to sit down and talk, the pirate captains who usually have grudges against each other came without hesitation.

Shan Yan looked at Broken Tooth and said solemnly, ” Broken Tooth!”

“You didn’t call us here to quarrel with us, did you?”

Broken Tooth said calmly, “Of course not!”

“You probably all know what the Protoss has done recently, right?”

Bazuo said coldly: “Of course I know.”

“A lot of subordinates have died!”

“It is said that the Protoss lost a newest type of spaceship, and it came to us pirates.”

“It’s really bad luck to kill us!”

Broken Tooth: “Is there still little reason for the Protoss to kill us all these years?”

“Have we been slaughtered less by the Protoss?”

“I don’t think we can let the Protoss slaughter like this anymore, we have to resist, we have to live a good life!”

Everyone looked at Broken Teeth suspiciously.

Shan Yan said: “Broken teeth, what do you want?”

Broken Tooth said: “I recently surrendered to a powerful master, and my pirate group will also follow his command. You all know about this, right?”

Shan Yan said: “I heard.”

Broken Tooth said: “My master’s name is Chen Ning, he is from Earth.”

“Presumably the Protoss attacked the earth some time ago, and you have also heard about the matter of returning home.”

“The Protoss attacked the earth because my master was thwarted.”

When the pirates heard this, they all showed their surprised expressions.

Broken Tooth took the opportunity to say, “My master hates the Protoss, especially the *** King Medier.”

“His goal is to defeat Medill and conquer the ***’s Domain, so that all races in the universe can enter the fertile ***’s Domain and live a peaceful life.”

“My pirate group and I have joined this great plan.”

“I called you here now, just to invite you to join.”

“Let’s attack ***’s Domain together, defeat Medier, and live a good life!”

Hearing Broken Tooth’s words, many pirates at the scene were moved.

But the heavyweight pirates, One-Eyed, Blue Stripe, Octopus, and Shanyan, all shook their heads.

They are not optimistic at all.

Which race in the universe does not hide from the Protoss.

In the universe, who dares to challenge Medill, the king of the gods, isn’t this courting death?

While Broken Tooth was trying to persuade other pirates to join, at this moment, a huge Protoss fleet had discovered that there were pirates gathered on Planet Octan.

at this time.

The Protoss fleet is coming murderously towards the star of Octan…

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