The One and Only Chapter: 1808 Part 2 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1808 Part 2

At this time, the Crimson Moon Fleet flanked over from the west.

They are like two big nets, and they want to kill the pirates gathered in the middle area of ​​Octan.

Broken Tooth is discussing with the other four pirates, as well as many pirate leaders, to join forces with Chen Ning to fight against the Protoss.


They have received urgent reports.


Broken teeth and their faces changed.

Broken Tooth said in a lost voice: “Our meeting was exposed, and the Protoss found out that there are two Protoss fleets that are approaching us from the east and west!”

One-eyed, Blue-patterned, Octopus, Shanyan and other pirate leaders all changed their expressions at this moment, as if the sky had fallen.

They ran towards their respective flagship ships, and at the same time roared at their subordinates: “Quick, quick, get on the spaceship, and prepare to fight!”

The pirates have been fighting for a long time, and their execution is still good.

I saw the pirates in their respective forms, rushing towards their own spaceships, and quickly boarded the spaceship.

follow closely!

Pirate spaceships of different models and even strangely modified pirate spaceships were scrambled into the air.

Broken Tooth also boarded his own flagship ship.

Although he is the famous cosmic pirate king, at this moment, his team is almost the weakest, with only three spaceships.

He requested to initiate a call connection with the pirate chief such as One Eye.


The four pirates, as well as the rest of the pirate heads, joined the temporary communication network one after another, and everyone’s different faces appeared in the communication video.

Broken Tooth said: “What should we do, we are surrounded by two Protoss fleets.”

“Let’s talk about it, let’s fight together or break through together.”

In fact!

There are so many pirate groups gathered here. If everyone works together and fights together, there is a chance to repel these two Protoss fleets.

It’s just that when I’m afraid of fighting, everyone doesn’t agree. Some people fight desperately, and some people take the opportunity to run away. The consequences will be unimaginable.

in addition!

If they resisted side by side, even if the two fleets of the Protoss were temporarily repelled, it is estimated that the Protoss would issue a cosmic wanted order and hunt them down for a long time.

If they can escape, in fact, every pirate group is not willing to form a deep hatred with the Protoss.

after all!

The Protoss was so powerful, it was not easy to be hunted by the Protoss endlessly.

Shan Yan also asked everyone: “What do you think?”

Bazuo said with a sneer: “What qualifications do we rabble have to fight against the regular army of the Protoss?”

“I’m afraid that if we fight, someone will take the opportunity to run away.”

“In my opinion, let’s break through together.”

Lanwen and One-Eyed also agreed, saying it was so good, whoever escaped successfully was considered lucky, and whoever escaped was considered unlucky.

Seeing that everyone was unwilling to fight together, Broken Tooth decided to break through and escape together, and couldn’t help sighing secretly.

He was even more worried about his own fate.

After all, the main force of his pirate group was handed over to Chen Ning. He now has three spaceships, and the Broken Tooth Pirates group is on the Protoss blacklist. It is estimated that it will be difficult to break through this time.

The space pirates decided to break out.

But the five pirates are very shrewd, and everyone knows that the spaceship that breaks out first will definitely be attacked by the Protoss.


They said let the weak pirates break out first, and they would follow.

The weak pirate heads, although not convinced by this decision, are weaker than the five pirates, and they are unable to resist the enemy.

They can only bite the bullet and prepare to break through, hoping that the goddess of luck will miss them once.


There were a few small pirate groups, with a total of more than 20 spaceships, who took the lead in launching a breakthrough in the north direction at the same time, wanting to tear apart the encirclement of the two major fleets of the Protoss and kill the heavens.

The idea is good, but the reality is cruel.

Their breakout action was discovered immediately.

The Blood Moon Fleet immediately dispatched an extraordinary interception.

Just ten minutes!

Several small pirate groups and more than 20 spaceships were all destroyed.

The five pirates, as well as other pirate groups, were so frightened that they did not dare to act rashly, and did not dare to break through at will.

Seeing this, Broken Tooth took the opportunity to say, “Everyone, you have also seen it.”

“The killing intent of the Protoss has been decided, and they will not easily give us a chance to break through.”

“Why don’t we unite and fight to the death with them. If they are repelled, we can all survive this catastrophe.”

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