The One and Only Chapter: 1808 Part 1 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1808 Part 1

One month later!

The blood clan army is assembled.

Welce’s 100,000 troops, as well as 100,000 mercenaries from different mercenary groups, also assembled.

at the same time.

The space pirates, as well as the Protoss under Eve’s jurisdiction, are all ready.

Chen Mo also led the engineers of the Earth Alliance to get ready.

***’s Punishment!


The Sun, Moon, and dozens of pirate spaceships have all entered the ready-to-fly state.

Witnessed by heads of state, gods of war, and countless media reporters, Chen Ning took the oath.

follow closely!

With the sound of Chen Ning boarding the ship!

The coalition troops began to board the spaceships in an orderly manner, ready to set off and begin their journey to the Divine Realm.

Song Pingting held her youngest son and her eldest daughter, accompanied by her family, and bid farewell to Chen Ning in tears.

at this time!

Chen Ning turned around and saw his wife in the crowd. He wanted to say goodbye.

But this time!

Dian Chu had already come to him, and said in a low voice, “Master Commander, we have to go.”

Chen Ning nodded, glanced at his wife in the distance, and then took Dian Chu, Eve, Hepburn, Dido and other subordinates to board the ***’s Punishment…

not long!

The ***’s Punishment, which is as magnificent as a steel fortress, slowly lifts up into the air, suspended in mid-air, like a castle in the sky.

follow closely!

The Dawn, Sun, and Moon were also launched.

The space pirate spaceships at other alternate airports also took off.

These behemoths, suspended in the air, are like air fortresses, covering the sky and the sun, and the scene is extremely spectacular.

at this time!

Chen Ning, who was sitting on the command chair in the bridge of the ***’s Punishment, ordered in a deep voice: “Earth Fleet, set off.”


***’s Punishment began to speed up, turned into a streamer, and disappeared into the air.

The rest of the spaceships also began to speed up and disappeared into the sky one after another.

The fleet will soon leave the earth, leave the solar system, and head towards the depths of the universe…

Octan Planet!

This planet is two extremes.

The eastern half of the planet is frozen all year round, and the temperature has been around -40 degrees for a long time.

On the western half of the planet, there is a hot desert, and the temperature has been as high as 50 degrees for a long time.

However, although Planet Octan is seriously polarized, although it is a world of ice and fire, there are a small part of the area where the ice and fire meet, and the temperature is around 20 to 30 degrees.

There are even lakes, green plants, some microorganisms, and oxygen.

Therefore, in this world of ice and fire, this small middle ground, has been able to meet the basic survival conditions of aliens.

Experienced space pirates often supply supplies here.

Only today, there are many cosmic pirates docked in the middle of the planet Octan.

The pirate ship, which is rarely seen on weekdays, is now densely suspended in the air here.

There are even several spaceships painted with the logo of the Pirate King Broken Tooth.

turn out to be!

The pirate king Duanya has contacted many pirate leaders during this time, and made an appointment with many pirate leaders to meet here today to discuss how to deal with the Protoss.

this time!

Dozens of pirate groups have come here.

One-eyed, blue-patterned, eight-clawed, and Shanyan, who are also known as the five pirates along with Broken Tooth, also came.

One-eyed is a humanoid creature, but it is taller than humans, more than 2.5 meters tall, and has a large eye in the middle of its forehead.

The blue stripes look a bit like the elves in human legends, but they are not handsome, but rather strong. They are similar in height and shape to humans, but they have blue stripes on their bodies.

Octopus is huge and looks like a tank-sized spider from a distance. The more terrifying guy also has a human-like face, which looks extraordinarily weird.

Shanyan is the most burly one, with a height of five meters and a shoulder width of three meters, like the legendary Titan.

The one-eyed pirate leaders and the pirates they lead are basically their clansmen, and their subordinates all look similar to them, but they are smaller in size.

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