The One and Only Chapter: 1807 Part 2 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1807 Part 2

Chen Ning nodded: “Yes, all members of the blood clan participated in the war, and I personally led the team to attack ***’s Domain.”

Dido said: “To be honest, we Welse also want to participate in the war!”

“I have discussed with Dong Tianbao that we will lead the army of the whole country and go out with Mr. Chen.”

Chen Ning was surprised: “Di Duo, are you serious?”

Dido said: “Of course!”

Chen Ning shook his head: “It’s too risky, I don’t recommend you do it.”

Dido said with a smile: “How can you catch mackerel without entering the sea of ​​strong winds and waves?”


“I trust Mr. Chen and am willing to gamble with Mr. Chen this time.”

turn out to be!

Dido is optimistic about Chen Ning, and she also believes that if she conquers the realm of the gods, the fruits of the war must be extremely rich.

Welse is currently living in the cracks of Western powers. Peaceful times are good. If there is a war, it may be gone overnight.


Dido decides to seek a chance to rise.

She thought that this time, although Chen Ning’s army went to the ***’s Domain, it was a good opportunity.

If it succeeds, then Velsey will be the first human beings to land in the realm of the gods, and will naturally be the first to eat crabs.

She was determined to bet heavily on Chen Ning, this time.

Chen Ning has not agreed to Dido’s request.

Dong Tianbao said again: “In fact, not only we Welse, but also many small countries, there are countless mercenary organizations, and I want to go out with you, Mr. Chen.”

“They dare not come directly to Mr. Chen to apply for you, but let us first ask Mr. Chen what you mean?”

“If you agree, all of us will fight for you.”


Manpower, Chen Ning is definitely lacking.

Otherwise, Chen Ning would not let Broken Tooth join other cosmic pirate groups.

If there is a group of human troops willing to accompany him on the expedition, it is naturally the best.

Seeing that Dido was so determined, he asked, “How many people do you have?”

Dido said: “We Welse have a hundred thousand troops!”

“The rest of the countries plus the various mercenary regiments add up to 100,000 troops, for a total of 200,000 troops.”

Chen Ning pondered a little: “You go back and think about it carefully.”

“If after a month, you still insist on going with me, then I will bring you.”

“But remember, I only want elite soldiers, not garbage.”

“So you must not include some rabble teams, or they will be cannon fodder when they arrive on the battlefield.”

Dido said: “Yes, Mr. Chen!”

Dido and Dong Tianbao left.

Chen Ning instructed Dian Chu: “You inform Hepburn that the blood clan must prepare enough weapons and blood packs within a month, and be ready to go out at any time after a month.”

“I also informed Eve and Chen Mo that all spaceships should be overhauled and maintained. I don’t want any problems when I go out.”

Dian Chu said: “Yes!”

On this side of the earth, Chen Ning is actively preparing for the war.

On the other side of the Divine Realm, the Protoss has no time to spare.

Since the death of Torre, Medier was furious.

The various fleets of the Protoss were dispatched in turn to hunt down various cosmic pirate groups.

The days of the space pirates suddenly became sad.

It’s not even good that the Space Pirates are destroyed one after another.

The Protoss fleet wiped out many pirate groups, but none of them found out about the whereabouts of the ***’s Punishment. After a short-lived appearance, the ***’s Punishment disappeared.

On the other hand, the cosmic pirates were bloodbathed by the Protoss fleet, causing the various pirate groups to hate the Protoss to the extreme.


During this period of Broken Tooth, he kept visiting various pirate groups and invited them to defeat the Protoss together.

Under Broken Tooth’s lobbying, many pirate groups were really moved.

But they doubted the mysterious Mr. Chen in Broken Tooth’s mouth.

They threatened: “If your master, the Mr. Chen you mentioned, really has the strength of Eight Wings, then we are willing to take refuge.”

“But we must let us witness his strength!”

Broken Tooth laughed and said: “This is simple, very soon, my master will lead the army and come to join me, and then you will be able to see his heroic appearance and his powerful strength.”

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