The One and Only Chapter: 1807 Part 1 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1807 Part 1

News of Chen Ning’s resignation spread quickly.

National uproar.

Many people also came to beg Chen Ning to continue taking office, but Chen Ning declined.

Chen Ning returned home.

Song Pingting’s family had already prepared their meals, waiting for Chen Ning to come back for dinner.

Chen Ning sat down and said with a smile, “I’ve finally resigned, and I finally have time to spend more time with my family in the future!”

Song Pingting said with red eyes, “If others don’t know you, can I still not know you?”

“You are in a hurry to resign, in fact, you don’t want to drag the country down.”

“You want to go into battle lightly and attack ***’s Domain.”

Seeing that his wife was sad and sad, Chen Ning quickly hugged his wife and comforted him: “It is also a last resort to attack ***’s Domain.”

“The heart of revenge of the Protoss is immortal, and the tyranny of the gods is punished.”

“***’s Punishment fell into our hands by chance, and it also saved our earth from disaster.”

“But next time we won’t be so lucky.”

“We can’t just sit still, we can only take the initiative.”

“If I don’t attack ***’s Domain, maybe the end of our people will come soon…”

Song Pingting wiped away the tears from the corners of her eyes: “I understand the truth.”

“I can think that you will soon go to the outer space, to the distant *** Realm, and fight the enemy, and my heart is full of worries.”

Chen Ning comforted softly: “Don’t worry!”

“I promise you, I will come back alive.”

“We’ll be together forever, and we’re going to grow old together!”

Song Pingting’s pretty face flushed, she gently backed away from her husband, and whispered angrily, “My parents and children are here, don’t be ashamed.”

Chen Ning smiled.

Old couples, what’s the shame.


Although he said it lightly, but this time he was going to fight the Protoss, but he was going to meet Medill, who is known as the strongest *** King in the universe!

Really unpredictable.

After dinner!

Dian Chu hurriedly came in: “Mr. Chen, Dido, Queen of Versail, and Dong Tianbao, Minister of Defense of Versail, have come to see you.”

After Chen Ning resigned.

Dian Chu also resigned.

Chen Ning originally did not agree with Dian Chu’s resignation, but Dian Chu insisted on going his own way, even his old superior kept talking, which was really helpless.

After Dian Chu resigned, he still followed Chen Ning’s side.

In Dian Chu’s words, he has followed Chen Ning in his entire life.

Chen Ning also considered that he was about to attack ***’s Domain, and he was not used to having an old subordinate like Dian Chu around him, so he agreed.

at this time!

When Chen Ning heard that Dido and Dong Tianbao were here, he was quite surprised, and said quickly, “Quickly invite them to speak to my calligraphy.”


Dido came with Dong Tianbao.

“Mr. Chen!”

Dido and Dong Tianbao were all excited when they saw Chen Ning.

Chen Ning said with a smile: “Sit!”

“Sit down and talk!”

Chen Ning asked about the current situation of Welse and learned that there was good development there.

Chen Ning couldn’t help showing a gratified smile.

He and Song Pingting have invested a lot of manpower, material and financial resources in Velsey. It is no exaggeration to say that half of Velsey’s economy is supported by their husband and wife.

Some people even privately say that Welse is the private kingdom of Chen Ning and his wife.

But no matter what, it’s good, Welse has developed, and Chen Ning is really happy.

In the future, the Chen family and the Song family will be able to be prosperous from generation to generation and have no worries about food and clothing.

Chen Ning asked Dido and Dong Tianbao’s purpose again?

Dong Tianbao smiled and said, “Let the Queen explain it to Mr. Chen!”

Dido said: “Mr. Chen!”

“Are you ready to attack ***’s Domain?”

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