The One and Only Chapter: 1806 Part 2 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1806 Part 2

Heroes are not good!

However, for the future of the earth and the future of mankind, Chen Ning resolutely chose to take the lead in attacking the Protoss before the Protoss developed more terrifying weapons.

The battle has not yet started, and it is difficult to predict who will win or lose in the future.

Chen Ning had already prepared for the worst.

To prevent him from being defeated, to be crowned as a sinner of the earth, to prevent China from being implicated.

He is insisting on resigning from all important positions at this time.

He had already thought about this idea when he chatted with his wife Song Pingting last time.

It’s only really implemented today.

Chen Ning paused, then continued: “In order to avoid implicated in our country, I must resign and launch this war against the Protoss only as the commander-in-chief of the Earth Alliance.”

“As for what you said, the country can’t have me, I don’t think it’s right.”

“Isn’t there still you?”

“When I was away, Mr. Luo, your cabinet, didn’t you do a good job?”

“There are also Greedy Wolf, Liu Zhenping, Zhao Ruolong, and Wei Yan. You guys are also taking good care of the generals.”

Everyone was humble when they heard the words, saying that everything was well led by Mr. Chen.

Chen Ning smiled: “Don’t be too modest, I said you can do it.”

“I just want to ask you guys, do you have a candidate to replace me when I step down this time?”

“Do you have any candidates or suggestions, let’s talk about it, let’s discuss it.”


Chen Ning picked up a cup of tea and drank it casually.


Someone recommended Luo Zhiquan as the king.

Chen Ning heard the words, smiled and said to Luo Zhiquan: “Luo Lao, I also think you are mature and serious, very suitable…”

Luo Zhiquan said repeatedly: “No, no, I’m old, Mr. Chen, you retire, and I plan to retire too.”


Luo Zhiquan even announced his intention to retire.


Luo Zhiquan seemed to thank Chen Ning for supporting him to become the first assistant. At this time, he took the initiative to recommend Greedy Wolf to be the head of the country, and also recommended Liu Zhenping to join the cabinet as the first assistant of the cabinet.

Greedy wolf!

Chen Ning’s disciples of the emperor are completely Chen Ning’s people.

Liu Zhenping!

They are brothers in love with Chen Ning, and the two have long been known as brothers in private, and Chen Ning had saved Liu Zhenping’s life in his early years, and Liu Zhenping also respected Chen Ning very much on weekdays, and had a good view of Chen Ning.

These two people can be said to be Chen Ning’s people, and Chen Ning’s reassurance.


Greedy Wolf is young and energetic, while Liu Zhenping is calm and measured.

The combination of the two can not only maintain the momentum of youth, but also have stable supervision of the elderly.

Absolutely fit!

Chen Ning is very satisfied, but wants to ask everyone’s opinion.

Everyone at the scene expressed their approval.

Chen Ning’s eyes fell on Zhao Ruolong, and said with a smile: “Luo Lao recommended two people, then I will also recommend one. I recommend Zhao Ruolong to hold the position of governor, how about it?”

Zhao Ruolong!

Everyone was a little surprised.

In fact, Zhao Ruolong’s qualifications are still enough.

He is the commander-in-chief of the Western Frontier Army, has long-term commanded the army and has rich experience.

However, he made a mistake and started a war with the wolf country without authorization, and almost died in the wolf country. At that time, it was Chen Ning who rescued Zhao Ruolong himself, who was desperate for death.

This is Zhao Ruolong’s only flaw.

Zhao Ruolong was originally ambitious, but since that time, he has become a lot more stable.

He didn’t even think about going to the next level, he just wanted to serve the motherland well and repay Chen Ning’s life-saving grace.

Can’t think of it.

This time, Chen Ning even suggested that he should serve as the Grand Governor.

He himself was astonished.

Who would disagree with Chen Ning’s proposal?


Zhao Ruolong’s personality has become very calm now, and the tempering that time, for him, made him stronger.


Under Chen Ning’s recommendation, and with everyone’s approval, Zhao Ruolong was selected as the next Grand Governor!

Zhao Ruolong’s face is like a flat lake, but there is already a thunder in his heart.

He pressed and moved, and said to Chen Ning in a deep voice: “My subordinates must live up to Mr. Chen’s expectations, protect the family and the country, and rest until death.”

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