The One and Only Chapter: 1806 Part 1 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1806 Part 1

After half a month’s voyage, the fleet led by Chen Ning finally arrived on Earth.

The Earth Alliance found that a huge fleet of spaceships was approaching, and it was so frightening that the countries almost directly sounded the air defense alarm and entered a combat state.


Just when they were nervous, they received a communication video from Chen Ning.

Everyone knew that it was Chen Ning who came back.

First stunned, then excitedly cheered.

Woods and Lundgren, the gods of war from all over the world, welcomed Chen Ning’s return together.

at the same time!

Luo Zhiquan brought a group of important members of the cabinet to welcome Chen Ning’s triumphant return while Liu Zhenping, the commander-in-chief of the Jiangnan Military Region, led the army to maintain order.

In the shocked eyes of the crowd.

The largest ***’s Punishment landed first, followed by the Sun and Moon spaceships, followed by fifty space pirate spaceships of different types.

Dozens of spaceships.

Like a steel fortress.

It wasn’t enough to fill up the Earth Alliance’s large military airfields. Several backup military airfields were also activated, and finally all the spaceships were barely accommodated.

Chen Ning asked Hepburn to restrain the vampires and cosmic pirates, and instructed Eve to lead the team to take care of the Protoss on the Sun and Moon.

He took Dian Chu and other men, and got off the ***’s Punishment.

Woods, Lundgren, Luo Zhiquan, Liu Zhenping and others hurried up to meet them.

After a while of congratulations and greetings from everyone.

Woods couldn’t help but ask: “Commander-in-chief, what are these spaceships?”

Chen Ning smiled and briefly said what happened.

After hearing this, everyone looked at each other in shock.

The commander-in-chief tested the ***’s Punishment, and unexpectedly encountered and defeated the Iron Wings fleet of the *** Race, and incidentally incorporated a pirate group.


It’s so awesome!

For a while!

The minds of the people at the scene were different.

Some people are thinking that Mr. Chen is so powerful, and now the cosmic pirate group has been incorporated. The spaceship has changed from the original Dawn to the current four Protoss spaceships and dozens of pirate spaceships. The strength has greatly increased, and will resist in the future. Protoss, the ability to protect the earth has been greatly increased.

Some people are thinking, Mr. Chen is so powerful, it seems that Mr. Chen’s previous battle against the Earth against the Protoss is entirely possible to succeed!

Some people are even thinking that in the counterattack against the Protoss that Mr. Chen proposed before, all the blood races participated in the war. Now that this battle has a chance to succeed, why don’t we humans directly participate in the war?

There were many people at the scene, who were already planning to join Chen Ning in the battle to conquer the Divine Realm.

The ceremony to welcome Chen Ning ended.

Woods, Lundgren and other gods of war returned to the headquarters of the Earth Alliance temporarily.

Chen Ning, Liu Zhenping, Luo Zhiquan and others came to the headquarters of the Jiangnan Military Region.

at this time!

In the headquarters of the Jiangnan Military Region, Wen Xing shines, and the stars are like clouds.

Not only the chief assistant Luo Zhiquan and several cabinet members were present, but also the commanders-in-chief of the four major military regions, Tanlang, Zhao Ruolong, Wei Lin, and Liu Zhenping.

There are also leaders of various ministries, as well as many famous military figures, as well as representatives of all walks of life with great influence.

These people have been informed by Chen Ning long ago and are waiting here.


Chen Ning has something important to announce this time.

Chen Ning sat in the office chair, looked around at everyone, and said calmly: “Today, I have called everyone here to meet, and there is an important thing to announce to everyone.”

“After careful consideration by me, and the approval of the National Palace, the Cabinet, and the Military Department.”

“I have decided to resign from the position of the head of the country, and to resign from the position of the governor.”

Luo Zhiquan and Liu Zhenping knew Chen Ning’s decision for a long time, and persuaded Chen Ning to think twice, but Chen Ning had his own reasons and insisted on resigning from these two positions.


They were not shocked by Chen Ning’s announcement today, but were very sorry.

Greedy Wolf couldn’t help but said: “Mr. Chen, I suggest you think about this matter again, the country needs you!”

The rest of the people also began to persuade them to stay.

Chen Ning shook his head: “I have carefully considered this decision countless times, and I have made up my mind, so there is no need to persuade you.”

“It’s not me who is picky!”

“But I am about to take the role of the commander-in-chief of the Earth Alliance, lead the Earth troops dominated by the blood race, attack the ***’s Domain, and completely remove the threat of the *** Race to the earth.”

“If this battle is successful, it will go down in history forever, and the whole world will be proud of me.”

“But if this battle is lost, those guys who have been disgusting with me behind my back and criticized me, but who are afraid of my current prestige and dare not speak up, will definitely attack me at that time, slander me in every possible way, and shape me in every possible way. become a sinner of the earth.”

Everyone’s faces were complicated, and the audience was silent. They all knew that what Chen Ning said was the truth.

In order to completely relieve the threat of the Protoss, Chen Ning went his own way and launched a counterattack against the Protoss.

If this battle is won, everything can be said. Chen Ning is still a hero of mankind and a hero of the earth.

If this battle is lost, Chen Ning will definitely fall to the altar, and all the related consequences will have to be paid by Chen Ning, and Chen Ning will definitely be regarded as a sinner of the earth.

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