The One and Only Chapter: 1805 Part 2 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1805 Part 2

“The Iron Wings formation of the Protoss experienced a major defeat here, and the commander-in-chief Torre died.”

“The Protoss side will definitely be angry, and they will kill here again soon.”


***’s Punishment!

There are also the two Protoss spaceships that have just been captured, the Sun and Moon named by Chen Ningxin, ready to take off.

There are also fifty space pirate spaceships led by Broken Tooth, also preparing to take off.

But it’s time to go!

Chen Ning said to Broken Tooth, ” Broken Tooth, do you trust me?”

Broken Tooth was a little confused. He didn’t know why Chen Ning made this statement. He subconsciously said, “Of course I trust Master, otherwise, I wouldn’t rely on Master.”

Chen Ning nodded: “Actually, I have a task that I want to give you to complete, but I’m afraid you won’t be at ease.”

Broken Tooth: “Master, please order!”

Chen Ning said: “I’m thinking that in the universe, there are still many pirates who betray and live in the midst of the universe.”

“They are capable of fighting!”

“But their living environment is very harsh, and they yearn for a return to peace one day.”

“You are the famous king of space pirates. If you persuade them to join us, you are not guaranteed to expand our team and enhance our combat effectiveness.”

“Just… are you willing to lobby them? If you don’t, forget it.”

Broken Tooth heard the words, the first thing that came to his mind was that it was not a problem for him to lobby other pirate groups.

But if he went to lobby pirates, he would have to leave Chen Ning and leave the army.

It is equivalent to him wanting to completely hand over the control of his spaceships to Chen Ning.

And it may face the risk of being overridden by Chen Ning!

The main force of the pirate group that he has controlled for so long is also his foundation.

Taking refuge with Chen Ning is one thing.

But handing over all the family to Chen Ning is another matter.

He subconsciously resisted.

But on second thought.

This may not be a test for Chen Ning to test whether he is loyal or trustworthy?

If he didn’t surrender his military power, then Chen Ning might not trust him so much.


Attacking ***’s Domain is definitely a very difficult task. If you can lobby more pirate groups to join, it will definitely increase your chances of winning.

Either way, he should accept this task.

Think so.

He made a decision.

He said in a deep voice: “Master, of course I am willing to persuade other pirate groups to join in according to your instructions, strengthen our team, and complete our feat of killing gods.”

“I only brought three pirate ships to lobby these pirate groups.”

“The rest of these pirate ships, as well as these brothers of mine, will all be handed over to you, Master!”

Chen Ning said with a smile: “Broken tooth!”

“I didn’t see you wrong!”

“Come on, when the conquest of ***’s Domain is successful, you people will all get a good home.”

Broken Tooth: “Yes!”

Broken Tooth was resolute in doing things, and immediately brought a group of cronies, drove three spaceships, and set off.

Chen Ning, Eve, Chen Mo, and Hepburn boarded the ***’s Punishment, took the Sun and Moon, as well as the forty-seven pirate spaceships carrying the pirate army, and began to leave Ketiles and return to Earth.

Holy area!

in the temple.

The ***-king Mediel learned that the Wings of Steel fleet was attacked by pirates in Ketiles and suffered heavy losses, even the commander-in-chief Torre was killed.

He made a rare gaffe: “Impossible, this is absolutely impossible, the Broken Tooth Pirates, without this strength, they can’t defeat my Iron Wings fleet!”

Dodge knelt on the ground and cried bitterly: “*** King, our ***’s Punishment Horn, appeared in the hands of the pirates.”

“It is because the pirates used the ***’s Punishment to attack our fleet, which caused our fleet to be defeated.”

“General Torre also died…”

When Medill heard the words, she was shocked and angry: “Sure enough, it’s these ******* bastards who stole my divine punishment!”

“Send the order down!”

“The various fleets of the Protoss have canceled their vacations, and they will be taking turns in the near future to destroy these **** pirates and retrieve the ***’s Punishment.”

The commanders of the Protoss fleets at the scene said in unison, “Yes!”

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