The One and Only Chapter: 1805 Part 1 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1805 Part 1

Chen Ning put away his fighting form and returned to the appearance of an ordinary person.

He looked at Broken Tooth and other pirates who were still immersed in the shocking aftertaste, and said with a smile: “Everyone, now you have a little more confidence in me?”

Have confidence!

Confidence of course!

Although the same wings are strong, the Protoss is often stronger than the blood.

But Jian Ning has eight wings!

It has two more wings than the six-winged *** King Medier.

If there is anyone in the universe who can challenge the king of gods, it is definitely Chen Ning.

Broken Tooth said excitedly: “Haha!”

“Mr. Chen is actually an eight-wing powerhouse.”

“I’m really blind, and underestimated Mr. Chen’s strength.”

Duanmei also changed his suspicions about Chen Ning before, and said flatly, “Yes!”

“Mr. Chen’s strength, we are naturally willing to cooperate with Mr. Chen.”

Broken brow’s voice just fell.

was reprimanded by broken teeth.

Broken Tooth said angrily, “What kind of cooperation?”

“It should be said to be effective!”

After he finished speaking, he smiled and said flatteringly to Chen Ning: “Mr. Chen, in the name of the pirate captain, I officially swear my allegiance to you.”

“In the future, our pirate group will all obey you.”

“The only hope is that after you successfully conquer the Divine Realm, you can give us poor cosmic wanderers a place to belong, so that we can return to a peaceful life.”

he’s talking!

It was the highest etiquette for space pirates to lay down on Chen Ning.

Duanmei and the rest of the pirate leaders also knelt down and said in unison, “We are willing to follow Mr. Chen and fight for Mr. Chen, I just hope that Mr. Chen can give us a place to belong in the future!”

Chen Ning looked at the pirate leaders in front of him, a little surprised.

He never thought that the pirates would take refuge in him directly!

This can be regarded as a windfall!

Moreover, the highest etiquette of pirates is somewhat similar to that of human beings. It seems that no matter which time and space they are in, the gesture of surrender is similar.

Chen Ning said in a deep voice, “I accept your allegiance and promise to give you a future.”

Broken Tooth and other pirates heard the words, and they rejoiced and thanked them again and again.

Broken Tooth is indeed a pirate king with an adventurous spirit.

After seeing Chen Ning’s powerful strength, he did not hesitate to place a heavy bet on Chen Ning, directly betting on the fate of his entire pirate group.


The future of their pirate group will be tightly tied to Chen Ning.

One is prosperous, and one is lost.

After he pledged his allegiance to Chen Ning, he immediately took action.

He first ordered the pirate leaders to dispatch elite soldiers and the best fifty pirate spaceships to serve Chen Ning with him.

Chen Ning’s will lies in the direction of their soldiers.

He will lead this group of elite pirates and follow Chen Ning to conquer the Divine Realm, either success or benevolence.

in addition!

He ordered the second master to break his eyebrows, command the rest of the spacecraft, bring a group of fighting forces enough to protect themselves, and lead the pirate family members to their second hiding lair, Planet Amutan.

He solemnly said to Duanmei: “Take your family and hide to Planet Amutan to take refuge, and wait for my message.”

“If I succeed in conquering the Divine Realm with my master, then I will go to Amutan to pick you up and live in the Divine Realm.”

“If you fail, then you’re on your own.”

Broken eyebrow gritted his teeth and said loudly, “Boss, don’t worry, leave the job of protecting your family to me!”

Because the Protoss fleet may make a comeback at any time.

The planet of Ketiles has become very unsafe.

So Duanmei immediately summoned the spaceship, took the huge family group of the pirate group, set off first, and left Ketiles.

Broken eyebrows they just left.

Eve and Chen Mo came.

Chen Mo said happily: “Mr. Chen, the two spaceships that were just captured were only damaged by the super-energy cannon, and they were all minor problems. Now they have been repaired with the help of Protoss engineers, and they are ready to take off at any time.”

Chen Ning said with satisfaction: “Very good!”

“Then we have to hurry up and get out of here.”

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