The One and Only Chapter: 1804 Part 2 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1804 Part 2

This time, she also coveted the scenery of Ketiles, and insisted that Torre take her back here to see it. In the end, she and Torre both died here.

This is probably fate’s arrangement!

Neeko’s troubled fate has come to an end with her suicide.

But what about Eve herself?

Her father died in battle, and she was forced to join Chen Ning’s command. She was also confused about her own destiny. She wondered if she would be like Neeko, and it ended in tragedy.

at this time.

She couldn’t help looking at Chen Ning. The only hope in her heart at this time was that if Chen Ning would one day defeat the *** King, she hoped that Chen Ning could fulfill his promise and give the *** Race a way to live.

Neeko’s death only touched Eve’s feelings.

In the eyes of Chen Ning and Broken Tooth, it is not worth mentioning.


The bodies of Neeko and Torre were both dragged down.

Chen Ning instructed Hepburn, Eve, and Chen Mo to immediately take people to receive the spoils of the two Protoss spaceships, and to carry out emergency repairs immediately, trying to repair the power units of the two spaceships in the shortest time, and leave here before the Protoss makes a comeback.

Hepburn and others took orders.

Broken Tooth held a banquet to entertain Chen Ning.

Chen Ning sat down with Broken Tooth and other pirate leaders. On the surface, it was a celebration, but in fact, they discussed cooperation.

Chen Ning picked up a glass of seaweed wine, took a sip, and frowned slightly.

This seaweed wine is really hard to drink.

Worse than the worst beer on earth, and with a stale taste.


Pirates such as Broken Tooth drink with relish, like drinking fine wine.

Chen Ning knew that this seaweed wine was already a luxury item for pirates. He drank it calmly without saying a word, and then said, “Your Excellency Broken Tooth, how are you thinking about our previous cooperation?”


Of course, Chen Ning proposed to buy a batch of spaceships from the pirate group. In exchange, Chen Ning gave the pirates a batch of supplies and at the same time made an oath. After Chen Ning captured the ***’s Domain, he promised to give the pirates a place to live.

The pirate leaders all looked at Broken Tooth.

Broken Tooth was silent for a long time before slowly opening his mouth: “Mr. Chen, I have to admit that you are very strong, and you are a very attractive person.”

“Many Protoss and Blood Races are convinced by you and are willing to serve you.”

“But I still can’t help but want to ask you, do you really have the confidence to attack the *** Realm, do you have the confidence to defeat the *** King?”

Broken Eyebrows beside Broken Tooth couldn’t help but said, “Yes!”

“The king of gods is the legendary powerhouse of the Six-Winged Protoss, and he has never had an opponent.”

“Are you confident to beat him?”

“If no one can defeat the Divine King, then it is simply wishful thinking to conquer the Divine Realm.”

Chen Ning said with a smile: “It seems that you are willing to bet only because you want to see my hole cards.”

“I can show you my cards.”

“Just one point, you have to cooperate when you see my cards.”

“And I want fifty of your spaceships, each with enough spaceship operators.”

The pirates gasped when they heard this!

If they hand over fifty spaceships to Chen Ning, plus the spaceships they damaged today, then their spaceships will probably be ten to seventy-eight.

This is simply killing them!

Broken teeth gritted his teeth: “Yes!”

“If Mr. Chen can convince us, I am willing to hand over fifty spaceships, and I will personally lead the team to serve you. In the future, the fate of our pirate group will be closely linked to you.”

“Everything is tolerated, and everything is lost.”

Chen Ning said with a smile: “As expected of the cosmic pirate king, you have the courage, I appreciate you.”

Broken Tooth said: “Then ask Mr. Chen to show your cards and let us take a reassurance.”

Chen Ning smiled, and suddenly stood up, his body abruptly rising.


A powerful breath burst out from Chen Ning’s body and swept the audience.

Broken Tooth and other pirates are all like being in an ice cave, their hands and feet are cold, and it is difficult to even breathe.

Their shocking discovery.

Chen Ning in front of him actually switched to a fighting form.

Chen Ning became incomparably mighty, with four pairs of huge red bone wings behind him, waving slowly, feeling full of oppression.


Mr. Chen turned out to be an eight-wing powerhouse.

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