The One and Only Chapter: 1804 Part 1 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1804 Part 1

The two Protoss spaceships that crash-landed on the sea were immediately surrounded by angry pirates.

The soldiers on the two Protoss spaceships were all killed.

Those spaceship operators surrendered one after another and begged for mercy.

Space pirates have an unspoken rule that when they loot or loot, they generally do not kill the operator of the spacecraft.

One is that these spacecraft operators are not much of a threat.

Second, every spacecraft is different, operators need professional training, and many operators are even senior engineers themselves.

Such a professional spaceship operator is often the talent that pirates desire.

Without these operators, the pirates grabbed new spaceships and couldn’t use them either.

Therefore, the pirates have developed a rule not to kill the ship operator.

The operators of the two Protoss spacecraft also survived.

This battle is finally over.

The pirate group paid a very heavy price. About 20 spaceships were destroyed, and the pirate members suffered heavy casualties.


Broken Tooth and other pirates were very fortunate.

If Chen Ning’s spaceship hadn’t arrived in time, their cosmic pirate group would have been wiped out.

at this time.

Broken Tooth and Broken Eyebrows came to express his thanks to Chen Ning.

Chen Ning said with a smile: “No need to thank you, I just hope that you can return the spoils of the two Protoss spaceships you captured to me.”

Broken Tooth was a little reluctant to hear that.

The pirate group suffered heavy losses this time. If the two captured Protoss spaceships belonged to him, then his losses would be nothing.

Now let him hand over the Protoss spaceship to Chen Ning, how much to resist.


Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed the Big Mac in the sky in the distance.

The hesitation in his eyes disappeared in an instant, and he said with a flattering smile: “Of course, these two trophies should belong to Mr. Chen.”


The power of the ***’s Punishment, he had just witnessed it with his own eyes.

The Wings of Steel fleet was driven away by this giant.

These pirates, if they turned against Chen Ning, they would be asking for their own death!

this time!

Hepburn had already brought a large number of his men on board a small airship, came out of the ***’s Punishment, and came to join Chen Ning.

Eve also came with a few vampires in her left hand.

Broken Tooth and the others saw Chen Ning beside him, and they really had the blood and the Protoss.

They had also seen Chen Ning’s strength and the power of Chen Ning’s spaceship just now. For a while, Chen Ning became unfathomable in their eyes.

at the same time.

Broken Tooth was also secretly considering the conditions Chen Ning had proposed to him before.

Hepburn came to Chen Ning, and when they saw that Chen Ning was okay, they let go of their dangling hearts.

She smiled and said, “Mr. Chen, are you okay?”

Chen Ning said with a smile: “I encountered a little trouble. Fortunately, you all came in time to save the day.”

Broken Tooth said to Chen Ning at this time, “Mr. Chen, what should she do?”


Broken Tooth looked at Neeko who was holding Torre’s body not far away.

There were many strong native blood clan people at the scene who recognized Neeko, this stunning beauty whose blood clan used to be famous all over the world, actually bent down to serve the thief, which is very emotional.

Chen Ning’s eyes fell on Neeko, and he frowned. He was estimating Neeko’s value.

Neeko is Torre’s wife, but Torre is dead.

Neeko, who was born in the blood family, has no one to buy it in ***’s Domain, and she is not a valuable bargaining chip.

Chen Ning just wanted to say let her go.


He didn’t say anything yet.

Neeko suddenly took out a dagger, stabbed it in her heart, screamed, then hugged Torre’s body tightly, and died.

This change was beyond the expectations of Chen Ning and others, and everyone was dumbfounded.

Eve sighed softly.

This woman, for the first time coveted the beauty of Ketiles, insisted that her ex-husband’s family accompany her to come here to see it, and ruined the life of her ex-husband’s family.

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