The One and Only Chapter: 1803 Part 1 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1803 Part 1

Wings of Steel, Dodge on the flagship ship, was completely stupid when he heard Torre’s words.

He lost his voice: “General, this…”

Dodge growled: “What is this, this is an order!”

Although obeying orders is the first rule.

But Torre is the leader of Wings of Steel, the Air Force General of the Protoss, and the teacher of Dodge.

Dodge can’t execute this order anyway!

If Iron Wings fire.

Then even if Torre was not accidentally injured by the cannon fire of the Iron Wings, the angry space pirates would kill Torre on the spot.

Dodge really couldn’t order fire.

But he doesn’t fire.

Torre, who had a strong personality, was completely angry.

“*******, it doesn’t matter if I die, what matters is that you want to avenge me.”

“And obeying orders is the first rule of a soldier, have you forgotten this?”

“If you can’t give an order, I’ll help you so that you don’t have any pressure!”

“Remember, when I die, you fire!”


He clenched his fists and suddenly roared.


The wound on his chest swelled, and blood flew out like an explosion.

follow closely!

His body froze, and he finally tilted his head and fell into Neeko’s arms.

He actually committed suicide.

This scene!

It was beyond Chen Ning’s expectations.

It also made Broken Tooth and other space pirates dumbfounded.

They never thought that this Torre was so strong that he would rather die than give in.

at this time!

Torre on the flagship ship of Steel Wings had discovered that the light spot symbolizing Torre’s positioning had disappeared in the Protoss warrior combat system.

Torre has no signs of life and is dead.

He burst into tears instantly.

With his trembling hands, he clenched the communicator and ordered through gritted teeth, “All spaceship commanders listen carefully.”

“General Torre died heroically.”

“I, Dodge, will now be in charge of Wings of Steel.”

“Now, I order you to enter a state of battle immediately.”

“Kill all these **** pirates and avenge General Torre.”

“But remember, don’t fire on the enemy’s flagship ship.”

“Not only because the general’s wife is still there, but also because I want to save this flagship ship to the end, I want to kill all the guys on this ship with my own hands, and avenge the general with my own hands!”

After he finished speaking, he growled: “Fire!”

The roar of fire echoed through the Steel Wings spaceships.

A dozen spaceships, the commander of each spaceship, gave the order at the same time: “Fire.”


More than a dozen Protoss spaceships fired at the pirate spaceships at the same time.

For a while!

A series of lasers swept toward the pirate’s spaceship.

The old-fashioned spaceships of the pirates, dozens of them immediately, were hit at the same time and exploded one after another.

The pirates were also completely angry.

The rest of the pirate ships immediately began to fight back.

The two sides immediately launched a frantic battle.

Lasers are like rain, constantly intertwined in the sky, and the sound of explosions is endless.

Iron Wings only has a dozen spaceships, and the number is incomparable to the pirate group with more than 100 ships.

But the spaceships of the Iron Wings are all extremely advanced Protoss spaceships.

Its attack power, defense power, and the spaceships of the pirates are not at the same level.

The spaceship of the Protoss can be said to crush pirates in all directions.

So from the beginning of the battle, the spaceship of the pirate group suffered serious losses.

On the contrary, hundreds of pirate spaceships attacked the Wings of Steel fleet. Although the firepower was intense, none of these lasers were close to the spaceships of the Protoss, so they were blocked by the spaceship’s energy shield.

The pirate group suffered heavy losses, but the Protoss did not even have a spaceship destroyed.

Seeing that the pirate group is in jeopardy, there is a danger of being annihilated by the Iron Wings.

Just then.

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