The One and Only Chapter: 1802 Part 2 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1802 Part 2

Max said anxiously: “Queen Hepburn, something is bad.”

“Mr. Chen seems to be surrounded by the Protoss fleet together with the space pirates.”

“How is this good?”

Hepburn said in a deep voice: “*** punishes, prepare to fight, and respond to Mr. Chen.”

The vampires, protoss, and humans in the bridge all said in unison, “Follow your orders!”

Chen Ning defeated Torre, just like a hawk all the time, and fell back to Broken Tooth’s flagship ship.

Neeko was holding Torre and crying.

The group of Protoss beside Torre roared to protect the general, then pulled out their lightsabers and rushed towards Chen Ning.

Chen Ning put away his sleeves, Baixue, and pulled out the vertical and horizontal sword at his waist with his backhand, which was a sharp horizontal slash.


The three Protoss who charged in the front, together with the lightsaber, were cut off by Chen Ning.

The three Protoss were cut off by the middle and died tragically on the spot.

The rest of the Protoss also wanted to pounce on Chen Ning.

Broken Tooth has already said coldly at this time: “Hey, bullying our distinguished guests, do you really think that our pirate group does not exist?”

“Broken eyebrows!”

Broken eyebrow meeting, with a low voice, immediately brought a large number of cosmic pirate powerhouses to meet these Protoss powerhouses in front of them.

The two sides fought in an instant.

The gods are strong.

But these powerful generals of the cosmic pirate king Broken Tooth are not weak.

And the number of pirate powerhouses far exceeds that of the Protoss powerhouses.

The fight is not long!

Protoss powerhouses were beheaded one after another.

far away!

Those steel-winged spaceships responsible for encircling the pirate group also found something wrong.

The commanders of each spaceship are anxiously asking Dodge, the temporary commander of the fleet.

“Oh no!”

“General Torre was defeated by the mysterious man.”

“The pirates took the risk and killed all the guards around the general.”

“Commander-in-chief, what should we do now, are we going to fire?”

Dodge was also very anxious at this time, but he knew that he could not panic now. If his temporary commander-in-chief panicked, the fleet would be in chaos.

He forcibly calmed down and said loudly, “Don’t be in a hurry!”

“General Torre’s vital signs are still there, he’s not dead, he’s just injured.”

“We can’t fire, we will accidentally injure General Dodge and his wife.”

“As long as our fleet surrounds these pirates, these pirates will not dare to mess around. If they really kill the general, then they will be ready to destroy the entire army!”

The commanders of the spaceships calmed down when they heard Dodge’s words.


Every spaceship in the Iron Fleet, the weapon hatches are open, ready to attack the pirate group at any time.

And the hundreds of old spaceships of the pirate group also all flew up, floating in the air, confronting the Wings of Steel fleet.

As soon as you dare to open fire, we will fight you to death.

at this time!

Chen Ning, Broken Tooth and other pirates had already walked up to the injured Torre.

Torre fell to the ground and was held by his wife Neeko. The wound on his chest was shocking, and a large stream of blue blood was gushing frantically.

Chen Ning said lightly: “You lost.”

“Now order your fleet to retreat.”

“And, the lives of the two of you will also be redeemed at a large price.”

Torre glared at Chen Ning with hatred: “I won’t let you please!”

Chen Ning smiled.

However, Neeko couldn’t help but ask: “What is the big price you said, and what do you want to let the two of us go?”

Chen Ning said calmly, “One of you is the Protoss Air Force General, and the other is the General’s wife.”

“With your noble status, I don’t think it’s too much for your two lives to exchange two spaceships with your steel wings?”

Two lives for two spaceships with steel wings? !

Torre, like a tiger whose tail was stepped on, was completely angered by Chen Ning.

Regardless of the injury, he roared at Chen Ning: “The Protoss are all warriors, and there are no cowards who are afraid of death.”

“If I betray the interests of the Protoss, I will use two spaceships in exchange for my life.”

“Then not only will I shame the Protoss, but I will never be able to raise my head in the Divine Realm in the future.”

“I would rather choose to die in a heroic battle than live in humiliation.”

He’s done!

Facing the Protoss communicator on his wrist, he ordered loudly: “Dodge, follow my orders, don’t worry about my life or death, let the fleet fire immediately and kill the pirates.”

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