The One and Only Chapter: 1802 Part 1 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1802 Part 1

boom boom-

The figures of Chen Ning and Torre kept flickering, and every time their fists collided, there would be a thunderous explosion.

Torre became more and more shocked.

He thought that he would definitely be able to easily take down Chen Ning by switching to the fighting form.

But he never imagined that Chen Ning would be able to handle it with ease.


The strength of this earth man in front of him is really too strong.

It’s just bottomless!

At the same time, he remembered what the earth man had just said.

‘I have seen the strength of your Protoss, but that’s all. ‘

‘How are you compared to your Protoss Meng Ge, Gula and the like? ‘

this time.

The more Torre hit, the paler his face became.

He had probably guessed the identity of the earth man in front of him.

If he guessed correctly, it is estimated that the person in front of him is the legendary Earth’s strongest *** of war, Chen Ning.

No wonder, the strength of this earth man is so terrifying.

Torre only guessed one, but not the other.

He didn’t know that Chen Ning didn’t have any real strength yet.

Chen Ning is not going to use the strength of the eight-wing form, but only intends to defeat the opponent in human form.

Otherwise, how could Torre persist in front of Chen Ning for so long?


Chen Ning also had no intention of killing, he just planned to capture Torre alive, and then slowly plot.

As long as Torre is taken down, the Iron Wings fleet will be afraid to act rashly.

At that time, whether it is forcing Steel Wings to retreat, or negotiating with Steel Wings to extort one or two spaceships, it is a good choice.

at this time!

Chen Ning suddenly launched a counterattack while Torre’s offensive slowed down.

“Can you handle this move?”

“Xue Luo Wuhen!”

Chen Ning finished.

The dagger in his hand suddenly flashed thousands of daggers, like snow dancing in the sky.

Torre was shrouded in countless “white snow” and was shocked, and quickly put on a defensive posture.

Two lightsabers danced around him, forming a protective shield.

A piece of white snow fell on Torre’s protective rain cover, the protective cover was hit a little ripple, and the snow disappeared.


Followed by more snowflakes falling.

The lightsaber shield around Torre’s body caused a circle of ripples.

Gradually, cracks appeared.


The remaining hundreds of white snow merged into one, turned into a cold light, and shot down towards Torre.


Torre’s lightsaber shield was directly shattered.

His two lightsabers turned into countless fragments, and the defensive light shields completely disappeared.

Chen Ning’s sword brilliance remained unabated, hitting Torre’s chest.


Stronger than Torre, he was also hit.

There was an obvious blood spot on the chest.

There was also a blood hole behind it, and a puddle of blue blood came out.

Like a wild goose hit by a bullet, he fell directly from the sky and fell heavily in front of Neeko and a group of Protoss.



A group of Protoss warriors, as well as Neeko, couldn’t help crying at the same time.

And the space pirates such as Broken Tooth, and the blood clan such as Left Hand, all cheered.

Eve didn’t say anything. She seemed to trust Chen Ning’s strength. She knew that Chen Ning would be able to defeat Torre easily.

At this time, she was using the airship to contact the mothership of the ***’s Punishment.

She reported the situation in front of her to the ***’s Punishment, and told the ***’s Punishment that Mr. Chen had encountered a difficult problem. Mr. Chen and the pirate group were surrounded by the Iron Wings fleet of the *** Race. The war was imminent and the situation was critical.

She made ***’s Punishment ready to respond.

***’s Punishment!

Hepburn in the bridge commander’s chair.

She had just listened to Hepburn’s report, and followed Max back.

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