The One and Only Chapter: 1801 Part 2 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1801 Part 2

When he swung his two swords, a gust of wind rolled up, and the air resonated all over his body, causing the air around his body to appear one after another of thunder and lightning.

With the power of thunder and lightning, the offensive is even more terrifying.

“Thunder Sword Profound Truth, Broken!”

Torre roared, and the two swords slashed towards Chen Ning at the same time.

With the dagger in Chen Ning’s hand, lightning struck two swords, hitting Torre’s two lightsabers respectively.


Two thunderous explosions joined together to form a slightly longer explosion.

The surrounding pirate spaceships were shaken repeatedly.

The sea surface was also triggered by a tsunami, which rolled up layers of monstrous waves.

This movement is not small.

Even the ***’s Punishment, which is located in Xuyuan and hidden under the seabed of 3,000 meters, felt the slight explosion fluctuation.

***’s Punishment, inside the bridge.

Hepburn as interim commander.

I thought it was the Divine Punishment itself that was shaking!

She couldn’t help calling Max angrily, and reprimanded: “Mr. Chen ordered us to honestly hide at the bottom of the sea and not expose it.”

“Chen Mo’s group of engineers, what the **** are they doing?”

“They want to tinker with ***’s Punishment’s super attack weapon, and they want to repair the super weapon on ***’s Punishment. I can’t control it.”

“But this is Cortiras, not our Earth.”

“Space pirates and Protoss may appear everywhere here. Engineers like Chen Mo make such a big noise. What if they attract enemies?”

Max said quickly: “I’ll go ask Chen Mo right now.”


He went out.


He came back with Chen Mo behind him.

He said with a strange expression: “Reporting to the Queen, Chief Engineer Chen said that their engineering team, although they have time, is repairing super weapons.”

“And it’s also well-repaired.”

“But they didn’t conduct actual combat experiments, and they didn’t make any big moves.”

Hepburn’s face changed slightly.

“Then what happened just now?”

Max said: “It is very likely that it came from a distance.”

“The whole planet of Curtiras is an ocean.”

“If there is a violent explosion or a big movement, it can be heard far away in the water.”

Hepburn could not help worrying about Chen Ning after hearing this.

She frowned: “I don’t know if Mr. Chen is in trouble.”

Max, Chen Mo and others all looked at Hepburn.

“Miss Hepburn, you are now the commander-in-chief of this spacecraft. If there is an emergency, you have the right to do anything.”

“What should I do now, please order!”

Hepburn pondered for two seconds, and then said: “The most important thing now is to investigate first, what’s going on?”


Max said: “The subordinate is here.”

Hepburn said: “You bring a few strong blood races, set off secretly, and detect the situation.”

“If you find any movement, report it immediately.”

Max said: “Yes!”


Max acted immediately.

Hepburn said to Chen Mo again: “Chief engineer Chen, can the weapon system of our spacecraft be used and put into battle?”

Chen Mimi really said: “***’s Punishment has two more weapon systems, one is equivalent to conventional weapons, and the other is equivalent to our Earth’s nuclear weapons.”

“Conventional weapons are available and ready to go into battle.”

“The super weapon system is the most powerful killer. Although we have carried out certain repairs, it is estimated that it is unstable.”

“I guess if the super weapon system is adjusted to 10 percent power, it may be able to deliver a single blow.”

Hepburn was a little disappointed: “It can only exert 10% of its power, and it can only be fired once?”

Chen Mo couldn’t help but said, “Miss Hepburn, I’m afraid you don’t understand the situation.”

“This super weapon of divine punishment is the latest big killer developed by the Protoss. Its status in the arsenal of the Protoss is equivalent to the nuclear weapons of our human beings. Of course, its power is much more powerful than nuclear weapons.”

“Don’t underestimate the power of only 10%, but it’s also very scary.”

Hepburn said with a smile: “Okay, let’s go on, the ***’s Punishment is in a state of preparation. If Max detects that Mr. Chen is in danger, our ***’s Punishment will immediately dispatch to rescue.”

Chen Mo and the others said in unison, “Follow your orders!”

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