The One and Only Chapter: 1801 Part 1 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1801 Part 1

Neeko and the gods were all worried about Torre.


Explosion at sea.

A mighty figure flew out from the monstrous waves.

It was Torre.

Torre is not dead, and he has also switched to fighting form.

Two pairs of golden wings grew out of his back!

This symbolizes that he is a golden four-winged *** clan, stronger than the ordinary four-winged *** clan.

Seeing Torre reappear, Neeko breathed a long sigh of relief, and a long-lost smile appeared on her face.

The worried look on the faces of the Protoss powerhouses around her disappeared, and they became relaxed again.

He even joked: “General Torre didn’t show his real strength just now, so that this earthling in front of him had a chance to take advantage.”

“Now General Torre is angry and has a fighting form.”

“It’s the earthling’s turn to be unlucky!”

The Protoss powerhouses around Neeko all laughed hilariously.

Broken Teeth, who were cheering and waiting for the cosmic pirates, saw Torre reappear, especially when they saw Torre’s majestic golden four-wing fighting form, all of them were scared and quieted down.

Torre waved four wings behind his back, and the mighty figure was suspended in mid-air.

He half-squinted his eyes and stared indifferently at Chen Ning and the quiet pirates.

He sneered: “Call, laugh, cheer!”

“Why don’t they make a sound?”

“Have you all become dumb?”

Broken Tooth waited for the pirates, clenching their teeth, unable to open their mouths.

There is no way!

Torre, who was in a fighting state at this time, had a very strong aura.

The pressure made it difficult for them to breathe.

Who dares to face Torre’s edge?

Chen Ning looked at Torre and said lightly: “You can be so arrogant after being beaten, you are the first.”

In a word!

Torre’s face changed.

He said angrily, “Do you really think I’m not your opponent?”

“I didn’t use my true strength just now.”

“Now, I’ll show you what the power of the Protoss is!”

Chen Ning chuckled: “I’ve seen the power of the *** Race, but that’s all.”

“I don’t know how you compare to your great elder, Mundo, and the military general Gula.”

When Torre heard Chen Ning mention Meng Ge and Gula, his face changed dramatically, and he said with a look of surprise: “What do you mean?”

Chen Ning smiled: “It doesn’t mean anything, I just want to see what you call strong, come and fight!”

Torre was full of doubts.

How could this earth man in front of him suddenly mention the late Meng Ge and Gula?

Could it be that the earth man in front of him is the legendary *** of War, Chen Ning?



Although the earth has developed rapidly in the past thousand years, civilization has developed rapidly.

But there is currently no ability to build spaceships on Earth, and no ability to transport humans here.

Logically speaking, it is impossible for Chen Ning to appear here!

But the man in front of him is indeed an earthling, is it really Chen Ning?

Thunder rolled in his heart, and he had all kinds of questions.

I want to ask Chen Ning to clarify.


Chen Ning didn’t plan to talk nonsense with him anymore, he had already taken the initiative to attack, and with a swish, he shot towards him.

Although Torre had a lot of questions at this time, he had to press it first and fight first.

I saw that he took out two hilts at the same time.

Immediately after, there were two sizzling electric sounds, and the two hilts turned into two lightsabers, one in each of the left and right hands.

This guy turned out to be a double sword.

Chen Ning was already approaching at this time, and he didn’t even draw out the vertical and horizontal sword, and he just made a move of Baixue.

A dagger appeared from his cuff, and the blade flashed, white as snow.

Torre hurriedly raised his left sword, blocking Chen Ning’s sleeve Baixue, and at the same time his right light saber slashed towards Chen Ning.

Chen Ning leaned back slightly and ducked.

Torre, holding two swords, caught up like a ghost, and the two swords danced into a lightning storm, launching a crazy offensive against Chen Ning.

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