The One and Only Chapter: 1800 Part 2 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1800 Part 2

The commanders on each spacecraft felt that what Dodge said was reasonable, so they all ordered their respective spacecraft not to fire and wait for the message.

at this time!

Chen Ning has already dealt with Torre.

The speed at which the two exploded in an instant was extremely fast.

Like two lightning bolts, the two sides collided fiercely, punched each other, and instantly struck the ground with thunder.


The two hit a punch and immediately separated again.

Both of them did not use their full strength in this punch, they were all tentative attacks.

Torre couldn’t test the depth of Chen Ning with one punch. He snorted coldly: “I have a little ability, no wonder I dare to shout in front of me, come again.”


He turned into a gust of wind, swept towards Chen Ning, and launched a frantic attack on Chen Ning.

Chen Ning is calm and composed, and sees tricks and tricks.

I saw the two of them flickering constantly, fists and feet constantly colliding together, and the sound of explosions could not be heard.

The Protoss and the pirates at the scene, as well as the left-handed blood races hiding among the pirates, looked at the fierce battle in front of them and couldn’t help but exclaimed.


Many people can’t even see the movements of Chen Ning and Torre clearly.

Because Chen Ning and Torre are too fast, in their eyes, it seems that there are multiple Chen Nings fighting with multiple Torreys at the same time.

All over the sky are their afterimages.

Neeko thought her husband could crush Chen Ning and win easily.

But she soon realized something was wrong.

Chen Ning and Torre fought too fiercely.

Make her nervous too.

After she took her first puff of cigarettes, she was already concerned about the battle because of her nervousness, and she forgot to smoke the cigarette in her hand.

Not to mention soot falling to the ground.

Before she knew it, all her cigarettes had been lit, almost burning her hand.

She felt the heat between her fingers, and hurriedly threw the cigarette **** in her hand.


She remembered her husband’s advice just now, and couldn’t help but shouted a reminder that she had already run out of cigarettes.

Torre is frantically attacking Chen Ning.


Let his offensive be like a storm, but Chen Ning’s defense is as steady as Mount Tai.

Chen Ning’s unrestrained calmness and ease of use really fulfilled the sentence, you are strong and you are strong, and the bright moon shines on the river.

Torre was in a hurry, and he didn’t get any advantage, and he couldn’t help but feel more frightened by the Vietnam War.

But it happens when the heart is shaken.

Neeko’s shout came from his ear, which distracted him.

Only then did he notice that the cigarette in Neeko’s hand had already been smoked.

I remembered what I had just boasted about getting Chen Ning before the ashes landed.

He couldn’t help blushing!

Master tricks, which can be distracted.

Chen Ning had always seen tricks and dismantling tricks, but never took the initiative to attack.

Suddenly I noticed that Torre’s offensive was slowing down, and there were still flaws.

He unceremoniously counterattacked.


Chen Ning flew forward and slammed into Torre’s arms, his left knee hitting Torre’s heart.

This time, it was as heavy as a lightning strike.


A muffled sound.

Stronger than Torre, he couldn’t help showing a painful expression and groaned.

The huge figure flew backwards.

Chen Ning used the flying knee to knock Torre into the air, but he didn’t stop.


On Torre’s head, Chen Ning took a heavy kick.

He was kicked and fell into the sea, splashing monstrous waves.


Neeko screamed.


The group of Protoss powerhouses around Neeko also changed their faces and screamed in surprise.

Broken Tooth and Broken Eyebrows and other pirates, seeing this scene, couldn’t help but cheered excitedly.

The left-handed and other blood clans who were hiding among the pirates were also excited when they saw Chen Ning’s great power and knocking Torre into the sea.

The left hand trembled: “Strong, Mr. Chen is really strong.”

“Our blood clan followed Mr. Chen to attack ***’s Domain this time, it’s really right.”

“It is estimated that in the near future, our blood clan will be able to return to the homeland of ***’s Domain and rebuild our homeland.”

“Our blood race is looking forward to this day, I don’t know how long we have been looking forward to it!”

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