The One and Only Chapter: 1800 Part 1 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1800 Part 1

Chapter 3600


The sword light flashed and disappeared.

Du Long had already passed by Chen Ning.

Both sides stand back to back.

The scene was quiet, Qi Qi stared at Chen Ning and Du Long.

Who’s winning?

Who lost?

I saw Chen Ning calmly returning the sword to its sheath.

And behind him.

The lightsaber in Duron’s hand flickered twice, then dimmed immediately.

A blood line appeared on his body, extending from the left shoulder to the right abdomen.

I saw him take two steps forward.

Then the body split in two and fell to the ground.

He was actually cut into two pieces by Chen Ning and died!

This scene!

Let the cosmic pirate powerhouses at the scene exclaimed.

Broken Tooth and Broken Eyebrows looked at each other with ecstasy in each other’s eyes.


This man from the earth is really too strong.


Their cosmic pirate group was saved.

Unlike the ecstasy of the cosmic pirates, the faces of these Protoss at the scene became very ugly.

Even Torre’s expression became a little more solemn.

He frowned and looked at Chen Ning again: “Earthman, say your name, I won’t kill the unknown.”

Chen Ning sneered: “You are not qualified to know my name!”



A burst of anger rose from the bottom of Torre’s heart.

The Protoss is the long-term overlord of the universe, and Torre, as a well-known powerhouse among the Protoss, has never had a few people dare to make trouble in front of them.

What kind of cosmic creature does not tremble when seeing him.

In front of this earthling who appeared out of nowhere, dared to speak to him in such a arrogant tone.

It’s just looking for death!

Torre said coldly: “Ignorance and incompetence are often more arrogant.”

“Boy, I declare that you will pay the price for your arrogance.”


He took off the white shirt he was wearing and handed it to his sweet wife, Neeko.

Seeing that Torre was going to go out in person to deal with the earthling in front of her, Neeko said with concern, “Be careful.”

Torre smiled confidently: “You can rest assured that I will shoot!”

“You smoke a cigarette.”

“Before the ashes fell, I didn’t kill him, you just urged me.”

Looking at her confident husband, Neeko couldn’t help but light up and said with a smile, “Okay!”


She actually took out a box of exquisite ladies’ cigarettes from her handbag, lit one, and smoked it on her red lips.

at this time.

Torre has turned to look at Chen Ning: “Boy, do you have any last words?”

Chen Ning chuckled: “Come and fight!”

Torre snorted coldly and strode towards Chen Ning.

Although Chen Ning killed a Protoss warrior just now, he also killed Torre’s adjutant Dulong.

But Torre still didn’t take Chen Ning seriously. At this time, he didn’t bother to use the combat form, so he went straight to Chen Ning.

at this time!

Those steel-winged spaceships that surrounded the pirate group and were ready to attack at any time found that General Torre was going to duel with the opponent.

For a while!

The commanders of each spaceship asked Dodge, the temporary commander-in-chief of the flagship ship, for instructions.

“Commander-in-chief, it’s not good, General Torre is going to fight the pirates.”

“What do we do now?”

“Is it to attack the pirate group immediately, or send a rescue team to respond to General Torre?”

Dodge was a student of Torre.

In Dodge’s eyes, among the Protoss, the *** King Medier is the strongest, and his teacher Torre ranks second.

A group of pirates in the district dared to start with his teacher. Isn’t this just a mantis blocking the car and seeking death?

He laughed and said, “Don’t worry everyone.”

“You don’t believe how powerful General Torre is. In fact, the space pirates composed of these lower races can challenge.”

“Let’s wait and see and wait until the general kills the challenger.”

“We open fire rashly. If we accidentally injure the general or his wife, it will be a big crime.”

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