The One and Only Chapter: 1653 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1653

Help Dido recover his country!

Chen Ning’s first reaction was to refuse. After all, restoring the country is by no means trivial or easy.

You must think twice about this kind of thing. If you don’t do it right, you’ll just be in a mess. I’m afraid that when the time comes, China will be implicated, and it will be troublesome.


Chen Ning immediately changed his mind.

This blood poison outbreak, Chen Ning came here thousands of miles to fight against the blood clan and maintain world peace.

Needless to say, the process was hard, and he paid a heavy price himself, and he became a blood clan physique.

In China, China has also been dedicated to supporting Chen Ning.

Not only did Wei Yan and other Zhanfu be dispatched to help, but Huaxia First Pharmaceutical Group, Ningda, also went all out to cooperate with Chen Ning in the research and development of serum, and even paid for the production of serum, which is free for human use all over the world.

Huaxia and Ningda Group paid a big price for this time to quell the blood race disaster.

However, the US and other Western countries have a very subtle attitude towards Chen Ning.

They were not grateful for Chen Ning’s righteous deeds. When Chen Ning was in command of the Allies, these people made things difficult and disobeyed.

The loss is that Chen Ning has no defeat, otherwise he will definitely be brought down by Woods and others.

It is no exaggeration to say.

Chen Ning and Huaxia Logistics have paid too much for these blood poison disasters.

But only earned the respect of a few foreign friends.

Chen Ning suddenly felt that this was not enough.

Huaxia has paid so much, at least to increase its influence in the world and make more allies in the West.

Anyway, these countries that were wiped out by the blood clan must be restored and rebuilt.

Instead of letting the United States and other countries support a bunch of puppets to restore the country, it is better to help Dido to restore the country by himself.

Chen Ning believed that if he helped Dido to restore the country, Dido would definitely be grateful to him for a lifetime, and Wei Guo would always remember his favor, and Huaxia would also have one more loyal ally in the West.

Moreover, Chen Ning still has an idea in his heart, he now has the blood of the blood clan flowing in his body.

If one day, his blood clan physique is known, and he is abandoned by everyone, if he wants to find a place to put his family, this Wei Kingdom may be a good choice.

Think so.

Chen Ning’s eyes became firm, and he decided to help Dido recover his country.

He looked at Dido and said calmly, “I can agree to your request and help you restore your country.”

“But please also remember your oath.”

Dido saw that Chen Ning really promised to help her return to the country, she couldn’t help being very excited, and immediately swore to ***: “I swear, Mr. Chen helps me return to work, and I will always obey Mr. Chen’s orders.”

“Our country of Versail will always pay tribute to Huaxia.”

Chen Ning said: “Very good!”


Chen Ning looked at the soldiers around him.

Apart from a few of Chen Ning’s personal soldiers or subordinates, some of these soldiers were Dido’s former soldiers, and more than 20,000 were bounty hunters and mercenaries.

Chen Ning asked calmly: “Are you willing to follow Princess Dido, fight for her, restore the country of Versail, and become a feat of the country of Versail?”

The more than 30,000 soldiers at the scene all looked at each other when they heard Chen Ning’s words.

Chen Ning is clearly asking them if they are willing to fight for Dido, and whether they are willing to assist Dido to restore the country and become the servant of the dragon of the country of Vierse?

The soldiers on the scene were all excited.

Of course they would!

Many of them are mercenaries or rangers who lick blood with their knife heads.

If helping Dido to restore the country successfully, then they will be the officers of the country of Vierse, the upstart.

Isn’t this more promising than being a mercenary?

For a time, in addition to Dian Chu and Dian Chu, the soldiers from China, the other 30,000 soldiers cheered in unison, and expressed their willingness to fight for Princess Dido and Mr. Chen.


These guys are smart!

When shouting to fight for Dido, he also added a sentence to fight for Mr. Chen.

They also saw it.

Whether Dido can successfully restore the country depends to a large extent on Mr. Chen.

Mr. Chen is the key person.

In addition, even if the restoration of the country is successful, it is estimated that Dido is only the queen on the surface, and Mr. Chen is the uncrowned king behind the scenes.

Dido was also very excited.

This sunset, she had little hope of recovering the country, like a traveler walking in the dark night, when she was the most desperate, she suddenly saw the sun.

She said to Chen Ning again and again: “Thank you Mr. Chen, thank you Mr. Chen.”

With the support of Chen Ning, the leader of the oriental dragon, and 30,000 soldiers to restore the country, Dido has become complacent.

Chen Ning said: “Since we want to restore the country, we can’t be idle.”

“Let’s start to join the sweeping battlefield!”

“Dido, you hold high the banner of the Princess of Vier, and call on the original citizens to return to rebuild their homes.”

“In addition, it is also stated that if other refugees come to participate in the construction of their homes, then they can also automatically become citizens of the Vailland.”

Dido said quickly: “Yes!”

Chen Ning added: “What kind of talents do you need to help you, and how much supplies do you need, then make a list for me, and I will try my best to satisfy you.”

Dido’s eyes lit up and said excitedly, “Yes, respected Mr. Chen.”

Dido longed for a return to the country.

After receiving Chen Ning’s steady support.

She immediately led 30,000 troops to return to the territory of the former Versail Kingdom, publicly announced her identity, summoned the people of the past to return to rebuild their homes, and also expressed her acceptance of refugees and invited them to participate in the construction together.

And those who promised to participate in the rebuilding of Welse could become citizens of Welse in the future.

Chen Ning also gave full support to Dido.

Publicly stated that Huaxia would help Versail rebuild, and internationally recognized Dido as the leader of Versail.

Moreover, Chen Ning also paid for himself, sold 10% of the shares of Ningda Group, and realized 100 billion, all of which were used to help Dido recover the country.

For a while!

The whole world was shocked.

Some Westerners even pointed out that Chen Ning was using his wealth to build his own private country in the West.

There are even some bad guys who even slandered Chen Ning, saying that Wei Guo belongs to Chen Ning from top to bottom, and even Dido, who has just been promoted to the Queen of Wei Sai country, is already Chen Ning’s woman. .


Although there are some bad-hearted guys, Chen Ning is badly praised in international public opinion.

However, Chen Ning’s outstanding performance in the battle against the blood clan, as well as beheading the ancestor of the blood clan, Cain, as well as the brilliant record of many blood clan kings, has helped the annihilated country to restore the country, and has won most countries in the world. Good reviews.

Dido is methodically rebuilding the country.

Chen Ning was not idle either.

Together with Woods and Lundgren, he continued to lead the allies to sweep away the remnants of the blood clan, and drive the blood clan out of human society completely.

this day.

Chen Ning brought Dian Chu, the Eight Tiger Guards, the Seven Heroes of the North, together with the several thousand Holy See soldiers led by Hepburn, who just wiped out a small group of remnants of the blood clan in the occupied area.

Thousands of blood servants were also captured.

After these blood servants were captured, they all shivered.

There are even blood servant women holding a thin child in their arms, and the child was also infected with blood poison and turned into a blood servant.

At this time, they all looked at Chen Ning, Hepburn and other soldiers with fear, and begged for mercy.

“Respected commander-in-chief, we are all victims.”

“Yes, Lady Saint, we are all victims of blood poisoning, please don’t kill us.”

“Kill me if you want to kill me, please give my child a chance.”

The blood servants begged for mercy one after another, and the female blood servant who was holding the child even hugged the child, kneeling and crawling in front of Chen Ning, begging to let her child go.

Dian Chu shouted: “Stop, don’t get close, or don’t blame us for killing.”

Chen Ning raised his hand, signaling Dian Chu not to be nervous.

He looked at the blood servant woman in front of him, and then at the child in the woman’s arms.

The child is only about six or seven years old, about the same age as Chen Ning’s eldest daughter, Song Qingqing.

Chen Ning’s eyes couldn’t help softening, and he asked softly, “Child, what’s your name?”

The little girl hiding in her mother’s arms looked at Chen Ning timidly: “My name is Alice.”

Chen Ning nodded: “Hello Alice, don’t be afraid. Now that we have produced serum, you blood servants can turn back into healthy human beings as long as they have been beaten with serum.”

“So as long as you cooperate with our work well, our soldiers will arrange for you to go to a nearby concentration camp.”

“Then you will be arranged to have serums, and when you return to healthy humans, you will be free and you can return to society.”

“Even I can help you go to Welse, give you an environment to build a home, and provide you with convenience, would you like to?”

Alice didn’t answer, looking up at her mother.

The blood servant woman said quickly: “I am willing, we are willing, thank you, the commander-in-chief.”

The surrounding blood servants also said excitedly: “Thank you, the commander-in-chief, long live the commander-in-chief!”

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