The One and Only Chapter: 1652 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1652

Woods and Lundgren, leading the human allies, drove straight in.

Although there were a lot of blood clans along the way, most of them were blood servants and ordinary blood clans, with average combat power, and the allies were easily defeated.

This surprised Woods, Lundgren and others, but also very excited.

Longer looked at the conspicuous Duomanzhushahua blood cloud in the sky, and said excitedly: “The commander-in-chief killed Cain, the ancestor of the blood clan, and the blood clan is now a mess of sand.”

Woods squinted his eyes and said, “With such a great opportunity, I don’t think we can miss the opportunity. Let’s take the lead and expand the results. What do you think?”

Dong Ying Gun and Luo Tian and other gods of war naturally agreed with Woods’ proposal.

Lundgren thought for a while and agreed.

Seeing that no one objected to his opinion, Woods said loudly: “Very good, now the gods of war in various countries are bringing their own armies and splitting their operations to drive out these abominable blood clan scraps.”

“Yes, the deputy commander-in-chief!”

The gods of war from various countries at the scene took orders one after another, and then left with their own soldiers to assemble their own troops and start their own battles.

Now that the blood clan has been scattered, these gods of war who have been suppressed by the blood clan for a long time have finally found an opportunity to vent, and are ready to slaughter fiercely.

First, it was a shame, and second, it added a heavy stroke to his own record of achievements.

However, Dian Chu had no interest in sweeping away the remnants of the blood clan. At this time, he just wanted to quickly find the commander-in-chief Chen Ning and make sure that Chen Ning was safe.

He, Wei Yan and Black Widow, leading 30,000 mercenaries, moved on to join Chen Ning.

A group of experts and holy warriors from the Holy See looked at Saint Hepburn and asked, “Saint, what should we do now, to expand the victory and sweep away the remnants of the blood race?”

“Or go and meet up with the commander-in-chief first?”

In terms of personal feelings, Hepburn must have wanted to meet Chen Ning as soon as possible.

But now the gods of war from all countries are leading their respective armies to expand the results.

The Holy See, as the vanguard against the dark races for thousands of years, if it does not expand the results at this time and make the record better, it will be difficult to go back to the Pope.

Therefore, Hepburn could only sigh: “Let’s go into the battle first, to sweep away the remnants of the blood clan, and then go back and join Mr. Chen.”


Soon, the Holy See’s troops were also dispatched to join the battle to sweep away the remnants of the blood race.

In the ruins of the blood clan headquarters.

Chen Ning was sitting on the steps in front of the destroyed palace, staring into the distance.

He ordered the kings of the blood race to flee, and they were not allowed to enter the human society to make waves in the future.

Those blood race kings and nobles have all disappeared from his sight at this time, disappearing into the virgin forest in the distance…

The blood clan fled.

The disaster caused by the blood race is about to subside.

However, he was infected with blood poison, and his body became a blood clan physique, but it left hidden dangers.

For a while, Chen Ning didn’t know where to go?

He felt lost for the first time!

Just when he was confused, there was a sudden roar of rumbling vehicles in the distance.

follow closely.

A military off-road vehicle appeared in his field of vision.

The wheels of the military off-road vehicle ruthlessly ran over the plain, bringing up a splash of mud, like a group of murderous steel beasts, coming towards this side.

Behind the military vehicles, there were also a large number of soldiers with live ammunition.

Although the uniforms of these soldiers were not uniform and their weapons were varied, Chen Ning could clearly see the three flags erected in the army.

The warriors from the three legions of Zhanlong, Tiger, and Rose came towards this side.

The soldiers soon found Chen Ning too.

Dian Chu jumped out of the command car directly, took the Eight Tiger Guards, and ran wildly.

Wei Yan and the other seven heroes in the north also jumped out of their respective command cars and ran towards Chen Ning excitedly.

The mercenary leaders such as Black Widow also came over with excitement on their faces.

“Great Governor!”

“You are all right, Governor!”

“I have seen the commander-in-chief!”

After everyone came over, they all saluted Chen Ning.

Chen Ning’s originally confused gaze fell on Dian Chu and other brothers, and finally returned to the country and smiled again.

“Everyone is here!”

Dian Chu said: “It’s not that everyone is here, it’s our people who are here.”

“Those fellows in Woods, seeing the commander-in-chief, you beheaded Cain, the ancestor of the blood clan, the blood clan has not been able to organize a decent resistance, they are all eager to expand the results, and they have no time to come and join you in the commander-in-chief!”

Chen Ning could hear the indignation in Dian Chu’s tone.

Obviously, Dian Chu was very dissatisfied with the attitude of the Allied War Gods.

Chen Ning smiled: “The blood poison broke out, the blood clan raged, and the entire West has been ravaged for a long time, and some countries have even destroyed their countries.”

“They have a deep hatred for the blood clan. Now that the blood clan is over, they are eager to seek revenge for the blood clan, which is understandable.”

Dian Chu sighed: “Commander-in-chief, you are so arrogant.”

The black widow next to her heard Chen Ning say that the West has been ravaged by the blood clan for a long time, and some countries have been destroyed, her eyes turned red.

Because she was the princess of the country of Versail, her real name was Dido.

After the country of Seville was wiped out by the blood clan, Dido led the soldiers of the old royal family to go underground, while surviving, while waiting for the opportunity to seek the restoration of the country.

When she knew that Chen Ning was the Chinese *** of War, she did not hesitate to help Chen Ning, the purpose was to hope that one day, she could get Chen Ning’s help and help her recover her country.

She has kept this secret in her heart.

Hearing what Chen Ning said at this time, she lost control of her emotions at once, tears streaming down her face, and she knelt directly in front of Chen Ning with a thud.

This move shocked Chen Ning and the people around him.

Chen Ning was stunned at first, and then quickly said: “Black Widow, are you?”

Black Widow knelt in front of Chen Ning and choked: “Master Commander, in fact, my real name is Dido, and I was originally the princess of the country of Vierse.”

“My country is being wiped out by the blood race.”

“I just went underground and have been struggling to survive, hoping to return to the country one day.”

“I heard the commander-in-chief just now lamenting the destruction caused by the blood clan. I felt that some countries were destroyed by the blood clan. I couldn’t help but feel sad, because I was one of the tragic children who lost their country and family!”

Those around who didn’t know the secret of Black Widow’s identity were surprised to hear that.

Never thought that this seemingly charming and enchanting black widow, her true identity, turned out to be a princess!

This is surprising enough.

Chen Ning was also quite surprised: “Are you the princess of Virgo?”

Dido lowered his head and choked: “Yes!”

Chen Ning’s eyes were a little complicated when he heard the words, and he was quite emotional.

Because when he took office as the lord, not many countries sent congratulations, but some hostile countries tried to assassinate him at his inauguration ceremony.

And the country of Verse is one of the few congratulatory countries.

The old King Versail personally called Chen Ning to congratulate Chen Ning, and Chen Ning also chatted with the old Versail King for several minutes.


When Chen Ning went abroad to visit, because he encountered a situation in the United States, he changed his itinerary later, and did not have time to visit Versail.

What makes people even more unimaginable is that the blood poison broke out later, and the small number of people and the small territory of Welsey directly fell to the destruction of the country.

Chen Ning looked at Dido in front of him and sighed: “You are actually the princess of Welse, and your father even talked to me on the phone at the beginning. It’s really unpredictable!”

Dido knelt on the ground and begged: “Mr. Chen, please help me recover my country.”

“If you help me recover successfully, I am willing to always follow your lead.”

“Our country of Versail has also paid tribute to China from generation to generation, and respected China.”

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