The One and Only Chapter: 1651 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1651

Helen next to Sanshengshi smiled at Cain.

Cain stood there, in a trance, as if he had just returned to the days when he met and fell in love with Helen…


A flash of light flashed before his eyes.

All surrounding illusions disappeared.

Chen Ning’s figure reappeared in front of Cain, and Chen Ning’s sword had already fallen.


Cain Dou Da’s head was chopped off by Chen Ning, and it flew high.

The headless corpse stood there, a column of blood spurting from its neck.

The blood mist flew into the air, forming small red flowers, like the manzhushahua growing on the edge of the Styx.

The surrounding blood race powerhouses were completely stupid when they saw that Cain was beheaded.

All of them were dumbfounded, looking at Chen Ning in horror, as if the end had come.


Cain’s headless corpse fell to the ground.

at this time.

A figure came over, it was Helen.

Helen looked at Cain’s corpse with complicated eyes, and said slowly: “You finally died. I’ve been looking forward to this day, and I don’t know how long.”

“It’s just that I didn’t think that when this day finally came, I didn’t have the revenge I imagined, but only endless loss and confusion.”

“Sleep forever, Cain.”

The surrounding blood clan looked at Helen blankly, not understanding what relationship this mysterious female blood clan had with the ancestor Cain?

Helen raised her head, looked at the murderous Chen Ning, and said crisply: “Thank you, Chen Ning, you avenged me.”

“As a blood clan, you successfully challenged the blood clan king. From this moment on, you will automatically become the new king of the blood clan.”

“Congratulations, you can do it yourself!”


She turned to leave, and soon disappeared.

this time.

The darkness in the sky, with the death of Cain, also began to fail.

The darkness gradually dissipated, the blue sky reappeared, and the warm sunlight shone on the earth again. The high-level vampires could endure the direct sunlight, while the low-level vampires or blood servants were already crying and hiding everywhere… ..

Chen Ning’s eyes fell on the blood kings such as Max and Anderson, and said coldly: “It’s your turn.”

Max and a few, only then did he recover from the shock.

How can a few guys have the courage to fight against Chen Ning, the ancestor Cain is not Chen Ning’s opponent, they have only a dead end when facing Chen Ning.

Moreover, according to the blood clan tradition, Chen Ning successfully challenged Cain, and now he is the new king of the blood clan.

How dare they commit the following crimes, how dare they do something to Chen Ning?

For a time, a few of them look at me and I look at you.


Among the several blood princes, Anderson was the first to kneel on one knee to Chen Ning: “Respected king, how dare we offend your majesty, we are willing to submit to you, and the blood family will respect you from now on. ”

“Your will is where our swords go.”

“If you want us to die, we will stab us in the neck, and we will never dare to resist at all.”

When Chen Ning heard the words, he couldn’t help frowning, this scene was completely unexpected to him.

plop plop plop…

Max and several blood princes also knelt down.

They said in unison: “We are willing to submit to the king. Your will, king, is the direction of our swords; if you want us to die, king, we dare not live.”

not far away.

Seeing this, the nobles such as the Dukes, Marquis and Earls of the blood clan also knelt down together and said, “See the king, if the king wants us to be born, we will be born. If the king wants us to die, we will die. Please show the king.”

This time, it was Chen Ning’s turn to be dumbfounded.

He held the battle knife in his hand, but he couldn’t cut down the blood clan who were slaughtering by the neck in front of him, as if the knife was caught by something.

He sank his face: “Do you think I won’t kill you in this way? You are so naive.”

Anderson knelt on one knee on the ground, raised his face to look directly at Chen Ning, and said solemnly: “King, we are serious, if you want us to die, you don’t even need to do it.”

“You only need one sentence to order us to commit suicide, and we will all commit suicide immediately.”

The blood races at the scene said in unison: “The king wants us to die, we will kill ourselves now.”

Chen Ning’s eyes turned cold: “This is what you said. Now, as the new king of the blood clan, I order you all to…”

The word suicide is not finished yet.

Linna hastily said: “Wait!”

Chen Ning looked at Lina with a sneer: “Didn’t you guys say that you would kill yourself if I just said a word, why are you scared now?”

When Anderson heard the words, he seemed to be greatly humiliated. He said sharply: “Our blood family never knows to be afraid. The king really wants me to die, and I will die now.”

After speaking, this guy actually raised his hand and slapped his Tianling Gai fiercely.

The surrounding blood clan didn’t have time to react, and Anderson’s palm had already hit his Tianling cover.


Bones shattered, blood spattered.

Anderson actually committed suicide and died on the spot.

Seeing this scene, Chen Ning couldn’t help but dilate his pupils, and his eyes suddenly became complicated.

The surrounding blood clans were all full of grief, and they all looked at Chen Ning, their eyes seemed to say: If you want us to die, monarch, we will also go with Prince Anderson.

Seeing that Anderson was so stubborn, Lina couldn’t help but flash a trace of sadness in her eyes.

She said to Chen Ning: “Your Majesty, the ranks of the blood clan are strict, and the superiors and inferiors cannot be tarnished. Please don’t doubt our sincerity in surrendering to you.”

“And the blood clan is already embattled on all sides, and the moment of annihilation will come at any time.”

“The old monarch, Cain, is dead. If you, the new monarch, want to kill us, then our blood family really has no chance of survival.”

“If you want to kill us, please give us a good time.”

At the scene, all the strong blood clan looked at Chen Ning.

For the first time, Chen Ning hesitated so much, it was difficult to make a choice.

If these guys in front of him dared to fight him, he would kill them all without hesitation, but these guys gave up resistance and were willing to accept his order to die.

Instead, it made him embarrassed.

Max, who was kneeling on the ground, saw Chen Ning hesitate, he said loudly: “King, please think about it, you are also a blood clan now.”

“If humans know your secrets, they won’t tolerate you.”

“I am the best proof.”

“Especially when humans harm you in the future, why don’t you lead our blood clan now and seek a way to survive?”

Chen Ning said coldly: “You are not me, and I am not you.”

“You will betray humanity, but I will not.”

“You killed your family, but I don’t want to kill my family.”

Max fell silent, wondering if he couldn’t defend himself or if he didn’t want to defend himself?

far away!

There was a faint roar of guns. Obviously, the human allies saw the dark sky in the occupied area completely dissipated. They guessed that Chen Ning had defeated Cain and killed Cain, so they launched a general attack.

The end of the blood race has come.

The blood clan at the scene was even more desperate, and Lina also said: “Sir, the human race has already started the general attack. If you want to destroy the blood clan, then do it!”

Max waited and said in unison, “Please do it!”

Chen Ning clenched the sword, and then released it again.

He took a deep breath: “You swear that you will never enter human society again, let alone cause bloodshed, and then you will get out.”

“Find an off the beaten track area and live a life of escapism.”

“If anyone dares to step into human society to do evil again, don’t blame me for being rude.”

Linna and other blood races were ecstatic when they heard the words.

They also wanted to persuade Chen Ning to be their king and lead them to survive.

But looking at Chen Ning’s cold expression, he knew that Chen Ning would not agree.

However, they are not in a hurry. They feel that one day, Chen Ning will finally accept his identity as a blood clan, and will truly sit on the throne of the blood clan king and lead the blood clan to find a new way out.

They all knelt down and worshipped Chen Ning: “Follow the orders of the king.”


The vampires at the scene quickly evacuated, and according to Chen Ning’s instructions, they began to flee, evading the pursuit of the Allied forces, and went to an inaccessible area to live in seclusion.

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