The One and Only Chapter: 1650 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1650

Helen looked at Chen Ning excitedly, her voice trembling.

“Six Wings!”

“His fighting form is actually six wings!”

“It seems that the bloodline in the legend is not the purer the better. The pure bloodline meets the new bloodline and merges with each other to create the best quality!”

“Chen Ning, he is indeed the chosen one.”

at this time.

All the blood clans at the scene looked at Chen Ning with shock.

Especially the conspicuous six-winged bone wings behind Chen Ning, it is really shocking.

I thought that Cain’s Four Wings were already the strongest, while the Six Wings were nothing but the stuff of legend, but I never thought that they would actually witness the appearance of the Six Wings.

The most shocking was Cain.

He looked at Chen Ning in the six-wing fighting form, and could not help but staggered back a few steps, his voice was full of disbelief and anger: “Impossible, this is absolutely impossible…”

“As the king of the blood clan, I only have four wings, how can you have six wings?”

“If anyone in the blood clan can have six wings, it should be me.”

The three pairs of bone wings behind Chen Ning fluttered slowly, looking extremely mighty and domineering.


Chen Ning’s expression seemed a little lonely, he looked at Cain indifferently: “Are you very envious, are you very jealous of me?”

“Actually, I don’t care about it at all.”

“And even hatred and disgust.”

“This thing is useless except to bring me a stronger killing ability, and it also makes me lose my human identity, and the future for me, my lover, my family and friends is full of unknown variables and dangers. ”

Cain looked at Chen Ning with a livid face.

Chen Ning’s fighting form is the dream of every blood clan, and even he, the king of the blood clan, is extremely envious.

But Chen Ning was so disgusted.

It’s irritating!

Of course he wouldn’t know that Chen Ning really didn’t like his blood clan physique.

Because the blood clan physique makes his future full of dangers and variables, even if no one finds out his blood clan physique in the end, he has a long life, and in the future, he may watch his wife and children grow old and die, and finally live alone. in the world.

Thinking of this, Chen Ning would be inexplicably manic.

It really corresponds to what others said, longevity may not be a good thing.

Chen Ning looked at Cain, who was full of envy and hatred, and said lightly: “But this is the end of the matter, even if I hate it, it’s useless.”

“I can only use the power of this killing to put an end to the global disaster caused by the blood race.”

Cain said angrily, “It’s not enough just by you.”


Cain raised his right hand and waved it suddenly.


A huge red ghost hand appeared out of thin air and grabbed Chen Ning fiercely.

Chen Ning stood still, his eyes twinkling.

The huge ghost hand, in front of Chen Ning, exploded and shattered directly.

Seeing this, Cain’s face changed drastically.

Chen Ning snorted coldly and raised his left hand.

Immediately, a black vortex appeared in front of Chen Ning’s left palm, the vortex rapidly rotated, and a strong adsorption force immediately locked Cain and forcibly dragged Cain to Chen Ning.

Cain was shocked, his feet suddenly exerted force, and his feet sank deeply into the ground, not to the calf.

But even so.

It was still difficult to resist the strong adsorption force of the black vortex in Chen Ning’s left hand, and was sucked towards Chen Ning little by little.

With his feet, he plowed a deep ravine on the extremely hard ground.

Seeing this, the blood clan became anxious.

Within ten rooms, there must be faithfulness.

Cain claimed to be the ancestor of the blood family and had been the king of the blood family for over a thousand years.

He has countless strong blood clans under his command, who are loyal to him and willing to sacrifice their lives for him.

Some of the powerhouses at the scene saw that Cain was clearly at a disadvantage and lost to Chen Ning.

Immediately, a blood clan shouted: “Chen Ning, rest is arrogant, you dare to be rude to our ancestors, have you asked us to agree?”

“Let’s go together, assist the ancestors, and kill Chen Ning.”


After shouting that the Duke of Blood Race, he took the lead in killing Chen Ning.

In addition, dozens of figures followed, killing Chen Ning together.


They had just approached Chen Ning and Cain, and the lightning bolts of the snakes dancing in the sky immediately exploded one after another, and one after another, the thunderous thunder smashed down towards these approaching blood clans.

Some vampires were killed by lightning strikes.

Some are more powerful, and can withstand two or three times, and eventually die on the spot.

Even the blood clan duke who shouted, forcibly took nine lightning strikes, and finally smoked all over his body, fell to the ground, and died of anger.

The surrounding blood clan powerhouses saw it, and they were all horrified. For a time, no one dared to interfere in the duel between Chen Ning and Cain.

Chen Ning saw those blood races who died tragically from the corner of his eyes, and snorted coldly: “I don’t know what it is!”

After speaking, the left hand suddenly exerted strength.


The black vortex in front of the palm, the suction suddenly increased, directly sucking Cain into the air.

Chen Ning took advantage of the situation to take a step forward, grabbed Cain’s throat with his left hand, fisted his right hand, and slammed his head towards Cain’s face door.

bang bang bang…

Chen Ning’s fist, every punch is full of explosive power.

Hit Cain’s face on the door, like a big ax to cut wood, and like a sledgehammer to hit a stone.

Rao is Cain, who is known as the strongest creature on earth. He was punched by Chen Ning, and his face was ******, and his injuries were not light.


Cain was in pain, roared angrily, raised his foot and stomped on Chen Ning’s chest, and took advantage of the situation to retreat a dozen meters.

He stabilized his body, raised his hand to touch his face, and even touched the blood on his hand.


So angry!

He was furious and his body trembled slightly.

He didn’t even remember how long ago was the last time he was beaten.

I didn’t expect to be beaten so badly today.

“Blood Sword!”

Cain was furious, and completely ran away.

He raised his right hand and let out a roar in his throat.


The ground began to tremble, and the branches and pebbles on the ground floated weightlessly.

Seeing this scene, Helen’s face changed drastically, and she turned and ran away.

Max and other blood race powerhouses are still standing in the same place stupidly, not knowing why.

But it was immediately apparent that something was wrong.

The surrounding air began to distort. The blood races at the scene seemed to be on the seabed below three thousand meters, and the surrounding pressure became a thousand times larger.

The kings of the blood race like Max are okay, urging the power in the body to resist the sudden increase in air pressure.

But those blood race warriors who are weaker can’t bear it.

Many vampire warriors at the scene twisted their bodies one after another, and finally their bodies exploded into blood mist…

The blood mist immediately flew in the same direction and landed in Cain’s raised right hand. The blood mist turned into blood water, and the blood water quickly solidified, gradually forming the outline of a sword.

bang bang bang…

More and more blood clan powerhouses exploded and died, and the blood mist flew towards Cain’s hand.

Max’s few blood clan powerhouses couldn’t hold on any longer, and hurried back, far more.

When the surrounding blood clan powerhouses died seven to eighty-eight.

In Cain’s hand, there is already a red blood sword.

Cain, who was furious, stopped talking nonsense with Chen Ning, brought a gust of wind, and rushed towards Chen Ning with his sword.

Chen Ning frowned slightly.

With a bang, he pulled out the vertical and horizontal swords around his waist and fought head-on.

Cain attacked seventy-two swords in one breath, each with the power of destruction.

Chen Ning saw the move and took seventy-two steps back before taking all of Cain’s seventy-two swords.

The moment Chen Ning took over all of Cain’s attacks, he began to fight back, and the first shot was a killer.

“Spring and Autumn Swordsmanship, Huangquan Road.”

When Cain heard Chen Ning’s voice, he was shocked, and he didn’t have time to react. The sword light in front of him was already carrying a powerful momentum, breaking through the air.

There was a flash of sword light in front of his eyes, and then his eyes were blank…

The sound in my ears faded away.

The sword light and white light disappeared in front of him, and he found himself standing in an unfamiliar place.

A road with no end.

Beside the path, there are countless unknown red flowers, and there is a long flowing river beside it.

On the edge of the small river, there is a stone with three characters written on it: Sansheng Stone.

Sansheng stone stool, standing with a beautiful shadow.

That Qianying turned back, it turned out to be Helen, who was deeply in love with him, but was finally robbed of power by him and drove out the blood clan.

Cain was shocked, and suddenly realized that he was walking on the legendary Huangquan Road at this time…

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