The One and Only Chapter: 1649 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1649


The invisible figure flickered, and immediately appeared in front of Chen Ning, and launched an even more crazy offensive against Chen Ning.

This time, Chen Ning no longer was beaten blindly, but instead fought with the opponent when he saw the move.

boom boom-

The figures of the two were constantly flickering and shifting, their fists and feet were constantly banging together, and the thunderous explosions on the scene were incessant.

The things in the palace suffered even more, and were devastated by the air flow generated by the fight between the two.

Even the walls and pillars were broken by two people.

In the blink of an eye, the two had already fought over a hundred strokes.


Chen Ning seized a very small flaw in Cain, kicked up and kicked Cain’s chest fiercely.


Like a sandbag, Cain was kicked away by Chen Ning and knocked over a wall.

Chen Ning didn’t take advantage of the victory, but said coldly: “I said that you are old, this world does not belong to you anymore, you should not come out to make trouble and end up in danger of old age.”

Chen Ning’s voice just fell.


An earth-shattering bang.

An extremely powerful airflow erupted from where Cain fell.


The entire palace shook violently as if it had suffered an earthquake, followed by a sudden collapse.

The vampires such as Max in the courtyard outside the palace were all shocked. They didn’t think that Chen Ning and the ancestor had fought so much that the palace collapsed.

They hurriedly backed away, then looked at the scene where the dust was rising in surprise.


Dust falls back.

In front of you, there are ruins and ruins.

Among the ruins, under the flashing thunder and lightning in the sky, two figures stood facing each other.

The tall one is Chen Ning.

Opposite Chen Ning, the tall, burly and domineering figure is Cain.

At this time, Cain had already shown a fighting form.

The height of 2.2 meters is a bit taller than Chen Ning. His feet are strong like a monster, Kong Wu’s powerful arms, and his dark-brown muscles are like rocks, full of strength.

His face was very old.

The eye bags drooped down to several centimeters.

His face was old and terrifying, like a ferocious zombie.

Behind him, there were actually two pairs of blood-red bone wings.

Ordinary blood kings have only two wings, but he actually has four wings.

Max and other vampires all looked at Cain with admiration on their faces.

Four wings!

Here is the strength of the ancestors of the blood clan!

Lianna was so excited that she trembled all over, and looked at Cain frantically, and muttered to herself: “The four-winged blood clan powerhouse, how many years have passed, I can’t remember how many years, and I finally saw it again. The fighting form of the ancestors of the blood clan is now.”

“It’s so shocking!”

The vampires at the scene looked at Cain’s fighting form and Cain’s kingly posture, and couldn’t help but bow down and bow down, with a pious attitude.

Right now!

A shadowy figure quietly appeared around.

At this time, the blood clans at the scene focused their attention on Chen Ning and Cain, so no one noticed this uninvited guest.

This uninvited guest is none other than Helen.

Helen stood calmly in an inconspicuous corner, looking indifferently at Chen Ning and Cain in the distant ruins.

Helen whispered to herself: “Chen Ning, Chen Ning, they all say that you are the chosen son, don’t let me down!”

in the ruins.

Cain looked at Chen Ning indifferently with a pair of scarlet eyes, and said slowly, “Chen Ning, it was you who forced me to show me a fighting form. You are already dead.”

Chen Ning looked at the existence known as the strongest creature on earth with interest, and smiled, “Really?”

Cain’s face sank, and he raised his hand and grabbed the void: “Death!”


The wind is like a drum.

In front of Chen Ning, the biggest ghost hand appeared out of thin air and grabbed Chen Ning fiercely.

Chen Ning’s reaction was fast, his feet were slightly bent, and with a bang, the whole person had already jumped back more than ten meters.

The huge ghost hand grabbed an empty space.

Instead, he grabbed a few deep marks on the ground where Chen Ning was standing just now.

Cain snorted coldly: “Can you escape from the palm of my hand?”


Void grab again.

Chen Ning was caught by the ghost hand that appeared again.

Cain shook his hand sharply.

Chen Ning was directly thrown away, flying more than ten meters away, and smashed a broken wall with a bang.

Cain grinned: “Have you tasted the pain?”

“Are you starting to regret it?”

“Unfortunately, it’s too late to regret, try my trick, Blade Storm.”

He said, slowly raising his hands, a powerful breath spread out from him, sweeping the audience, and then moving towards a farther place…

Seeing this scene, Helen’s face changed drastically.

Max and other vampires all felt something was wrong.

Immediately following, the swords or sabres around their waists shook.

Everyone was shocked and didn’t know why.

He even thought he was hallucinating.

But the next second, the weapons on them vibrated again.

And the vibration is getting faster and faster, and finally, like countless bees, the buzzing sound is endless.


bang bang bang bang ……

Weapons such as Max automatically unsheathed, and were sucked into the air by an invisible force.

Max and other vampires were stunned.

In the sky in the distance, countless swords also appeared.

Thousands of swords flew towards this side like a gust of wind, gathering more and more, and finally countless swords formed a terrifying sword-blade storm that swept towards Chen Ning.

As soon as Chen Ning stood up, he saw the swords in the sky, rushing towards him like raindrops.

His face changed suddenly!

I saw him slowly raise his hands and draw a Tai Chi fish move with both hands. A Tai Chi Yin-Yang fish’s air shield appeared in front of him, and the two yin-yang fish in the air shield were lifelike.


The first sword had already been shot on the Tai Chi Yin Yang Fish Qi Shield in front of Chen Ning.

The sword shattered on the spot, and the Tai Chi shield in front of Chen Ning was just a small ripple, like raindrops falling on the calm lake.

dang dang ……

Immediately after, more swords fell madly, hitting the Tai Chi shield in front of Chen Ning, causing countless ripples.

Cain said coldly: “I want to see how many swords you can resist, and how long you can resist!”


He waved his hands suddenly!

The blade storm was even more violent, and the swords fell more densely towards Chen Ning.

The Tai Chi air shield in front of Chen Ning, after being hit by countless swords, had cracks like spider webs.

Eventually I couldn’t take it anymore.

Smashed with a snap.

Afterwards, countless swords descended one after another and landed on Chen Ning.

boom boom-

A series of explosions sounded, and the place where Chen Ning was standing was bombarded by countless laser shells, and the dust was flying, and even Chen Ning’s figure could not be seen.


The Blade Storm’s attack didn’t stop, it continued for another minute before it finally ended.

Where Chen Ning was standing, a huge pit had already appeared.


The surrounding blood clans were silent, their eyes fixed on the dusty giant pit, thinking that Chen Ning has been chopped into pieces by countless swords, right?

Cain exerted too much force. At this time, he couldn’t help but breathe slightly faster, and his eyes were fixed on the place where Chen Ning stood just now.

Standing in the corner, Helen was also extremely nervous, but she had a strong premonition that Chen Ning was still alive.

The dust in front of him slowly dissipated, gradually revealing a burly and domineering figure.

Helen’s heart was ecstatic: Chen Ning really didn’t die!

In the next second, she saw Chen Ning’s appearance clearly, her beautiful eyes widened and her mouth opened slightly, as if she had seen a miracle.

When Cain saw Chen Ning at this time, he could not help but take a breath, his pupils dilated.

When Max and the other blood clans saw Chen Ning’s reappearance, they were all stunned and dumbfounded.

I saw that Chen Ning walked out of the giant pit unhurriedly.

At this time, Chen Ning unexpectedly appeared in a fighting form that was unique to the blood clan.

He is already over two meters tall, his muscles and skin are as stiff as steel, his body is full of black energy, his eyes are even more eerie red light, and what is even more terrifying is that there are three pairs of bone wings on his back.

Six wings!

Chen Ning’s blood clan fighting form turned out to be six wings.

The blood clan on the scene were stupid.

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