The One and Only Chapter: 1648 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1648

With the announcement of Chen Ning’s challenge, the sky that was originally shrouded in the eternal night, unexpectedly appeared numerous thunder and lightning, and a thunder and lightning storm quietly formed.

But what makes people stunned is that these lightning bolts basically appear above the ****** headquarters palace, like ten thousand silver snakes dancing wildly.

What’s more, it is unbelievable that none of the 10,000 thunder and lightning silver snakes split down, nor did they explode with each other.

Outside the palace, Max and other vampires looked at the vision in shock and looked at each other, wondering what was going on?

Just then.

Linna in the palace has changed dramatically, and shouted to the surrounding blood clan guards: “There are blood clans who challenge the throne of the blood clan king of the ancestors in the ancient way. No blood clan must interfere in this duel, otherwise it will be punished by heaven.”

“Quickly exit, don’t enter within 100 meters of them.”


She herself was already like a ghost, and with a swish, she ran out of the hall and fled desperately.

The blood clan guards in the hall were all in shock, looking at each other, not knowing what to do.

They are all Cain’s close guards. According to the rules, no matter what danger they encounter, they must follow Cain’s side for protection.

Lena was just a little handmaiden to Cain.

Now that Cain has not spoken, how dare they listen to Linna’s words, how dare they leave the hall without authorization, and there is still a strong enemy like Chen Ning.

What they didn’t know was that when they were hesitating, they quietly sacrificed their lives.

Cain’s face was particularly ugly at this time, he was no longer graceful, and stared at Chen Ning with angry eyes, and his voice was also filled with hatred: “You have become a blood clan, and you sent me a message as a blood clan. challenge.”

“Who taught you how to challenge the king?”

“Is it that ***** Helen!”

“She’s the one who turned you into a blood clan, **** it, when I solve you, I will find her out and kill her no matter the ends of the earth.”

Chen Ning frowned slightly, it seems that the female blood clan named Helen is not small, otherwise, Cain would not be so angry that Cain lost his temper.


Now is not the time to wonder about Helen’s identity.

Chen Ning said coldly, “Let’s talk if you can survive today.”

Cain’s eyes revealed the floor-to-ceiling windows, and he glanced at the thunder and lightning storm dodging in the sky outside, and said murderously: “Since you have chosen to challenge me in an ancient way, then we must live only one today.”

“Suffer to death!”

He let out a low growl, and with a swish, he appeared in front of Chen Ning, raised his hand and punched Chen Ning’s chest.


Chen Ning was beaten and slipped backwards.

When Cain officially made his move, the lightning flashes of the snakes in the sky reacted immediately.

boom boom boom boom —

Dozens of arm-thick lightning smashed down, smashed the roof of the palace, and smashed into the blood clan guards in the palace.

Those blood clan guards, who didn’t even have time to react, were hit by thunder and died on the spot.

Outside the palace, in the courtyard.

Seeing this scene, Lina couldn’t help taking a breath.

The loss is that she escaped in time just now, otherwise, she would probably end up pretty much the same now.

Max couldn’t help but asked, “Miss Lena, what’s going on here?”

Lianna said in shock: “This guy Chen Ning has become a blood clan, and he even challenged the ancestors in an ancient way to compete for the throne of the blood clan king.”

“From now on, no one blood race can interfere in this battle between them, otherwise the end will be the same as those blood race guards just now.”


Chen Ning has become a blood clan!

Max, several princes, and a group of powerful blood clansmen at the scene were all dumbfounded and couldn’t believe it.

in the palace.

Chen Ning slipped back more than ten meters and just stabilized his body.

In a blink of an eye, Cain has caught up with him with a flash of speed.

bang bang bang…

Cain struck a few more punches like lightning, and Chen Ning’s body shook violently.

Cain’s clamoring voice sounded: “Challenge me, don’t you want to challenge me, how come you are so capable, but you show some decent strength!”


His right fist suddenly glowed red, and a heavy punch hit Chen Ning’s chest ruthlessly.


This time, Chen Ning was directly knocked flying, and his body broke two pillars in a row, and then fell to the ground.

Cain saw that Chen Ning was beaten by him so that he was powerless to fight.

Couldn’t help showing a smug smile.

He squinted his eyes and said, “I’m sorry, I haven’t moved my fists for too long, and I can’t send and receive my power freely. The power of my punches is too much.”

at this time.

Chen Ning slowly stood up from the ground, raised his hand as if nothing had happened, brushed the dust off his body, looked up at Cain, and said calmly, “You are old, you can’t control your body and strength, it’s normal.”

you’re old!

you’re old!

you’re old!

Cain’s eyes were round and his mouth opened slightly, looking at Chen Ning in disbelief.

Chen Ning’s words “You’re getting old” kept reverberating in his mind, overlapping again and again, and deeply stimulating his nerves.

He said just now that he was old and that his shots were not serious, and the power of his punches was too great.

Just wanting to show off his terrifying power.

But I can’t think of it, there is no shock and awe in exchange for Chen Ning, but in exchange for Chen Ning’s light-hearted you are old.



A grand anger suddenly burst out from Cain’s body and swept the audience.

His eyes were already burning with anger.

“I’m old, I’m old, I’m old—”

“Can you catch my fist?!”

After Cain roared, there was a rumbling under his feet, the ground collapsed, he rushed towards Chen Ning like a rocket, and launched a storm-like attack on Chen Ning.

Punching and kicking, shoulder and elbow.

Every move is full of explosive power, and every move carries an aura of destruction.

There is a lot of momentum to beat Chen Ning into flesh.

bang bang bang…

In the blink of an eye, Chen Ning had already received dozens of punches.

If it was before, Chen Ning’s mortal body would definitely not be able to withstand such a violent blow as the ancestor of the blood clan.

But he is now the body of a blood clan, and his physique is many times stronger than before.

Therefore, when Cain’s intensive fists and kicks hit him, not only was he not injured, but he felt a surge of joy, and the fighting spirit in his heart came up in a flash.

Cain attacked thirty-two moves in one breath, when his fist of the thirty-third move was about to hit Chen Ning in the face again.

Chen Ning suddenly raised his hand and grabbed Cain’s wrist abruptly, causing Cain’s fist to stop in the air, and there was no way it could fall.

Cain’s eyes widened, shock flashed in his pupils.

Chen Ning raised his head slowly, his icy eyes met Cain’s, and he said blankly, “I just said that you are old.”


The right hand suddenly slammed a military Dao tyrannical fist.


A fist like a cannonball hit Cain’s chin.

This swift, lightning-like punch sent Cain flying high.

Cain’s body drew a beautiful parabola in the air, and then slammed onto the throne in the distance, smashing the throne into pieces.

Chen Ning said coldly, “This is the power of youth!”

Outside the palace, Max and other blood race powerhouses were all elated when they saw the ancestors hanging and beating Chen Ning.

Unexpectedly, the situation took a turn for the worse.

Chen Ning even knocked out the ancestor with one punch.

The blood clans were all shocked and wanted to help, but looking at the dense thunder and lightning in the sky, they did not dare to step forward to intervene in the battle.


Cain stood up slowly from the ruins of the throne, he was shaking all over, obviously out of anger.

“Chen Ning, prepare to meet my anger!”

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